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As one of the final table’s initial chip leaders, john_tri80 experienced a fair amount of chip stack challenges. Several hours of hard work went into outlasting opponents, but the elimination of Fiskin1 in third place was key in getting to heads-up with the chip lead over FrandsenDK. John_tri80 then stayed aggressive and ended up in the winner’s circle in one of the most prestigious online poker events in the world.


We now enter Day 2 of the 2012 SCOOP Main Event Low, the final toast to a 16-day poker festival unlike any seen before in the world of Internet poker. As a reminder of what happened yesterday, let’s start with the big numbers:

Players: 22,128
Guarantee: $1,000,000
Prize pool: $2,212,800
Paid players: 3,150

More details from Day 1 of Event 40-L can be found through this link.

When it all wrapped after 40 levels of play, there were 88 players remaining, of which the top 10 and the two Team Pros were listed here:

1. Chojjasd (Malta) – 11,720,410
2. bahia (Brazil) – 9,892.870
3. marius2891 (Romania) – 9,697,612
4. Alex71AMT (Russia) – 9,044,283
5. 22illuminati (Denmark) – 8,218,905
6. tibbs111 (Canada) – 7,662,034
7. Traderzz (Germany) – 7,407,510
8. N.Andris1 (Hungary) – 7,365,726
9. Fiskin1 (UK) – 7,163,196
10. R0BtheT0P (Switzerland) – 7,156,441

19. Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier (UK) – 5,058,912
23. Team PokerStars Pro Christophe “chrisdm” de Meulder (Belgium) – 4,574,887

Day 2 begins

Of the two remaining Team PokerStars players, chrisdm had the roughest time. After whyme270483 doubled through him, he ended up pushing all-in with KJ on the button. Traderzz called from the big blind with A7, and the board came 754AK to give Traderzz two pair. Team Pro Christophe “chrisdm” de Meulder left in 64th place with $2,323.44.

Christophe de Meulder.jpg

After one hour and 15 minutes of play on Day 2, the field had been reduced to only 50 players. Marius2891 had climbed to the top and beyond, surpassing the 25 million-chip mark.

But as quick as some rise in NLHE, others fall. Day 1 chip leader Chojjasd had a rough time, as players like Golaith13 and Renster12 doubled through. Finally, Chojjasd pushed nearly 3 million chips all-in with A9, and Golaith13 was there in the small blind with 99. With no ace on the 6K542 board, Chojjasd was ousted in 45th place with $3,097.92.

Former top 10 players also hit the rail, such as VolkovDenis in 34th place, shyme270483 in 27th, and 22illuminati in 25th. Further down the line, Golaith13 exited in 22nd and marius2891 in 16th.

FrandsenDK doubled through ElkY with 14 players remaining, and ElkY was all-in with the ante on the next hand. MrWeesy raised, and EdikLem reraised, but MrWeesy responded by moving all-in. EdikLem folded and showed QQ, which was up against the A7 of ElkY. The board came 38J88, and MrWeesy made the full house. Team Pro Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier left in 14th place with $6,417.12.

Bertrand Grospellier 2.jpg

The 11th place elimination of RJules12 led to hand-for-hand action, which went on until short-stacked nobre13 finally made a push with KJ. Original raiser luznypapa called with A6 and caught the first card on the 679 flop. The 7 and 9 made two pair on the board, and luznypapa’s ace kicker played for the win. Nobre13 exited in tenth place with $8,298.00.

Fiskin1 fishing for more titles

The final table was set in Level 51, with blinds of 600,000/1,200,000 and a 150,000 ante. Players’ initial chip counts were as follows:

Seat 1: jonath3501 (21,950,347 in chips)
Seat 2: flowstone80 (51,959,415 in chips)
Seat 3: FrandsenDK (52,408,130 in chips)
Seat 4: luznypapa (41,934,224 in chips)
Seat 5: slavOuchka (33,756,155 in chips)
Seat 6: john_tri80 (52,072,424 in chips)
Seat 7: T_Dot_D (21,160,084 in chips)
Seat 8: MrWeesy (10,388,332 in chips)
Seat 9: Fiskin1 (46,290,889 in chips)

2012 SCOOP FT - 40L.JPG

Three players were near the chip lead as the final table began, each of them over 50 million chips. Meanwhile, Fiskin1 wasn’t far behind. But at the same time, Fiskin1 was at the final table of Event 39-H and already in the SCOOP books with a win earlier in the series in Event 18-M.

John_tri80 took a pot worth 36.6 million chips from T_Dot_D to climb above the 60 million mark and into the lead, though flowstone80 kept up and hit that same mark soon after. But when john_tri80 then took a 35.6 million-chip pot from slavOuchka, the former crossed the 80 million chip mark.

On the other end of the leaderboard, MrWeesy worked the short stack for awhile, even doubling through flowstone80 to stay in action. But MrWeesy moved all-in again soon after. The hand started with a small blind raise from T_Dot_D and all-in reraise from MrWeesy in the big blind. T_Dot_D called with JJ, and MrWeesy saw that he needed help with A3. But there was nothing on the 107255 board to provide that assistance. After a 13th place finish in 2012 SCOOP Event 29-L, MrWeesy ended this run in ninth place, which was worth $13,276.80.

