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SCOOP logo.gifDenmark’s ministerborg smelled blood in the water. He began Day 2 in the Top 10 in chips and sought his second SCOOP crown this month after winning Event #21-H. He survived the initial onslaught on Day 2 and advanced to the final table. When heads-up play began against suarez_BG, ministerborg held an advantageous lead — 40M to 13M. Despite the lead, ministerborg didn’t rush to finish off suarez_BG right away. The two played heads-up mental chess and mental jujitsu for almost eighty minutes before one of them emerged victorious. In a stunning and thrilling comeback, suarez_BG denied ministerborg’s quest at a second SCOOP title.

When the dust settled, Bulgaria’s suarez_BG won the “medium” version of the Main Event and took down his first SCOOP title. Event #40-M $1,050 NL featured a prize pool worth $3,567,000. Event #40-M attracted 3,567 runners and only the top 450 got a cut of the juicy prize pool with $560,019 set aside for first place.

After an arduous Day 1, only 74 players returned to action on Day 2 in Event $40-M $1,050 NL. Team PokerStars Pro Jude “j.thaddeus” Ainsworth began Day 2 in the middle of the pack. Despite being on the good side of luck for most of the day, Ainsworth’s deep run came to a halt when he busted out in 23rd place.

pca_bounty 2_jude ainsworth.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Jude “j.thaddues” Ainsworth

The moment that cards went in the air on Day 2, a slew of eliminations occurred. MilanRabsz from Poland was the first player to exit on Day 2, hitting the road in 74th place. During the first ten minutes of Day 2, five players were liquidated.

The chip lead on Day 2 was a hot potato and changed hands too many times to count. The end of Day 1 leader — husajn54 — only kept the lead for less than ten minutes into Day 2 before kangis from Costa Rica seized the top slot. Team PokerStars Pro Jude “j.thaddeus” Ainsworth chipped up to 750K and leanthief jumped out to the lead with 2.3 million.

As action consolidated from six to five tables, Ainsworth lost a couple of small pots and was all of a sudden one of the short stacks. Ainsworth made a move… and got a little lucky. Ainsworth open-shoved for 280,278, and treezer called from the small blind. Ainsworth was in trouble with 108 versus’ treezer’s AK. The flop was 832 and Ainsworth took the lead. The A spiked on the turn and treezer re-gained the lead, but the 10 fell on the river, which improved Ainsworth to two pair — tens and eights. Ainsworth avoided an elimination and came from behind to double up to 620K.

Ainsworth embarked on a mini-heater. He won consecutive hands, then doubled through one of the big stacks. Ainsworth min-raised to 60,000, kangis shoved all-in for 1,715,519, and Ainsworth calld. kangis was flipping with 1010 agianst Ainsworth’s AQ Ainsworth took the lead on the flop and improved to trip Aces on the turn. His hand held up when the board ran out A865A. Ainsworth surged to over 1.2 million.

Ainsworth’s mini-rush ended when he ran into short-stacked Spokey’s AA. Ainsworth took AQ to battle against Aces. He flopped a flush draw on a flop of J95, and turned a gutterball for a Broadway straight, but neither filled in for him on the river. Ainsworth took a small hit and slipped to 1 million.

With 36 players to go, leanthief held the top spot with 3.7 million, followed by WhiteRabbito with 3.1 million. Ainsworth lost some of his stack and slipped to the back of the pack again with under 600K. Just when things looked dour for Ainsworth, he avoided another elimination and snapped off Aces in the process. Ainsworth kicked off the fracas with a min-raise to 80,000, and Rocketmist called from the big blind. The flop was KJ9 and both players checked. The turn was the 9. Rocketmist fired out 81,000 and Ainsworth called. The 8 fell on the river. Rockemist bet 139,320, and Ainsworth shoved all-in for his last 546,828. Rocketmist called with AA for two pair — Aces and nines. Ainsworth showed 65 and won the pot with a flush. Rocketmist’s attempt to slow play Aces came back to bite him in the butt. Ainsworth picked up a well-timed double up and chipped up to almost 1.5 million.


