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The Main Events are under way in the 2022 Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP), but that doesn’t mean everything else has stopped. Here’s the latest, as a World Champion wins on SCOOP again…


  • Salas adds another SCOOP title
  • Roaring success as Women’s Event debuts
  • GJReggie makes double Main Day 2
  • Why Gibraltar is better than Brazil


Damian “pampa27” Salas makes it two for SCOOP

Another six-figure score for Salas: Considering how consistent and amazing his results are, Damian “pampa27” Salas somehow continues to fly mainly under the radar — only popping up now and again with another huge score to remind us how excellent he is. Salas last night won the second SCOOP title of his career, a year after his first. This one came in SCOOP 89-H, the $1K 8-Max PKO, in which he defeated Mike “munchenHB” Telker heads up and won $103,755. Salas is a former WSOP Main Event champion, who also won a huge EPT Online title, as well as a $10K event in last year’s SCOOP. His online earnings are at $12.7 million, according to Pocket Fives, more than anyone in his native Argentina. As for Telker, he has been to two WCOOP Main Event final tables, and one SCOOP Main Event final table, so he is shaping up well for the big events of this weekend too.

Huge bounties and fine individual performances as debut Women’s Events break guarantees: The first-ever Women’s Events played through on Sunday night, each of them comfortably covering their guarantees of $3K, $10K and $25K. They were for tournaments with buy-ins of $5.50, $22 and $109, which attracted fields of 878, 574 and 255 entries, respectively. The biggest winner was Uruguay’s “maxal2“, who picked up $5,252 for winning the high event, $3,106 of which came in bounties. That was a pattern repeated across all the tournaments: the bounty payments were bigger than what the winners earned from the prize pools, suggesting some cutthroat late-stages play. “cindyy77” of Croatia won the low event, for $612, but performance of the day came from “JuButterfly2” of Latvia. She won the medium buy-in event, for $2,133, and also made the final table of the low tournament, finishing fifth.


Why Gibraltar is better than Brazil: The final table of SCOOP 89-M — a $320 8-Max PKO — provided a wide tour of PokerStars’ unique geography: players from eight countries across the world. There was a Brazilian, of course, who finished eighth, but then also players from Mexico, Estonia, Canada, Sweden, Ecuador and Chile, with the title going to Ivan “ILS007” Stokes, a Brit playing from the tiny territory of Gibraltar. There have only ever been three previous SCOOP winners from Gibraltar, despite its links to the gaming industry, which isn’t bad when you consider its population is only 33,691. Brazil, with its population of 212.6 million has scored one SCOOP title per 3 million people, approx. So Gibraltar is crushing by comparison.

Another near miss for Lex: Lex Veldhuis found himself at another SCOOP final table on Sunday night, in the $1K Sunday Cooldown, to be precise. But it turned out to be another near miss, with the Belgium-based Dutchman perishing in fifth, for a $20K pick-up. The tournament went to Vitalijs “zavor” Zavorotnijs, who is based in Estonia, and earned him a first SCOOP title, which he added to a WPT title from the live arena. Perennial SCOOP final table player “luckyfish89” was second.


Georgina “GJReggie” James made two Main Event Day 2s

All three levels of SCOOP Main Event are well under way, with the biggest two having already passed their guarantees with registration still open, and the “low” buy-in well on the way.

There have already been 585 entries to the $5K “high” tournament, meaning $5.85 million in the prize pool already; there have been 4,073 into the $10K “medium”, which means $4.073 million; and there are already 23,455 entries into the $109 “low”, which is very close to the $2.5 million guarantee — and should pass it with satellites running right up until the restart of play.

Red Spades are scattered through all of the fields, and we’ll take a much closer look at that tomorrow, when Day 2 will be over. But for the time being, let’s just observe that the highest-ranked PokerStars Ambassador in the $10K event is Georgina “GJReggie” James, who sits in 127th of 200 left in that one. She may have whiffed in the ladies events, by Reggie is aiming for her highest ever career cash in this one instead. She is also in Day 2 of the $1K, just for good measure.

