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Mixed-game tournaments have been popular for some time now, not just for the variety of play they provide but also because they test a player’s overall poker skills more strenuously than a single-game tournament. Most of them are played as fixed-limit events, or in some cases with a number of fixed-limit games combined with No-Limit Hold’em or Pot-Limit Omaha. It’s a bit more rare to find a tournament that mixes both of those big-bet games, but players who seek them out were surely pleased with Event #25 on this year’s SCOOP schedule.

The “L” version of Event #25 was an $11 Mixed No-Limit Hold’em/Pot-Limit Omaha tournament with a $50,000 guaranteed prize pool. By the time registration closed 6,815 players had entered, building a $68,150 prize pool to be split among the top 855 finishers. The top prize of $10,566.85 remained out of reach from the start of the tournament until 9:45 p.m. ET, when it was just eight more knockouts away for these fans of big-bet poker:

SCOOP 2014-25-L ft.jpg

Seat 1: DEDTAWIWASA (4,539,445 in chips)
Seat 2: mikedgreek (4,673,430 in chips)
Seat 3: bxlmaestro (2,029,821 in chips)
Seat 4: whyamimrpink (3,163,147 in chips)
Seat 5: One_Time184 (2,911,878 in chips)
Seat 6: naboka97 (6,456,531 in chips)
Seat 7: SCOOOOP23 (3,774,866 in chips)
Seat 8: Steli86 (2,570,896 in chips)
Seat 9: pantri (3,954,986 in chips)

80K/160K/20K No-Limit Hold’em

The action was quick from the start. Hand #2 saw Ukrainian player DEDTAWIWASA pick up a 1.14M-chip pot without having to show down, getting both opponents to fold after the United Kingdom’s SCOOOOP23 opened for 320K in the cutoff and Paraguay’s pantri called in the small blind. Unswayed, SCOOOOP23 stayed aggressive.

Two hands later the U.K. player, sitting in middle position with A J, moved all-in for 3.39M over the top of a 320K opening raise from Ukrainian player naboka97. That prompted a four-bet all-in for 4.43M by mikedgreek from Cyprus, who held A A, and cleared naboka97 out of the hand. The board fell 5 4 4 7 9, ikedgreek dragged the 7.44-chip pot, and SCOOOOP23 ended the tournament in 9th place ($531.57).

mikedgreek won two more seven-figure pots in a row, one without showdown and one with 7 7 after naboka97 mucked after the board fell K 8 8 9 4 to chip up to 10.7M, more than twice as many chips as anyone else at the table. But the player from Cyprus had competition after Hand #7.

pantri opened the betting for 320K in early position and DEDTAWIWASA called in middle position to see a flop of J 6 7. pantri led for 320K into the 1.04M-chip pot, which prompted DEDTAWIWASA to raise to 640K. pantri responded with a third bet to 1.52M and then called for 3.01M total after DEDTAWIWASA moved all-in. pantri had flopped top pair with A J, but DEDTAWIWASA caught middle set with 7 7. The turn and river came 2 K, DEDTAWIWASA won the 7.06M-chip pot, and pantri finished in 8th place ($851.87).

Short-stacked bxlmaestro from Belgium put the tournament on the line two hands later with 8 8, which held up against naboka97’s 7 7 on a 9 4 6 3 2 board for a double to 3.59M. Then came Hand #9, which saw DEDTAWIWASA get back into the action by re-raising to 722K from the cutoff after One_Time184 from Belgium opened under the gun for 320K. One_Time184, who held A Q, moved all-in for 2.81M total and was up against Q Q after DEDTAWIWASA called. The 2 J 8 K 5 was safe, DEDTAWIWASA moved into the lead with 11.7M chips, and One_Time184 exited in 7th place ($1,499.30).

100K/200K Pot-Limit Omaha

One_Time184’s bustout hand closed out the NLHE level and moved the game to PLO. Just three hands in, mikedgreek opened under the gun for 400K and then re-raised all-in after Bulgaria’s Steli86 three-bet 1.4M. Steli86 called for 170K more and showed A A 5 4, which stayed ahead of mikedgreek’s Q 10 10 7 only until the Q 7 K flop. Any ace or king – and, after the 8 turn, any eight or six – could have given Steli86 the win. But the 3 on the river ended the day for the Bulgarian player in 6th place ($2,180.80).

naboka97 was finally able to regain some ground during this level. After opening for 600K in the small blind and being called by DEDTAWIWASA in the big blind, the Ukrainian led for 492K into the 1.2M-chip pot. DEDTAWIWASA called again but folded after an all-in bet by naboka97 on the turn, giving the Ukrainian the pot and a 4.35M-chip stack.

bxlmaestro had also been quiet since early on in the final table and got a chance to make up some ground by three-betting the size of the pot over a button raise from mikedgreek. On the very next hand bxlmaestro three-bet the opening raise again, this time from DEDTAWIWASA, before the Ukrainian calling all-in for 3.83M total after DEDTAWIWASA made it four bets to go. bxlmaestro’s A K J 5 caught top pair on the 10 4 K flop, while DEDTAWIWASA’s 9 8 7 6 picked up nine outs to a diamonds flush and a bevy of backdoor straight draws. The 4 on the turn took away those straight outs, but the 5 on the river delivered the flush, sending bxlmaestro to the rail in 5th place ($2,862.30).

