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The SCOOP Low tournaments have a habit of drawing some pretty sizable fields, especially when the game at play is no-limit hold’em. That was the case once again in Event #29-L, a two-day tournament with $100,000 in guaranteed prize money. With a 5K starting stack and 15-minute levels, there was plenty of value to be had for an $11 buy-in.

The guarantee was left far behind when 18,102 players showed up, building a $181,020 prize pool and setting up a top prize of $19,534.41. By the time Day 1 came to a close there were only 217 players remaining, with the blinds and antes at 4K/8K/1K and these 10 players ahead of the rest:

Ansgar2000 2.43M
sakiss99 1.63M
guillemei 1.45M
caio_pimenta 1.41M
djalminha 1.38M
Igor Stipan 1.37M
z4muz 1.26M
superf1sh 1.12M
VinceVegaMFR 1.04M

Team PokerStars Pro’s own ElkY sat in 23rd place as play resumed, with a stack of 833K. But as it turned out, neither the decorated pro nor most of the players in the top 10 to start Day 2 would still be playing by the time the final table arrived. ElkY bowed out in 66th place ($190.07). Cyprus’ sakiss99 was the only one to make it through. The closest any of the others came was Germany’s Ansgar2000, the incoming chip leader who busted in 27th ($325.83).

These eight players came from behind to join sakiss99 at the final table, which kicked off at 11:45 p.m. ET:

SCOOP-29-L final table.jpg

Seat 1: RONNALDO 9 (7,441,610 in chips)
Seat 2: kuuuukk (10,221,671 in chips)
Seat 3: Celfhtd (21,114,140 in chips)
Seat 4: MYspearGUN (8,187,550 in chips)
Seat 5: sakiss99 (7,148,485 in chips)
Seat 6: SHUR43 (7,014,445 in chips)
Seat 7: zeus-tseuji (17,273,468 in chips)
Seat 8: DDrunkson (2,025,913 in chips)
Seat 9: darkarchon-8 (10,082,718 in chips)

The action started right away and never really let up. Russia’s SHUR43 came in with the second-shortest stack at 6.31M, worth just under 16 big blinds at the 200K/400K/50K level, and wasn’t ready to wait around. The third hand saw SHUR43 move all-in from the button with K 10, and Japan’s zeus-tseuji re-raised to isolate with 8 8. The Russian looked likely to be the first player eliminated as the flop and turn came 7 Q 3 6, but the K on the river kept SHUR43 alive with 13.37M chips.

Two hands later the Russian player picked up a few more chips after opening for 800K and having Portugal’s DDrunkson move all-in for 1.17M total on the button. SHUR43 made the call with A K, which had DDrunkson’s A 9 dominated. The J 9 Q 10 Q board gave SHUR43 a Broadway straight and the 3.4M-chip pot, and DDrunkson was eliminated in 9th place ($1,086.12).

Five hands after that Mexico’s RONNALDO 9 flopped extremely well and played the hand for maximum value:

RSS readers, please click through for replay

Two orbits later, on the 250K/500K/62.5K level, Bulgaria’s darkarchon-8 caught a bit of good fortune. After moving all-in for 3.85M under the gun with 6 6 and having Cyprus’ MYspearGUN move in over the top from the cutoff with Q Q, the 6 on the flop kept the Bulgarian player alive. Despite being left with just 846K – less than two big blinds – MYspearGUN wasn’t the next player out, thanks to a huge confrontation on the very next hand.

zeus-tseuji ascends

The betting opened with Norway’s kuuuuuk moving all-in for 6.72M from early position and Russia’s Celfhtd making the call from middle position. Once the action reached zeus-tseuji in the small blind, the Japanese player moved all-in for 14.2M. Celfhtd made the call with 8.5M left behind and the players showed these hands:

zeus-tseuji 9 9
kuuuuk K J
Celfhtd A K

The 3 J 9 flop was a great one for zeus-tseuji, whose set of nines became a big favorite to win the pot. The 7 turn and J river made that happen, shipping zeus-tseuji the 36.13M-chip pot and knocking out kuuuuk in 8th place ($1,629.18).

MYspearGUN was now the clear short stack. The Cypriot player actually managed to triple up a few hands later with 10 5 against K J thanks to the 5 on the river, but at 1.88M that pot was worth less than four big blinds. Two hands later MYspearGUN moved all-in from the button for 1.5M with 9 7 and ran into SHUR43’s 10 10 in the big blind. The J 9 J flop brought a few outs, and the 7 a few more, but the 2 sent MYspearGUN to the rail in 7th place ($2,715.30).