Can anyone stop john_tri80?

The chip leader kept climbing. When slavOuchka risked nearly 39 million chips from the small blind, john_tri80 called from the big blind with AK, which beat the 109 preflop. The board of 4854Q changed nothing, and the ace kicker with the pair of fours won the pot for john_tri80. SlavOuchka departed in eighth place with $19,915.20.

And when jonath3501 pushed all-in with A10 from the button, original raiser john_tri80 called with JJ. The flop of KQ5 gave jonath3501 hopes of a straight, but neither the 5 nor the 9 made that happen. Jonath3501 left in seventh place with $31,089.84.

T_Dot_D in strong second place run

Luznypapa risked it all with QQ from the button, and though john_tri80 folded the small blind, T_Dot_D called from the big blind with K9. Not only did the flop bring 84K for top pair, but the K on the turn made trip kings for T_Dot_D. And even that was made into a full house when the 9 came on the river. Luznypapa had no choice but to accept sixth place and the $44,256.00 that went with it.

Double? No trouble

Fiskin1 was in trouble on a rather short stack but mounted a comeback with a double through flowstone80, as seen here:

RSS readers click through to see replay

And a bit later, another double-up, that time through T_Dot_D with pocket aces, put Fiskin1 into second place of the remaining players.

FrandsenDK takes over briefly

Flowstone80 was unable to gain ground after the Fiskin1 double-through, so upon looking down at A7, the decision to move all-in was made. FrandsenDK was along for the ride holding 99, and that pocket pair held up to the 67Q25 board. Flowstone80 was eliminated in fifth place with $66,384.00.

Fiskin1 to first

As action sped up and blinds increased, another player was at risk shortly after. It started with a T_Dot_D raise and Fiskin1 reraise. T_Dot_D responded by moving all-in with A9, but Fiskin1 snap-called with AA. The board of 63K2K contained no nines or help for T_Dot_D, who left in fourth place with $88,512.00.

Keep playing; nothing to see here

The three remaining players paused the action to look at some payout options, but after seeing chip-chop and ICM numbers, players couldn’t agree on much of anything. That realization quickly led to the tournament restart, and they played on for the prize money as set.

Solid series for Fiskin1

FrandsenDK took a chance and won, doubling through Fiskin1 here:

RSS readers click through to see replay

That left Fiskin1 ready to move, which happened a few hands later when Fiskin1 saw 55. But john_tri80 had 77, and that only improved to a set of sevens on the 7AJ flop. The 9 turn and 2 river changed nothing. Fiskin1, who won Event 18-M earlier in this series and was in the final four in Event 39-H, was ousted in third place with $110,640.00.

Heads-up deal and grand finale

The final two players started with these counts:

Seat 3: FrandsenDK (146,451,678 in chips)
Seat 6: john_tri80 (185,468,322 in chips)

The paused the tournament to attempt deal talks, but failure to come to any agreement prompted them to play on. But within moments, they wanted to speak about the deal again. And they made a deal! These were the final payout numbers, with the exception of $20,000 that was set aside to be added to the winner’s money:

Seat 3: FrandsenDK (148,326,678 in chips) = $187,000.00
Seat 6: john_tri80 (183,593,322 in chips) = $178,725.75

John_tri80 continued to chip up and climbed over the 200 million mark. FrandsenDK suffered but did manage this double-up to gain some ground:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Four hands later, the two tangled again. It started with a cheap flop of A7J. FrandsenDK bet, and john_tri80 check-called. The 2 on the turn prompted the same action, and the 3 river card brought a bet from john_tri80. FranksenDK raised all-in with 53 for the rivered pair of threes, but john_tri80 called with J8 for the pair of jacks. FrandsenDK took second place in the tournament and $187,000.00.

John_tri80 became the 40-L SCOOP Main Event champion of 2012. In addition to $198,725.75 in cash, john_tri80 won the champion’s Movado watch. Congratulations!

SCOOP watch.jpg

2012 SCOOP Event #40-L ($109 NLHE Main Event) Results (reflects deal):

Total players: 22,128
Paid players: 3,150

1st place: john_tri80 (Greece) – $198,725.75*
2nd place: FrandsenDK (Denmark) – $187,000.00*
3rd place: Fiskin1 (UK) – $110,640.00
4th place: T_Dot_D (Canada) – $88,512.00
5th place: flowstone80 (Germany) – $66,384.00
6th place: Lyznypapa (Poland) – $44,256.00
7th place: Jonath3501 (UK) – $31,089.84
8th place: slavOuchka (New Zealand) – $19,915.20
9th place: MrWeesy (Germany) – $13,276.80

*Based on two-way deal with $20K added to winner’s money

Looking for more SCOOP reporting? Visit our special SCOOP 2012 coverage section.

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