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If you had to carve out a Mount Rushmore of PLO, without a doubt one of the first faces sculpted would be Phil “MrSweets28” Galfond. It’s no secret that Galfond plays the highest-possible online cash games, but he took a shot at a SCOOP title and advanced all the way to the final six. It was an arduous final table that ran for three hours before Galfond finally got heads-up for the title. Little did he know he would be in for a brutal heads-up match that spanned over an hour. Galfond had dagunman on the ropes several times but failed to deliver a knockout blow. Ireland’s dagunman rallied with a come-from-behind victory to defeat Galfond and win SCOOP Event #20-H.

SCOOP Event #20-H $2,100 PLO [6-Max, Re-Entry] attracted 352 entrants with 291 original entries and 61 re-entries. Those runners boosted the prize pool to $704,000, which doubled the guarantee. The top 42 places paid out with $147,840 set aside to the eventual champion.

Team Poker Stars Pros in search of a SCOOP title included Theo Jorgensen (2x), Leo Fernandez, George Danzer, Nacho Barbero, ElkY. Meanwhile, Japan’s nkeyno was the only member of Team Online was taking a shot in this event. No one under the PokerStars banner cashed in this event.

In this re-entry event, players were limited to only three re-entries (during the first 120 minutes), or four total tickets to the big dance. Did the most tickets help? Out of six final table players all of them were playing with their initial entry.

With 12 players remaining on the final two tables, mikki696 led the way with 333K. That lead was short-lived before mikki696 tumbled out of the top spot and busted in eighth place.

With seven to go, el_klonkador was the new leader and action went hand-for-hand. On a board of AJ5Q, VejVo got it all in against el_klonkador. VejVo held AJ97 for two pair, while el_klonkador turned a flush with K873. The 3 did not help VejVo, who bubbled off the final table in seventh place.


SCOOP Event #20-H Final Table – Chip Counts:
Seat 1: uremyatm (185,599)
Seat 2: el_klonkador (419,580)
Seat 3: kardioloq (244,405)
Seat 4: dagunman (397,873)
Seat 5: Phil “MrSweets28” Galfond (311,897)
Seat 6: ImWithSumo (200,646)

The final table commenced during Level 22 with blinds at 1.5K/3K. el_klonkador was the leader with almost 420K. The shorty honors went to uremyatm with 185K. Besides cash game guru MrSweets28’s lurking presence, kardioloq was another notable at the final table. In 2010, kardioloq took down a WCOOP event.

The final six were deep and we did not see an elimination during the first three levels. By the time dagunman chipped up to 500K for the first time, everyone else held a stack somewhere between 230K-280K. During the end of Level 24, the lead changed hands between el_klonkador and kardioloq. Plus, MrSweets28 was nearly eliminated but avoided a bust out with a timley double up. Although he was still alive, MrSweets28 had become the shorty… but not for long.

At the start of Level 25, MrSweets28 doubled up and won a 290K pot with quads. He flopped trips and rivered quads with J1097 on a board of 10104210.

Watch that hand in the replayer…

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kardioloq eliminated in 6th place

After four levels of play (or two hours of real time), someone finally busted at the final table and during that process, MrSweets28 seized the chip lead. kardioloq min-raised 16,000, MrSweets28 called, and uremyatm called from the big blind. The flop was K73. uremyatm checked, kardioloq bet 40,000, MrSweets28 raised to 172,000, uremyatm folded, kardioloq bombed it all-in for 176,261, and MrSweets28 called.

kardioloq: AK84
MrSweets28: A992

kardioloq was ahead with a pair of Kings, while MrSweets28 held a pair of nines and a nut-flush draw. The turn was the Q and the river was the 10. MrSweets28 rivered an Ace-high flush to win the pot. kardioloq failed to improve and became the first player to exit the final table. For a sixth-place finish, kardioloq earned $28,160.00.

With five remaining, MrSweets28 held the lead with over 555K.

ImWithSumo eliminated in 5th place

Shortstacked ImWithSumo opened to 28,000, dagunman popped it up to 88,000, ImWithSumo called all-in for 39,368.

dagunman: KK82
ImWithSumo: 10964

The flop was KK6 and that’s all she wrote. dagunman flopped quads and ImWithSumo was drawing dead. The turn was the 7 and the river was the 9. ImWithSumo lost the pot and was knocked out in fifth place, which paid out $42,240.00.

