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Hosting a PLO 6-Max tournament is like watching sharks smell blood in the water. They’ll swim furiously from miles away to take part in a potential feeding frenzy. But adding a Turbo format and re-buy element is what truly transformed Event #24-L into a bacchanalian feast.

At a speed-ridden final table dominated by tenacious Russians and pugnacious Scandis, allinjompa survived the existential fracas of short-handed PLO. Despite a daunting heads-up deficit, allinjompa rallied from behind and became the last one left standing. With a triumphant win in Event #24-L, Sweden’s allinjompa joined the elite ranks of SCOOP champions.

SCOOP Event #24-L $11+R PLO [6-Max, Turbo] attracted 4,510 runners. They added 8,714 re-buys and 3,119 add-ons, which boosted the prize pool to $163,430.00. The top 570 places paid out with $24,925.75 originally set aside to the eventual champion.

Team Poker Stars Pros attempting to win a SCOOP event included Martin Hruby, Johnny Lodden, Andre Akkari, Nacho Barbero, Bryan Huang, George Danzer, Marcin Horecki, Christophe De Meulder, and Matthias De Meulder. PokerStars Team Online doing the “Sunday grind” with this SCOOP event included GodlikeRoy, Pessagno, nkeyno, mement_mori, sirfreddy83.

A pair of Team PokerStars Pros cashed — Martin “AABenjaminAA” Hruby and Johnny Lodden. Lodden got it all-in preflop with AA62 against PROTENTIALmn’s AKJ4. PROTENTIALmn rivered trip fours to win the pot. Although Lodden turned a flush draw, but never improved and his Aces were snapped off. Lodden was knocked out in 459th place. Hruby busted out shortly after. He made a final stand with K887, yet ran into pixeltower’s AAQ7. Hruby had picked up a flush re-draw, but failed to get there by the river. pixeltower rivered a set of Aces to win the pot and send Hruby home in 424th place.


Event #24-L Final Table – Chip Counts:
Seat 1: OBliciouZ (10,455,954)
Seat 2: skypoker77 (3,309,408)
Seat 3: Jthazor (19,687,026)
Seat 4: allinjompa (11,877,250)
Seat 5: eL Jugadorrr (7,953,300)
Seat 6: PokerProffi1 (1,984,062)

The final table commenced during Level 45 with blinds at 30K/60K. Jthazor held the lead with 19.6M, while PokerProffi1 was the shorty with a shade under 2M.

PokerProffi1 eliminated in 6th place

On the sixth hand of the final table, we saw the first elimination. allinjompa opened to 1,788,888 and short-stacked PokerProffi1 called all-in for 884,062.

PokerProffi1: 7654
allinjompa: KK43

The board finished up Q958J. Although PokerProffi1 turned a nine-high straight, allinjompa had turned a King-high flush, which held up. allinjompa won the pot and PokerProffi1 became the first player to exit the final table, busting out in sixth place, which paid out $2,778.31.

eL Jugadorrr eliminated in 5th place

One of the shorties decided it was time to rumble. eL Jugadorrr opened to 2.8M, Jthazor bumped it up to 8.8M, and eL Jugadorrr called all-in for 3,953,300.

Jthazor: AAKJ
eL Jugadorrr: AQJ7

The board ran out J6423. eL Jugadorrr had flopped a flush draw, but that never materialized. Jthazor’s Aces held up and eL Jugadorrr was knocked out in fifth place, which paid out $4,902.90.


With four to go in this turbo-charged format, it was time to discuss a deal and chop up the remaining money. Jthazor held the lead with 23.6M, allinjompa was second with 15.8M, OBliciouZ third with 9.1M, and skypoker77 last with 6.6M. They had to leave $1,000 on the table to the eventual winner. The ICM numbers were floated: Jthazor ($19,217.51), allinjompa ($17,018.84), OBliciouZ ($14,139.51), and skypoker77 ($13,122.83). However, Jthazor rejected the initial deal and asked for a minimum of $20K. The final four agreed to new terms as follows (with $1,000 left on the table): Jthazor ($20,017.51), allinjompa ($17,018.84), OBliciouZ ($13,739.51), and skypoker77 ($12,722.83). With a deal in place, play resumed.

skypoker77 eliminated in 4th place

The ink on the deal wasn’t even dry before we saw a quickie bustout. Big-stacked allinjompa raised to 20.8M, skypoker77 bombed it all-in for 5,818,816, and allinjompa called.

skypoker77: AQ104
allinjompa: AQ97

The board ran out KJ87J. Both players flopped a Broadway straight draw and a heart-flush draw, but allinjompa was drawing to the nut flush. Neither would actually make a flush or a straight. allinjompa won the pot with two pair. Russia’s skypoker77 was knocked out in fourth place, which paid out $12,722.83.

OBliciouZ eliminated in 3rd place

OBliciouZ opened to 3.5M, Jthazor bumped it up to 6M, OBliciouZ shoved for 6,455,954, and Jthazor called.

Jthazor: AKQ2
OBliciouZ: 9853

The board finished up A449Q. Jthazor flopped Aces up and dragged the pot with a higher two pair — Aces and Queens. OBliciouZ went busto in third place, which paid out $13,739.51.

HEADS-UP: Jthazor (Denmark) vs. allinjompa (Sweden)
Seat 3: Jthazor (36,259,091)
Seat 4: allinjompa (19,007,909)

With two to go, Jthazor held less than a 2-1 advantage.

Jthazor eliminated in 2nd place; allinjompa wins SCOOP Event #24-L!

It took 20 hands to determine a winner. allinjompa won 8 out of the final 9 hands to come from behind to beat Jthazor. allinjompa seized the lead after winning a pair of non-showdown pots worth 9.6M and 14.4M. Four hands later, it would be all over.

For the final hand… allinjompa min-raised to 2.4M, Jthazor bumped it up to 7.2M, and allinjompa called. The flop was Q107. Jthazor fired out 14.4M, allinjompa shoved for 22,602,487, and Jthazor called all-in for 3,864,513.

Jthazor: KJJ2
allinjompa: Q754

Jthazor called with an opened-ended straight draw and a pair of Jacks. allinjompa flopped two pair — Queens and sevens — but also picked up a diamond-flush draw. The turn was the 3 and the river was the 8. Jthazor failed to improve and allinjompa won the pot with two pair.

For a runner-up finish, Jthazor earned $20,017.51 (under the terms of the deal).

Congrats to allinjompa for winning SCOOP Event #24-L, which paid out $18,018.84, plus a sleek SCOOP champion’s watch.

View the final hand in the replayer:

RSS readers must click through to view replayer

SCOOP-24-L: $11+R PL Omaha [6-Max, Turbo]
Entrants: 4,510 (8,714 re-buys, 3,119 add-ons)
Prize pool: $163,430.00
Places paid: 570

1. allinjompa (Sweden) $18,018.84 **
2. Jthazor (Denmark) $20,017.51 **
3. OBliciouZ (Sweden) $13,739.51 **
4. skypoker77 (Russia) $12,722.83 **
5. eL Jugadorrr (Greece) $4,902.90
6. PokerProffi1 (Russia) $2,778.31

** Denotes a deal among the final four

Visit the SCOOP homepage to view a schedule of remaining events and see who is in the running for Player of the Series.

Pauly McGuire is an author and freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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