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Fifteen events got started on the opening night of the October 2020 Bounty Builder Series, with 14 playing to a conclusion. Every guarantee was beaten, some superstars raised the roof, and the ROIs were off the charts. Here’s the first regular instalment from the Bounty Builder series…


Nearly 100K entries on opening night: There were bumper numbers on the opening night of Bounty Builder Series, with 90,555 entries across the 14 events that concluded. (There were a further 2,134 into the $530 HR, which is still ongoing.) Prize pools are already at $3,452,588. See “STAT TRACKER” section below for full details.

Ole “wizowizo” Schemion: Built the biggest bounty

Schemion wins big one: Bounty Builder Series might not quite carry the prestige of WCOOP or SCOOP, but its tournaments still attract the very best players in the world, a fact underlined in the highest buy-in event of the opening night. Event #4 was the Sunday Warm-Up equivalent, with a $1,050 buy-in, and after a field of 432 was down to its last two, the formidable Austrian-based duo of Ole “wizowizo” Schemion and Christian “WATnlos” Rudolph were left to battle out for the final bounty. Schemion won this particular duel, banking $66,368.13, roughly half of which came from the bounty pool. With Gianluca “Tankanza” Speranza also making the final table (finishing eighth) and Swedish crusher “WhatIfGod” coming in fourth place, it’s plain to see that the stars are still coming out for this Series.


Vlad “dariepoker” Darie: One for Romania

Darie shines for Romania: Vlad “dariepoker” Darie is another fixture at the PokerStars tournament tables, with victories in SCOOP and the Super Tuesday among numerous accolades. Darie also has close to $2 million in documented live earnings, with Hendon Mob flags across the world. Last night – or, actually, early this morning – Darie added a Bounty Builder Series triumph, winning the $109 buy-in NLHE, worth $41,518.88, including bounties. With 4,192 entries, the tournament wrapped at something like 10.20am in Romania, so it was one of those late, late nights for Darie. But worth it, one assumes.

Another for Austria: Austria’s “Mastermandel” has been a regular at the major tournament tables at PokerStars for at least six years and in 2014 won a $27 buy-in SCOOP tournament — a PKO event, of course. Back then, us Blog writers needed to describe what the Super Knockout format meant (click through to see how we did it) as it was still a relative novelty, but Mastermandel was clearly got to grips with it straight away. This early adopter is still plugging away and won Event #3 of the Bounty Builder Series last night, turning a $225 buy-in into $32,893 (including $14K of bounties).

Four-card Finns:ErĂ€_Koira” is one of his country’s best Omaha players, and when that country is Finland, it means ErĂ€_Koira is simply one of the best in the world. His two WCOOP titles have both come in the four-card variant, as did a TCOOP success in 2013. (He also has two SCOOP victories, both in hold’em.) Last night, ErĂ€_Koira added a Bounty Builder title to his cabinet outlasting a 711-strong field in the $109 NLO8 event. He earned $5,975.31 in bounties and $5,129.67 from the main prize pool for a haul of $11,104.98.

Always Brazil… It wouldn’t be a major PokerStars series without a showing from the Brazilians, and true to form three titles went to the Latin Americans on the opening night. Diego “TheGrinderØ” Falcone won the biggest purse, prevailing from the 737 entries into the Sunday Cooldown Special Event. The tournament had a buy-in of $530 and Falcone was the last man standing, picking up $26,775.16 from the main prize pool and a further $25,473.56 in counties. His $52,248.72 total haul was the second biggest of the night. Luciano “Luciano S.H” Hollande and “ronaldobraj” also won for Brazil.