Argentina’s leanthief surged over 5 million after knocking out two players on the same hand and winning a 2.3 million pot. Three-way. All-in preflop. The leanthief took AQ to battle against jahhont’s 99 and Niccon’s A9. The board ran out A87AJ. The leantheif won a side pot and main pot with trip Aces. Niccon was knocked out in 35th place and jahhont busted out in 34th place. Meanwhile, leantheif blazed by the 5 million-chip mark.

Around the same time on a different table, Ainsworth doubled up to almost 2 million. On a flop of 1053, Spokey attempted to check-raise Ainsworth, but he responded by shoving all-in with KK. Spokey trailed with A10. Ainsworth’s pocket Cowboys held up and he avoided another elimination. With 31 remaining, Ainsworth rocketed into the Top 10 in chips.

Michael “Timex” Macdonald busted out in 30th place. Timex three-bet shoved preflop with 22, but ran into dknight10’s KK. For 30th place, Timex earned $8,204.10.

With 27 players left, WhiteRabbito took over the lead with 4.8 million, and leanthief was second. Aisnworth was 13th overall with 1.8 million.

With 25 to go, Ainsworth lost a chunk of his stack to esvik in a 670K pot. With 24 to go, Ainsworth avoided elimination… Ainsworth open-shoved with 65 for 725,062 and is all-in XuxiSanchez called with A2 from the big blind. Ainsworth runs good. Here’s the proof: the board ran out K106QQ. Ainsworth won the hand with two pair — Queens and sixes. Ainsworth doubled to 1.5 million to stay alive.

With 23 remaining, Mazurite took over the lead with 5 million. Mazurite doubled up with A10 against ministerborg’s AQ to win a 4.6 million pot.

HEY JUDE: Jude “j.thaddeus” Ainsowrth eliminated in 23rd place

All good things must come to an end, right? Ainsworth had been flirting with the dark side of luck for most of Day 2 and it finally caught up to him. Ainsworth open-shoved for 1,055,532, and ministerborg re-raised all-in to isolate. Everyone got the heck out of the way and let those two rumble. Ainsworth led with AJ versus ministerborg’s A9 . Unfortunately for Ainsworth, the board ran out KK6Q 4, and ministerborg caught running diamonds to win the pot with a King-high flush.

Team PokerStars Pro Jude “j.thaddeus” Ainsworth busted out in 23rd place, but he shouldn’t feel too sad because he earned $9,452.55.

Check out the hand in the replayer:

RSS raeders must click through to view replayer

With 21 players remaining, it was KipsterDK’s turn to lead the pack. KipsterDk picked off Rocketmist in 22nd place when KipsterDK flopped trips with A10, then turned a boat to win a 2.6 million pot.

Klebanov999 became the leader after winning the largest pot of the tournament (up until that point). KipsterDK four-bet shoved 4.3 million with 66 and Klebanov999 happily called with AA. Klebanov999’s Aces held up and a stunned KipsterDK went from the penthouse to the outhouse in the same level. KipsterDK bowed out in 18th place. Meanwhile, Klebanov999 chipped up to almost 9 million.

Veronica “Princessa” Dabul held on with a short-stack for most of Day 2 and managed to hold on long enough for a 14th place finish. On her final hand, she made a stand with A2, but got run down by suarez_BG’s 98 when the board ran out QJ9K4. Princesa collected $16,586.55 for 14th place.

With 13 to go, ministerborg took command of the lead with 7.7 million after Klebanov999 tumbled out of the top spot. IRLMedic doubled through Klebanov999 with QQ versus 99 and won a 6 million pot.


Event #40-M continued to sizzle as play approached the final table bubble when hunwei and Klebanov999 decided to race to the death in a 4.4 million pot. Klebanov999’s AJ lost to hunwei’s 77. Talk about a crazy roller-coaster ride for Klebanov999, who held the lead late in the tournament, yet busted out in 11th place.

Action was hand-for-hand for a brief moment before someone busted out in tenth place. Mazurite min-raised to 280,000, ministerborg re-raised to 567,400, Mazurite four-bet to 1.35 million, ministerborg five-bet shoved for 8,506,232, and Mazurite called. Classic race. Mazurite was flipping with AK against ministerborg’s 99. The board ran out Q5276 and ministerborg’s pocket nines held up. Mazurite bubbled off the final table in tenth place, but took home a consolation prize of $21,937.05.