With four to go, dagunman was the new leader with 715K.

uremyatm eliminated in 4th place

dagunman opened to 20,800 and uremyatm called. The flop was A107. uremyatm checked, dagunman bet 29,000, and uremyatm called. The turn was the 4. uremyatm checked, dagunman fired out 72,000, uremyatm check-raised all-in for 186,518, and dagunman called.

uremyatm: A965
dagunman: 10774

Although uremyatm flopped an Ace, dagunman had flopped a set. The river was the 2 and dagunman’s set held up. Denmark’s uremyatm as knocked out in fourth place, which paid out $56,320.00.

With three remaining, dagunman was closing in on 1M, el_klonkador was second with 420K, and MrSweets28 was the short-stack with 374K.

MrSweets28 rocketed back to the top of the leaderboard after he won a 816K pot. He had flopped a set of Queens, then rivered a boat to snap off dagunman’s Aces. Actually, dagunman turned a flush, but was run down at the river.

When the final table reached its third hour, it was still three handed, but that was about to change.

el_klonkador eliminated in 3rd place

After a lengthy three-handed final table… it was time for someone to bow out. el_klonkador min-raised to 20,000 and MrSweets28 called. The flop was J74. MrSweets28 checked, el_klonkador fired out 30,000, and MrSweets28 called. The 5 spiked on the turn and fireworks ensued. MrSweets28 checked, el_klonkador bet 75,000, MrSweets28 check-raised to 330,000, el_klonkador shoved for 384,195, and MrSweets28 called.

MrSweets28: J863
el_klonkador: K763

MrSweets28 turned an eight-high straight, while el_klonkador turned a seven-high straight. The river was the 6 and MrSweets28 dragged the pot. Sweden’s el_klonkador was knocked out in third place and took home $80,960.00

HEADS-UP: dagunman (Ireland) vs. MrSweets28 (Canada)
Seat 4: dagunman (454,112)
Seat 5: MrSweets28 (1,305,888)

With two to go, MrSweets28 held a 3-1 edge. Little did both players know that they’d get bogged down in a heads-up battle that lasted over an hour.

Phil “MrSweets28” Galfond eliminated in 2nd place; dagunman wins SCOOP Event #20-H!

MrSweets28 was in control for most of heads-up until dagunman won a decisive pot and seized the lead. On a flop of Q86, dagunman four-bet shoved and MrSweets28 called. dagunman had flopped a set of Queens against’s MrSweets28 pair of sixes and gutshot. The turn was the A and the river was the 4. MrSweets28 failed to improve and dagunman dragged a big one worth 1.1M. MrSweets28 coughed up the lead and slipped to 610K.

Although the lead swapped back and forth a couple of times, MrSweets28 regained the top spot with a set of Queens. At that juncture, it appeared as though MrSweet28 was on the verge of locking up this tournament, which had reached its 16th hour. The final table itself was over four hours long with heads-up clocking in at over an hour.

But then momentum started to swing dagunman’s way. dagunman whiffed on a flush draw by caught running Kings to backdoor trips to win a 1.4M pot. MrSweets28 was crippled and down to 279,034. It would be all over in two hands.

On the final hand…

MrSweets28 min-raised to 32,000, dagunman bumped it up to 96,000, and MrSweets28 called. The flop was 522. dagunman bet 48,000, MrSweets28 shoved for 215,034 and dagunman called.

dagunman: A932
MrSweets28: 9864

dagunman flopped trip deuces (and a gutshot Wheel draw), but MrSweets28 had outs with a higher straight draw. The turn was the K, and MrSweets28 picked up outs with a flush draw. The river was the Q. MrSweets28 failed to improve and was knocked out in second place. dagunman won the pot when trip deuces held up.

For a gutsy runner-up performance, Phil “MrSweets28” Galfond earned $107,712.00.

Congrats to SCOOP Event #20-H winner, Ireland’s dagunman, who collected $147,840.00 for first place, in addition to a sleek SCOOP champion’s watch.

View the final hand in the replayer:

RSS readers must click through to view replayer

SCOOP-20-H: $2,100 PL Omaha [6-Max, Re-Entry]
Entrants: 352 (291 entries, 61 re-entries)
Prize pool: $704,000
Places paid: 42

1. dagunman (Ireland) $147,840.00
2. Phil “MrSweets28” Galfond (Canada) $107,712.00
3. el_klonkador (Sweden) $80,960.00
4. uremyatm (Denmark) $56,320.00
5. ImWithSumo (Finland) $42,240.00
6. kardioloq (Russia) $28,160.00

Visit the SCOOP homepage to view a schedule of remaining events.

Pauly McGuire is an author and freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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