Scroll table left to right

Tournament Entries Prize pool Winner Country Bounties Prize Total
BBS-001: $22 PLO, 6-Max 2,278 $45,560 boarrder Czech Republic $2,740.10 $2,857.53 $5,597.63
BBS-002: $11 NLHE, 8-Max 13,693 $134,191 benjidaman Sweden $3,110.20 $6,987.66 $10,097.86
BBS-003: $109 NLHE, 8-Max 3,053 $305,300 Mastermandel Austria $14,008.19 $18,884.98 $32,893.17
BBS-004: $1,050 NLHE, 8-Max, Sunday Warm-Up SE 432 $432,000 wizowizo Austria $32,621.08 $33,747.05 $66,368.13
BBS-005: $22 NLHE, 6-Max, Turbo 10,691 $213,820 KSV_Igor Russia $7,863.13 $11,949.34 $19,812.47
BBS-007: $55 NLHE 11,363 $568,150 GedasDir Lithuania $15,540.71 $31,568.46 $47,109.17
BBS-008: $109 NLO8, 6-Max 711 $71,100 ErÀ_Koira Finland $5,975.31 $5,129.67 $11,104.98
BBS-009: $215 NLHE, 8-Max, Turbo 1,811 $362,200 Luciano S.H Brazil $22,146.87 $23,420.49 $45,567.36
BBS-010: $22 NLHE, 8-Max, Turbo 11,075 $221,500 ronaldobraj Brazil $6,218.96 $12,433.36 $18,652.32
BBS-011: $55 NLHE, 6-Max, Hyper-Turbo 2,975 $155,831 chry1982 Argentina $6,221.78 $10,005.23 $16,227.01
BBS-012: $109 NLHE 4,192 $419,200 dariepoker Romania $16,121.20 $25,397.68 $41,518.88
BBS-006: $530 NLHE [Bounty Builder HR SE], $1M Gtd 14,540 $142,492 grituc Moldova $2,359.32 $6,973.43 $9,332.75
BBS-014: $1.10 NLHE 13,004 $12,744 ARIEL_CTS Argentina $321.87 $606.90 $928.77*
BBS-015: $530 NLHE, 8-Max, Turbo, Sunday Cooldown 737 $368,500 TheGrinderØ Brazil $25,473.56 $26,775.16 $52,248.72

*after deal


Tournaments completed: 14
Entries: 90,555
Prize pools: $3,452,588
First-place prizes (inc. bounties): $377,459
Tournaments ongoing: 1
Tournaments starting today: 14


Everyone is getting back in the grind for Bounty Builder Series:


Although players from 10 different countries picked up victories on the opening night of Bounty Builder Series, three titles put Brazilians in early command of the countries leader board. And it wouldn’t be surprising to see them there at the end of the series too. Here are the standings from the opening night:

3 — Brazil
2 — Argentina, Austria
1 — Czech Republic, Finland, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Sweden


We’ll have another Bounty Builder Series update on Wednesday. Here’s what’s starting between now and then:

BBS-016: $2.20 NLHE [8-Max], $12K Gtd
BBS-017: $22 NLHE [8-Max], $85K Gtd
BBS-018: $215 NLHE [8-Max], $100K Gtd
BBS-019: $55 NLHE [6-Max, Turbo, Total KO], $100K Gtd
BBS-020: $109 NLHE, $250K Gtd
BBS-021: $11 NLHE, $125K Gtd
BBS-022: $55 PLO [8-Max], $50K Gtd
BBS-023: $530 NLHE, $150K Gtd
BBS-024: $55 NLHE, $200K Gtd
BBS-025: $22 NLO8 [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo], $10K Gtd
BBS-026: $109 NLHE [8-Max, Turbo], $100K Gtd
BBS-027: $11 NLHE [8-Max, Turbo], $50K Gtd
BBS-028: $1.10 NLHE [8-Max, Turbo], $5K Gtd
BBS-029: $215 NLHE [Turbo], $100K Gtd

BBS-030: $5.50 NLHE, $30K Gtd
BBS-031: $55 NLHE, $85K Gtd
BBS-032: $530 NLHE, $125K Gtd
BBS-033: $109 NLHE [4-Max, Turbo], $115K Gtd
BBS-034: $215 NLHE [8-Max], $250K Gtd
BBS-035: $22 NLHE [8-Max], $150K Gtd
BBS-036: $55 6+ Hold’em [6-Max, Turbo], $25K Gtd
BBS-037: $1,050 NLHE [8-Max, Super Tuesday SE], $200K Gtd
BBS-038: $109 NLHE [8-Max, Turbo], $135K Gtd
BBS-039: $11 NLHE [6-Max, Turbo], $50K Gtd
BBS-040: $530 NLHE [8-Max], $175K Gtd
BBS-041: $55 NLHE [8-Max], $115K Gtd
BBS-042: $5.50 NLHE [8-Max], $25K Gtd
BBS-043: $109 NLHE [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo], $100K Gtd

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