Those tournaments will all take real shape when registration closes today and they all play through the bubble. But here’s how they stand right now:

SCOOP 95-L: $109 NLHE Main Event, $2.5M Gtd
Entries (so far): 23,462 | Prize pool (so far): $2.5 million
Players remaining: 6,032 | Chip leader: allindonksGG (Brazil)
Blinds: 800/1,600 (200 ante)

SCOOP 95-M: $1,050 NLHE Main Event, $4M Gtd
Entries (so far): 4,073| Prize pool (so far): $4.073m
Players remaining: 1,329 | Chip leader: flipmm (Brazil)
Blinds: 3,000/6,000 (750 ante)

SCOOP 95-H: $10,300 NLHE Main Event, $5M Gtd
Entries (so far): 585 | Prize pool (so far): $5.85m
Players remaining: 200 | Chip leader: edoiler (Canada)
Blinds: 6,000/12,000 (1,500 ante)


* denotes deal


With nearly $4 million in prizes paid out on Saturday, the overall prize pool for the festival now stands at over $67 million. Expect that number to fly up over the coming days as the Main Events kick off a huge Sunday of online poker.

Latest standings:

Entries: 943,649 (inc. 244,215 re-entries)
Prize pools: $69,968,011
First place payouts: $11,184,408 (inc. $2,333,958 in bounties)
Tournaments completed: 279
Tournaments ongoing: 12
Tournaments starting today: 14


Here is the full list of multiple champions in this year’s SCOOP so far:

Ami Barer was the first triple champion this year

Three time:

  • Gabriel “pinguinho” Baleeiro
  • _sennj_
  • Ami “UhhMee” Barer
  • Ole “wizowizo” Schemion
  • Two time:

    ArtHouse2011, Aziz.Mancha, B4NKR0LL3R, BBRS999, Simon “C. Darwin2” Mattsson, Vlad “dariepoker” Darie, FishOnHeater, Kelvin “kelvin_fp:ar” Kerber, leocir25, ModzillaPL, Matt “MUSTAFABET” Ashton, Mutinio, Dinesh “NastyMinder” Alt, Nuthshell, Jerry ‘Perrymejsen’ Odeen, Andrei “Premove” Skortsov, James “TheDrunkLife” Whittet, XD89lol<3


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    Georgina “GJReggie” James doesn’t play many $10K buy-in tournaments, but here’s a pot she played against a man who does: Jans “Graftekkel” Arends. James’ big stack going into Day 2 owes a lot to this pot.


    Will Brazil break the 70-title barrier? As mad as that would have sounded at the beginning of this SCOOP series, it’s highly likely now. We welcomed Gibraltar to the leader board last night, with 38 countries (in the PokerStars sense) now represented.

    65 titles: Brazil
    24: UK
    17: Germany
    16: Canada
    15: Austria
    11: Argentina, Ukraine
    10: Hungary, Norway
    9: Sweden
    7: Bulgaria, Finland, Poland
    6: Estonia, Ireland
    5: Montenegro, Romania
    4: Belarus, Belgium, Croatia, Lithuania, Malta
    3: Andorra, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Uruguay
    2: Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Japan
    1: Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Gibraltar, Greece, Mexico, Peru, Slovenia, Thailand.


    As things stand at the moment, Patrick “pads1161” Leonard is set for a $40K payday from the SCOOP leader boards: he is top of the Overall Player of the Series chart, where there’s $25K for the winner, top of the “medium” standings, where there’s another $10K, and third in the “high”, which would pay $5K. That’s the reward for consistency — but there are still a few tournaments left if anyone is going to spring an upset.

    Here are the latest top fives. Full standings are available on the main Player of the Series page.


