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SCOOP logo.gifLuke “lb6121” Schwartz likes to speak his mind. He’s confident and brash, able to hang with the world’s best cash game players and was once banned from Grosvenor Casinos for refusing to pay for a cheese and cucumber sandwich. Only last night, he landed at his third career SCOOP final table, but ended up exiting in seventh place. It only took him 24 hours to do it again and this time he shook the monkey off his back and nabbed his first SCOOP title, winning Event #36-H ($5,200 PLO 6-max).

134 high-stakes Omaholics came out for this event, creating a $670,000 prize pool 18 players earned a share of it, with first place set to collect $174,200. Flying the mighty Red Spade were Team Online’s George “Jorj95” Lind III and Team Pros Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, Viktor “Isildur1” Blom, Ville Wahlbeck and Nacho Barbero.

Barbero made the deepest run of the Team Pros. Although he was short-stacked on the money bubble, he built up to almost an average stack with 12 players remaining. Holding 10JQK on a Q108 flop, Barbero led out for 12,000 with top two pair, a straight draw and a flush draw, ender555 moved all-in for 56,250 and Barbero snap-calle. Ender555 turned over AKQ4 for the nut flush draw and hit it on the turn when the 7 fell. The river was the 5 and Barbero was out in 12th place, earning $14,405.00.

Both Jarcon86 and Jorge “twin-caracas” Arias were short-stacked on the final table bubble. Although Arias fell as low as 16,000 in chips with the blinds at 1,000/2,000, he doubled up several times to stay alive. WIth 20,000 in chips remaining, Jarcon86 three-bet to 16,250 preflop and lb6121 called. The rest of Jarcon86’s chips went in on the Q77 flop and lb6121 called. Neither player had much of anything, Jarcon86 with AK42 and lb6121 with A532. The turn and river, however, came running threes to make trips for lb6121, Jarcon86 hitting the rail in seventh place.

SCOOP Event 36-H FT.jpg

Final table chip counts:

Seat 1: ender555 (156,379 in chips)
Seat 2: niccc (102,109 in chips)
Seat 3: MrDurden (111,016 in chips)
Seat 4: twin-caracas (35,262 in chips)
Seat 5: GlassOfBeer (86,164 in chips)
Seat 6: lb6121 (179,070 in chips)

This was a distinguished final table even by SCOOP standards. In addition to Schwartz and Arias it featured WSOP bracelet winner Joe “enders555” Ebanks, Supernova Elite cash game player MrDurden, EPT, SCOOP and WCOOP champion Nicolas “niccc” Chouity, and Finland’s GlassOfBeer, who final tabled Event #15-L ($27 FL Omaha Hi/Lo) only a few days ago.

Joe “ender555” Ebanks eliminated in 6th place

Ender555 lost most of his chips to niccc in the early going. All the money went in preflop, ender555’s K1082 making a pair of tens while niccc’s AK105 rivered tens and fives. Left with 11,000 in chips, ender555 three-bet shoved with AQJ10. Both MrDurden and original raiser lb6121 called. MrDurden led out for 12,000 on the QJ10 flop and lb6121 called, but lb6121 folded to his 38,977 turn bet when the 5 fell. MrDurden revealed AK43 for the nut straight, trumping ender555’s queens and jacks. The 6 on the river was no help to him and ender555 exited in sixth place, earning $30,150.

Jorge “twin-caracas” Arias out in 5th

Twin-caracas demonstrated exceptional patience today, working his short stack all the ay to the final table. The man simply would not quit, quipping that he was like the Energizer Bunny today. Down to 14,000, he moved in with Q985 and GlassOfBeer called with AKQ6. GlassOfBeer hit top two pair when the flop fell K77. Although twin-caracas picked up a pair on the turn with the 8, he didn’t improve any further and was out in fifth place, earning $43,550.

lb6121 plunders niccc’s stack

Niccc doubled to nearly 200,000 when he made trip tens against GlassOfBeer’s aces up, but lost almost three-fourths of his stack to lb6121 in back to back hands. In the first, lb6121 and niccc say a Q102 flop. Lb6121 bet 17,000 and niccc called. The turn came the 2 and lb6121 fired a second bullet for 35,000. It was enough to fold out niccc, who was left with 163,000. On the next deal niccc picked up J876 and opened for a min-raise to 10,000 from UTG. Lb6121 defended the big blind with AK92. The AJ5 flop hit both players, lb6121 making top pair while niccc flopped middle pair. LB6121 check-called 14,250 from niccc. The turn came the 5 and lb6121 check-called another 23,880. The 7 landed on the river and lb6121 checked a third time. Niccc bet 51,880 and lb6121 looked him up with two pair, aces and fives. Niccc’s jacks and sevens were no good and he slipped to 63,000 in chips.

GlassOfBeer emptied in 4th place, niccc finishes 3rd

GlassOfBeer made his last stand on a 544 flop, check-raising all-in for 51,000. Niccc called, turning over AA83 for an overpair and a wheel draw. GlassOfBeer shoved 9652 for two pair and a gutshot. The 4 on the turn made niccc fours full of aces and left GlassOfBeer drawing dead. He departed in fourth place, good for a $56,950 score.

With three players remaining, lb6121 was out front with 295,000, MrDurden was close behind with 244,000 and niccc was the short stack with 131,000. Lb6121 chipped up to the tune of another 85,000 over the course of the next level, leaving MrDurden on 200,000 and niccc on 90,000. Niccc decided to make a move on a J54 flop, check-raising all-in for 77,000. MrDurden called, his K1055 leading nicc’s J872. The K on the turn was no help for niccc and the 4 on the river filled up MrDurden, who took down the 183k pot with fives full of fours. Niccc was eliminated in third place, earning $87,100 for his day on the felt.

Heads-up chip counts:

Seat 3: MrDurden (292,884 in chips)
Seat 6: lb6121 (377,116 in chips)

Lb6121 nabbed a 234,000 pot on the fifth hand of heads-up play, his KKQ6 turning queens and sixes against MrDurden’s AK87. MrDurden’s stack fell to 166,000, but he doubled up a short time later, making a queen-high flush against lb6121’s kings up. That hand turned the stacks nearly even, but lb6121 wasn’t having any of that and reclaimed most of his lost chips on the next deal of the cards when his ace-high straight toppled MrDurden’s king-high straight. Lb6121 took the chip lead back with 456,000 while MrDurden held 214,000.

The pendulum swung back and forth at least twice before lb6121 closed out the match. Lb6121 won 11 of the final 15 hands to take his stack over the half-million mark before a 274,000 pot decided it all. Dealt Q10109, MrDurden opened for 21,234. Lb6121 raised to 63,702 with AKQ5 and MrDurden reraised all-in for 137,802. Lb6121 called. Lb6121 made top pair on the flop, the board running out A7624 to give lb6121 the win and at long last, his first SCOOP title.

Congratulations to Luke “lb6121” Schwartz on his $174,200 score. For his runner-up finish, MrDurden earned $117,250.

2012 SCOOP Event #36-H ($5,200 PLO 6-max) results

Entrants: 134
Places paid: 18

1. Luke “lb6121” Schwartz (United Kingdom) $174,200
2. MrDurden (Canada) $117,250.00
3. Nicolas “niccc” Chouity (Lebanon) $87,100
4. GlassOfBeer (Finland) $56,950.00
5. Jorge “twin-caracas” Arias (Venezuela) $43,500.00
6. Joe “ender555” Ebanks (United Kingdom) $30,150.00

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