Event #40-M $1,050 NL – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: scrooch025 (5,374,699)
Seat 2: ministerborg (12,915,172)
Seat 3: hunwei (10,798,611)
Seat 4: PSÄ! (4,699,534)
Seat 5: dknight10 (4,307,429)
Seat 6: Korn2005 (3,558,888)
Seat 7: carrycakes (4,699,546)
Seat 8: suarez_BG (4,282,408)
Seat 9: IRLMedic (2,868,713)

With almost 13 million, ministerborg began the final table as the chip lead during Level 42 with blinds at 80,000/160,000 and a 20K ante. The average stack was a shade under 6 million.

After winning a SCOOP event earlier in the series, ministerborg had a legitimate shot at winning multiple titles. Only eight other players stood in his way.

DON’T LET ME DOWN: IRLMedic eliminated in 9th place

IRLMedic made a stand and bombed it all-in for 2,476,213 with A6. Big stacked ministerborg woke up with KK. Ouch. IRLMedic took a wrong time to run into pocket Kings. The board ran out J83JJ and ministerborg’s Aces held up. The rich got richer (ministerborg’s stack passed 16.7 million), while an Ace-less board sealed IRLMedic’s fate. IRLMedic became the first player to bust off the final table. For a ninth-place finish, IRLMedic earned $28,536.

DIG A PONY: Korn2005 eliminated in 8th place

Play settled down momentarily before we saw the second exit at the final table. Korn2005 opened to 400,222, PSÄ! shoved all-in for 4,540,240, and Korn2005 called all-in for 3,366,244. Korn2005 was ahead with AK against PSÄ!’s AQ, but disaster struck when the Q spiked on the flop. The board finished up Q5249. PSÄ! won the pot and Korn2005’s Big Slick was beat down. For an eighth-place performance, Korn2005 earned $44,587.50.

GET BACK: dknight10 eliminated in 7th place

With seven remaining… ministerborg looked almost human and coughed up the lead. It took a little help from the poker gods… carrycakes doubled up with A5 against ministerborg’s A10 after carrycakes turned a boat and won the 11.6 million pot. Carrycakes snagged the overall lead.

After the top spot shifted, we saw another elimination when dknight10 open-shoved to 3,848,679 and suarez_BG called. suarez_BG led with 1010 against dknight10’s A10. The board ran out AQ1089. Although dknight10 flopped two pair, suarez_BG flopped a set. Alas, suarez_BG won the pot and dknight10 hit the road in seventh place, earning $80,257.50.

LET IT BE: scrooch025 eliminated in 6th place

Two hands later, fireworks happened once again. This time, carrycakes min-raised to to 500,000, suarez_BG called, scrooch025 raised all-in for 4,918,671, carrycakes folded, and suarez_BG called. Another flip…. scrooch025 was racing with 55 versus suarez_BG’s AJ. The board ran out A3268 and suarez_BG won the pot. The pot got shipped to carrycakes, and scrooch025 was knocked out in sixth place, earning $115,927.50.

With five remaining, hunwei held the lead with 13.9 million, carrycakes was second with 10.3 million. PSÄ! held the middle spot with 8.8 million. Bringing up the rear were ministerborg’s 5.6 million and scrooch025’s 5.2 million.

FOR YOU BLUE: carrycakes eliminated in 5th place

Just when it looked like ministerborg was on his way out… he stormed back with a timely double up against carrycakes. Sure, ministerborg was behind with A6 against carrycakes’ A9. However, the 6 spiked on the turn and ministerborg avoided an elimination. He doubled to over 9.7 million.

Still reeling from the sting of a bad beat, carrycakes met his demise when his 99 lost a flip against hunwei’s AQ. Both players bombed it all-in preflop. The board ran out Q5234 and hunwei won the hand with a Wheel. For fifth place, carrycakes collected $152,703.27.

With four to go, hunwei improved to 17 million.

DIG IT: PSÄ! eliminated in 4th place

PSÄ! opened to 500,300, ministerborg raised to 1,214,555, PSÄ! re-raised to 2,253,050, ministerborg re-raised all-in to 11,270,370, and PSÄ! had him slightly covered and called. ministerborg was flipping with 77 against PSÄ!’s AJ. The board ran out A7446 and ministerborg won the 22.9 million pot with a full house. PSÄ! was crippled and busted out on the next hand when ministerborg finally finished him off with KJ against 105. For fourth place, PSÄ! won $205,102.50.