    Current top five:

    1 – Patrick “pads1161” Leonard, UK – 1,575 points
    2 – Andrei “Premove” Skortsov, Kazakhstan – 1,365
    3 – FONBET_RULIT, Armenia – 1,360
    4 – Gabriel “pinguinho” Baleeiro, Brazil – 1,355
    5 – Ole “wizowizo” Schemion, Austria – 1,240

    Winner receives $25,000 cash, plus trophy.


    1 – Dart Serg, Belarus – 765 points
    2 – ekvilibryst, Ukraine – 690
    3 – rastafari898, Germany – 640
    4 – andreyayo9, Canada – 615
    5 – Bxrn, UK – 595

    Prizes: 1st – $5,000 (plus trophy); 2nd – $2,500; 3rd – $1,500; 4th – $1,000; 5th – $500; 6-10 – $300; 11-20 – $150.


    1 – Patrick “pads1161” Leonard, UK – 585 points
    2 – James “TheDrunkLife” Whittet, Hungary – 550
    3 – Fruble, Brazil – 540
    4 – Kelvin “kelvin_fp:ar” Kerber, Brazil – 465
    5 – bedias, Brazil – 455

    Prizes: 1st – $10,000 (plus trophy); 2nd – $7,500; 3rd – $5,000; 4th – $2,500; 5th – $1,500; 6-10 – $1,000.


    1 – Ole “wizowizo” Schemion, Austria – 845 points
    2 – Simon “C. Darwin2” Mattsson, Sweden – 670
    3 – Patrick “pads1161” Leonard, UK – 585
    4 – Gabriel “pinguinho” Baleeiro, Brazil – 575
    5 – Ami “UhhMee” Barer, Canada – 565

    Prizes: 1st – $15,000 (plus trophy); 2nd – $10,000; 3rd – $5,000


    Does anybody’s series need saving? The Series Saver tournament could be for you. There are buy-ins of $11, $109 and $1,050 on this one, with a very healthy $1m guaranteed in the high buy-in. On the subject of seven-figure prize pools, the enormous Phase events play their Phase 2s today — and there’s $1m guaranteed in the biggest of them. When you add the Main Event 2nd Chance and another tidy 6-Max turbo, this is a huge Monday in SCOOP.

    12.30pm: SCOOP 99: NLHE Progressive KO, Series Saver
    Buy-ins: $11, $109, $1,050
    Guarantees: $175K, $650K, $1 million

    2.15pm: SCOOP 01: NLHE [Phase 2]
    Buy-ins: $2.20, $11, $55
    Guarantees: $125K, $500K, $1 million

    3.05pm: SCOOP 100: NLHE Turbo, Main Event 2nd Chance
    Buy-ins: $55, $530, $5,200
    Guarantees: $175K, $250K, $350K

    4.05pm: SCOOP 101: NLHE [6-Max, Turbo]
    Buy-ins: $2.20, $22, $215
    Guarantees: $17.5K, $125K, $250K


    DAY 1: Lex and Spraggy into the groove
    DAY 2: Gusma goes 1-2 as Brazilians win five
    DAY 3: Glaser hits seven for SCOOP
    DAY 4: Schemion whizzes to fifth title
    DAY 5: Oliver wins title, Spraggy’s near miss
    DAY 6: Barer at the double as Pye final-tables twice
    DAY 7: Baleeiro at the double and more for Frank
    DAY 8: Hat-trick for Fintan Hand!
    DAY 9: Colillas wins first SCOOP as Leonard tops leader board
    DAY 10: Selouan adds SCOOP $25K to Prague title
    DAY 11: Ashton and Fox victorious, Lex makes $10K FT
    DAY 12: Schemion makes it six and more for Dimov and Mattsson
    DAY 13: Montenegrin maestro strikes again
    DAY 14: Barer completes SCOOP 2022 hat-trick
    DAY 15: _sennj_ hits three on night of Norway
    DAY 16: Schemion wins hat-trick and more for Ashton and Mattsson
    DAY 17: Moraes wins one for Red Spade, pinguinho scores hat trick

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