The four remaining players were clearly separated into two strata:

SCOOP 2014-25-L ft four-handed.jpg

Seat 1: DEDTAWIWASA (15,885,951 in chips)
Seat 2: mikedgreek (11,309,190 in chips)
Seat 4: whyamimrpink (2,723,147 in chips)
Seat 6: naboka97 (4,156,712 in chips)

The difference in the top stratum narrowed two hands later after DEDTAWIWASA flopped big but ended up folding:

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The Ukrainian picked up K K 8 8 a few hands later and won some of those chips back as the PLO round ended.

125K/250K/31.25K NLHE

DEDTAWIWASA still had the biggest stack and put it to work as the new NLHE round began. The Ukrainian won the first pot uncontested with a button raise, then opened for 500K under the gun on the second with A 6. DEDTAWIWASA called when Belgium;s whyamimrpink three-bet all-in for 2.41M. The only player at the table with a Quentin Tarantino film reference for a screen name got in with the best of it, holding A K, and even caught top pair on the 2 4 K. But the 3 turn opened up an inside straight draw for DEDTAWIWASA, and the 5 on the river brought it home. Like the police arresting his namesake outside the garage in Reservoir Dogs, that river eliminated whyamimrpink in 4th place ($3,826.62).

DEDTAWIWASA and mikedgreek took turns winning the next six pots. On the seventh hand naboka97 made a move for the pot, shoving for 2.17M on the button. Both of the big stacks called and checked down the J 3 3 9 J board. DEDTAWIWASA showed K J for jacks full of treys, good for the 6.62M-chip pot and to send naboka97 out in 3rd place ($5,520.15).

A deal and a lengthy duel

The game was still NLHE as heads-up play began:

SCOOP 2014-25-L ft hu.jpg

Seat 1: DEDTAWIWASA (23,403,724 in chips)
Seat 2: mikedgreek (10,671,276 in chips)

The two quickly agreed to talk about a deal, and after about 10 minutes they came to an agreement. With $1,000 and the champion’s watch left on the table for the winner, the game resumed. Often times having a deal in place makes for a very short heads-up match, but that wasn’t the case for mikedgreek and DEDTAWIWASA. Their duel would last 148 hands, long enough to make it through the rest of the NLHE round, through one more of PLO, and back to NLHE again for the end.

Most of the pots stayed small through the first NLHE round and DEDTAWIWASA maintained the lead, until this pot moved mikedgreek ahead by 20 big blinds:

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DEDTAWIWASA struck back by taking five of six seven-figure pots consecutively, seizing the lead once again. More well-applied aggression allowed the Ukrainian to close out the NLHE round with 22.4M chips to mikedgreek’s 11.6M. The player from Cyprus made a bit of movement upward throughout the round but ended it down to 9.05M thanks in large part to this hand toward the end of it:

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The 200K/400K/50K hold’em round treated mikedgreek better, at least initially. The player from Cyprus was able to retake the lead for a brief time before three-betting all-in with A 7 over DEDTAWIWASA’s minimum raise to 800K from the button. The later called and put the tournament on the line with K 10, then made a full house on the 8 K 8 K 10 board to win the 30.7M-chip pot and leave mikedgreek with just 3.28M. But back mikedgreek came, eventually reclaiming a substantial lead with this pot:

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Five hands later survived an all-in moment with A Q against mikedgreek’s J 10 and got back to 13.3M. Three hands later DEDTAWIWASA opened for 800K on the button and mikedgreek called to see a 9 4 8 flop. mikedgreek checked and then raised to 2M after DEDTAWIWASA bet 800K. The Ukrainian called and the turn was the J and mikedgreek check-raised again, this time all-in for 14.7M after DEDTAWIWASA bet 3.02M. The Ukrainian called quickly with J 8 for two pair, which was ahead but still had to dodge nines and straight cards against mikedgreek’s 10 9. The 3 was neither of those and DEDTAWIWASA chipped back up to 26.6M.

Four more hands went by before mikedgreek opened all-in for 6.09M on the button with K 8 and DEDTAWIWASA called with A 9. Neither player improved on the J 2 7 4 Q board, giving DEDTAWIWASA the 12.2M-chip pot and the tournament.

The $8,586.84 share mikedgreek took from the deal was $7,500 more than from any other PokerStars the runner-up had played going back to 2011, a nice prize regardless of what place it came in. DEDTAWIWASA, too, set a new career best on PokerStars (by more than $7,300) with a $9,817.26 share from the deal. Plus there’s the honor of going down in SCOOP history as a champion and getting that spiffy watch. Not a bad way to spend a Monday!

SCOOP 25-L, $11 Mixed No-Limit Hold’em/Pot-Limit Omaha
Entrants: 5,573
Prize pool: $1,114,600
Places paid: 720

1. DEDTAWIWASA (Ukraine) $9,817.26*
2. mikedgreek (Cyprus) $8,586.84*
3. naboka97 (Ukraine) $5,520.15
4. whyamimrpink (Belgium) $3,826.62
5. bxlmaestro (Belgium) $2,862.30
6. Steli86 (Bulgaria) $2,180.80
7. One_Time184 (Belgium) $1,499.30
8. pantri (Paraguay) $851.87
9. SCOOOOP23 (United Kingdom) $531.57
*denotes results of a heads-up deal

Jason Kirk is a freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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