Only two hands later darkarchon-8 ended up all-in before the flop, having three-bet to 7.29M in the big blind after SHUR43 opened for 1M on the button. The Russian player made the call with 4 4, which held up on the 5 5 8 10 A board to knock darkarchon-8 out in 6th place ($4,525.50).


There was now a clear separation in the chip counts, with zeus-tseuji (34.95M) 15 big blinds ahead ahead of SHUR43 (27.82M) and with more than triple the chips of RONNALDO 9 (10.69M), Cyprus’ sakiss99 (9.59M), and Celfhtd (7.44M). The blinds and antes soon rose to 300K/600K/75K and the pace of play slowed. Only one of the next 15 hands went to a flop. Finally the action folded to Celfhtd in the small blind and the Russian player raised the minimum to 1.2M. Sakiss99 moved all-in for 6.91M from the big blind with [Q 10 and Celfhtd made the call with 8 8. The board fell J 7 J A 7 and sakiss99 was gone in 5th place ($6,335.70).

The good times were short-lived for Celfhtd, though. Only four hands later a very similar hand came up: the action folded to the Russian player, who put in a small raise with a medium pocket pair (this time 7 7) and called an all-in from the player in the big blind with overcards (this time SHUR43 with A K). This time the flop wasn’t so kind, falling K 9 2. The 6 turn and 9 sent the 29.08M-chip pot to SHUR43 for the chip lead and Celfhtd was out in 4th place ($8,145.90).

One more coin flip was needed to take the field down to the final matchup. It came 10 hands later when zeus-tseuji opened for 1.5M on the button with K 10 and called the 7.09M-chip all-in from RONNALDO 9, who held 7 7. The Q J 4 flop brought a lot of outs to go with those overcards. The 5 wasn’t any help but the A on the river made a Broadway straight for zeus-tseuji, sending RONNALDO 9 out in 3rd place ($11,776.30).

A close contest

The chip counts were very close as heads-up play began:

Seat 6: SHUR43 (47,319,008 in chips)
Seat 7: zeus-tseuji (43,190,992 in chips)

The two traded small leads back and forth with each other until this pot gave zeus-tseuji a slightly bigger advantage:

RSS readers, please click through for replay

Zeus-tseuji won most of the pots immediately after that one, but a run of seven out of eight pots after another 28 hands passed saw SHUR43 actually move back into the lead by a nose. Soon enough zeus-tseuji pulled back ahead by about 14M with the blinds and antes at 500K/1M/125K. The Japanese player managed to balance there for the next 25 hands. Then SHUR43 opened for 2M on the button, zeus-tseuji three-bet to 3.5M, SHUR43 four-bet to 7.05M, and zeus-tseuji called to see a flop of 3 5 K. zeus-tseuji bet 6M into 14.36M and SHUR43 made the call, but the Russian declined to come along after zeus-tseuji led out for 20M on the 2 turn.

SCOOP-29-L final table heads-up.jpg

That 26.36M-chip pot gave zeus-tseuji a 64.97M-to-25.53M lead. And though the match went on another 29 hands, SHUR43 never got any closer than that again. Finally SHUR43 opened all-in for 20.2M on the button, holding K 8, and zeus-tseuji made the call with A 4. The Q 5 10 10 Q board did nothing for either player, giving zeus-tseuji the pot and the win.

SHUR43 collected $15,386.70 for two days of work, a fine reward especially considering how short-stacked the Russian player was to begin the final table. As for zeus-tseuji, who appears to be the first player from Japan ever to win a SCOOP event, the win was worth $19,534.41 and comes with a champion’s watch to boot.

SCOOP 2013 Event #29-L: $11 NL Hold’em
18,102 entrants
$181,020 prize pool
2,475 places paid

1st place: zeus-tseuji (Japan) $19,534.41
2nd place: SHUR43 (Russia) $15,386.70
3rd place: RONNALDO 9 (Mexico) $11,776.30
4th place: Celfhtd (Russia) $8,145.90
5th place: sakiss99 (Cyprus) $6,335.70
6th place: darkarchon-8 (Bulgaria) $4,525.50
7th place: MYspearGUN (Cyprus) $2,715.30
8th place: kuuuuuk (Norway) $1,629.18
9th place: DDrunkson (Portugal) $1,086.12

Jason Kirk is a freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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