With three remaining, ministerborg was ahead with 23.4 million, hunwei was second with 16.7 million, and suarez_BG held 13.3 million.


A deal was floated and guest host Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker popped into the chat to deliver the deal numbers. However, ministerborg shot it down. Action resumed.

TWO OF US: hunwei eliminated in 3rd place

The action was started by ministerborg, who min-raised to 600,000, hunwei raised to 1.5 million, ministerborg re-raised to 3,145,400, hunwei five-bet to 5.7 million, ministerborg six-bet shoved all-in for 22,957,450, and hunwei called. Classic race with hunwei’s QQ battling against ministerborg’s AK.The flop was A43 and ministerborg took the lead. The turn was the J, and the river was the A. ministerborg won the 33.9 million pot. Australia’s hunwei earned $296,061.00 for an impressive third-place performance.

HEADS-UP: ministerborg (Denmark) vs.suarez_BG (Bulgaria)
Seat 2: ministerborg (40,116,584)
Seat 8: suarez_BG (13,388,416)

After forty minutes or so of methodical small ball, suarez_BG went on a heater and won eight out of ten pots, including a 34 million doozy, to take the lead. Here’s what went down… ministerborg min-raised to 1 million, suarez_BG bumped it up to 2.25 million, ministerborg four-bet shoved for 36,348,157, and suarez_BG called all-in. ministerborg was in trouble with A7 against suarez_BG’s A10. The board ran out 10656K and suarez_BG doubled up to 34.1 million, while ministerborg slipped to under 20 million.

Just when it appeared that suarez_BG seized momentum, ministerborg stopped the bleeding and doubled up in a staggering 31 million pot. Another flip… suarez_BG was racing with AK against ministerborg’s 1010. The flop was AK10, and although suarez_BG flopped top two pair, ministerborg took the lead with a set of tens. The turn was the 9, and the river was the Q. Talk about dodging a bullet… ministerborg avoided elimination and doubled up to regain the lead: 31M to 22M.

It was suarez_BG’s turn to launch a counterattack. He won an 8.8 million pot with QJ and a four-flush. After that hand, both players were almost dead even in chips, but ministerborg still held the slight lead.

Then it happened. Another rush for suarez_BG. He won ten out of the last twelve hands and put away ministerborg. The first crushing blow was a 9 million pot. The board read K534K, and suarez_BG showed 43 to win the pot with two pair. After that hand, suarez_BG was in control of the lead with a 2-1 advantage over ministerborg.

THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD: ministerborg eliminated in 2nd place; saurez_BG wins Event #40-M!

On the final hand, after almost eighty minutes of heads-up action… suarez_BG min-raised to 1.2 million, ministerborg re-raised to 2,647,400, suarez_BG four-bet shoved for 41,601,092, and ministerborg called all-in. Both players showed their hands… suarez_BG was ahead with 55, but he was flipping against ministerborg’s AQ. The board ran out 8724J and suarez_BG’s pocket fives held up.

Alas, ministerborg lost the pot and was denied a second SCOOP title after getting knocked out in second place. For a runner-up performance, ministerborg earned $417,339.

Congrats to the suarez_BG, the latest SCOOP champion, who came from behind to win the tournament. The Bulgarian player takes home a sleek champion’s watch and $560,019 in cash.

Check out the final hand in the snazzy replayer:

RSS readers must click thru to view replayer

Event #40-M $1,050 NL – Final Table Payouts and Results:
1st place: suarez_BG (Bulgaria) – $560,019
2nd place: ministerborg (Denmark) – $417,339
3rd place: hunwei (Australia) – $296,061
4th place: PSÄ! (Malta) – $205,102.50
5th place: carrycakes (Mexico) – $152,703.27
6th place: scrooch025 (Belgium) – $115,927.50
7th place: Donny “dknight10” Knight (Costa Rica) – $80,257.50
8th place: Korn2005 (Canada)- $44,587.50
9th place: IRLMedic (Ireland) – $28,536

Entrants: 3,567
Prize Pool: $3,567,000
Places Paid: 450

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