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Another successful SCOOP has come to a close on PokerStars, but not before a few more champions were made. Today, the Day 2 completion of 2012 SCOOP Event 39-Low, $27 NLHE 6-max, saw lucas drolet claim a SCOOP Movado watch.

20,838 found $27 in their PokerStars accounts to put towards Event 39-low. It all added up to more than $520,000 in the kitty and almost $65,000 for the winner. With all of those people registered, and with the great structures that are the hallmark of SCOOP, you can bet that this event was scheduled as a two-day affair.

There were 2,700 scheduled prizes in Event 39-low. Five of them were claimed by the Red Spade Brigade. Team PokerStars Pros Chad Brown and Andre Akkari made modest pushes into the middle tiers of the money. PokerStars Team Online players Mickey “mement_mori” Petersen (1262nd) and George “jorj95” Lind (457th) did slightly better. But top honors for PokerStars went to Team PokerStars Pro Richard Toth, who was the last player eliminated on Day 1. Richard’s 40th-place elimination was good for $1,000.22.

39 players survived Day 1. They were headed by eiro07 (12,751,785), DarkAvenger3 (12,262,282) and CasualWorker (12,200,506). Given the volatility of 6-handed NLHE, it shouldn’t be surprising that none made the final table of six. DarkAvenger3 was first out, in 29th, followed by CasualWorker (18th) and eiro07 (15th). Instead, when BlackWolfie ran ace-king into Betrob7’s pockets kings and didn’t improve, these six players made one of the last final tables of 2012 SCOOP:

2012 SCOOP 39-low final table.jpg

Seat 1: fur8275df (15895761 in chips)
Seat 2: Betrob7 (52048790 in chips)
Seat 3: Jeb Gees (27383664 in chips)
Seat 4: lucas drolet (25824288 in chips)
Seat 5: Raphinja (41996193 in chips)
Seat 6: D}l{okeR_KzN (45231304 in chips)

Level 49: Blinds 400k-800k, ante 100k
Average stack: 34.7 million

Immediately, D}l{okeR_KzN suggested, “mb deal?” Three other players agreed but not everyone checked the “Discuss deal” box. A likely holdout was Jeb Geez, who said, “you joking? 30k is not even a car here.” By “here”, Jeb Geez likely meant Switzerland.

If you believe in that sort of thing, you could say the karma of chop-blocking was repaid upon Jeb Geez in full with a 6th-place elimination. If not, you could say Jeb Geez suffered a few lots post and finally, in the 600k-1200k level, pushed for 16 million with A6. Raphinja re-pushed with pocket 7s, which held on a 2K6K5 board.

Immediately upon Jeb Geez’s elimination, the tournament went on a break as the other five players considered doing a deal. Chip-chopping would have given leader lucas drolet, with 61.4 million in chips, $43,829. That wasn’t good enough for lucas drolet, who asked for $50,000 and pointed out that short stack fur8275df “got only 10 BBs” and shouldn’t get $16,679. The other players refused, most pointedly fur8275df, who said “no deal. play.”

Play resumed, with fur8275df picking up a quick double-up. Pocket 6s held, all in pre-flop, against D}|{okeR_KzN’s pocket 4s. Two more medium-sized pots wound up in fur8275df’s stack to bump fur8275df to 44.6 million. The tournament paused for deal discussions a second time. This time, all five players agreed without much protest to a straight chip chop.

The remaining five player were playing for the $5,000 champion’s set-aside and the Movado watch. Betrob7 caught a quick double-up through lucas drolet when pocket 10s beat out ace-queen. D}|{okeR_KzN was far less lucky. All in pre-flop with pocket aces, D}|{okeR_KzN was called by fur8275df, who showed ace-king. The board rolled out 10Q910J to give fur8275df a Broadway straight and send D}|{okeR_KzN to the showers in 5th place.

Three hands later Raphinja turned a wheel against Betrob7’s flopped middle set. They got all in on the turn; the river didn’t pair the board. That pot gave Raphinja the chip lead and dropped Betrob7 to less than 9 million in chips. Betrob7 bowed out a few hands later when A3 couldn’t overtake lucas drolet’s pocket 4s, all in pre-flop.

Down to three players, lucas drolet and fur8275df played a monster pot for the chip lead:

RSS readers click through to see replay

That pot left fur8275df with fewer than 4 big blinds. There was no miraculous comeback; Raphinja finished off fur8275df four hands later with pocket queens.

That left lucas drolet and Raphinja to battle for the championship in Event 39-Low. The starting edge belonged to lucas drolet, 115.6 million to 92.7 million. Blinds were 700k-1400k. lucas drolet quickly pushed that count north of 150 million by taking down a medium-sized pot with an uncalled river bet on a board of QA3103.

From there it was six hands to the end. The final hand was a cooler: Raphinja flopped a straight with Q9 on a board of 8J10, but lucas drolet’s AQ turned a bigger straight when the K hit the board. It took a bet and four raises to get all the chips in; Raphinja was drawing only to a chop. The 6 wasn’t a chopping card. It knocked Raphinja out in 2nd place and gave the Event 39-Low championship to lucas drolet.

2012 SCOOP Event 39-Low, $27 No-Limit Hold’em (6-max) results (including five-way deal):

Number of entrants: 20,838
Places paid: 2700

1st: Lucas drolet ($53,646.33)*
2nd: Raphinja ($38,032.20)*
3rd: fur8275df ($34,430.07)*
4th: Betrob7 (Sweden) ($22,630.27)*
5th: D}|{okeR_KzN (Russia) ($20,107.48)*
6th: Jeb Geez (Switzerland) ($5,944.03)

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