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Talk about a stacked final table. Event #25-H’s final nine included an ex-professional baseball player, an EPT champion, a WCOOP Champion, a SCOOP Champion, a TCOOP Champion, a Sunday Million winner, three Super Tuesday champs, a WSOP November Niner, and a WSOP Circuit champion. These venerable warriors and well-known “finishers” gathered for one specific reason: to determine the premier NL/PLO mixed-game player in 2014 SCOOP.

Toby “810ofclubs” Lewis, a former EPT Champion and most distinguished player at the final table, was seeking a rare Triple COOP crown. With a WCOOP bracelet and TCOOP title under Lewis’ belt, a SCOOP title was the only COOP he did not dominate.

Alas, a red-hot Miltos14 picked off Toby “810ofclubs” Lewis in third place, and 810ofclubs missed a shot at his first SCOOP title. With two to go, Joe “subiime” Cheong was pitted against Miltos14. When the dust settled in Event #25-H, Miltos14 delivered a knock-out blow and stepped off the ravished battlefield as the newest SCOOP champion.

This tournament was a who’s who of mixed game players of the “HA” variety, which is comprised of half-NL and half-PLO. SCOOP Event #25-H $1,050 Mixed NL/PLO attracted 352 runners. They created a prize pool worth $352,000. The top 45 places paid out with $68,112.00 set aside to the champion.

Team Poker Stars Pros taking a shot at a SCOOP title included ElkY, Alex Kravchenko, Joe Cada and George Danzer. PokerStars Team Online grinding their way in this SCOOP event included Pessagno, mement_mori, and nkeyno.

The action was slow, intense, yet meticulous. Event #25-H ran for over 12 hours before a final table was seated. With ten remaining, action went hand-for-hand. subiime and ekziter battled for the top spot while PureCash25 clung onto the short stack. subiime took PureCash25 out on the bubble after rivering a straight with QJ97 against PureCash25’s KKQJ. PureCash25 went busto in tenth place and the final table was set with subiime back in the top spot.


SCOOP Event #25-H Final Table – Chip Counts:
Seat 1: ricestud (228,622)
Seat 2: Miltos14 (215,553)
Seat 3: AsjBaaaf (75,246)
Seat 4: LoneHixx (90,416)
Seat 5: 810ofclubs (145,849)
Seat 6: ekziter (344,447)
Seat 7: subiime (444,746)
Seat 8: danuts777 (58,021)
Seat 9: paulgees81 (157,100)

The final table commenced during Level 22 with blinds at 1.5K/3K for a round of PLO. subiime held the lead with 44K, while danuts777 was the short stack with 58K.

Almost every player at this final table held a proven track record. Kenny “LoneHixx” Hicks won a Super Tuesday once, while ekziter shipped it twice. Paul “paulgees81” Volpe was seeking a second SCOOP event after winning a Badugi SCOOP last year (in addition to binking a Sunday Million in 2011). Joe “subiime” Cheong is most known as a member of the 2010 WSOP November Nine. Wade “ricestud” Townsend is a former professional baseball player who won a WSOP Circuit Event in 2008. Just the previous evening, he shipped a $109 Turbo rebuy second-chance event.

But all eyes were on Toby “810ofclubs” Lewis, who was in the hunt for a Triple COOP. He won a WCOOP bracelet in 2013 and then took down a TCOOP earlier this year, but a win in this event would thrust 810ofclubs into the exclusive Triple COOP club.

danuts777 eliminated in 9th place

It did not take long before someone became the first player to exit the final table. It occurred during a round of PLO when subiime min-raised to 6,000, danuts777 potted to 21,000, and subiime called. The flop was 764. danuts777 moved all-in for 31,021, and subiime snap-called.

danuts777: AKQ9
subiime: A855

subiime was ahead with an eight-high straight, but danuts777 picked up a nut-flush draw. The 5 fell on the turn and the 7 spiked on the river. It filled in an Ace-high flush for danuts777, but subiime had rivered a full house — fives full of sevens. Although subiime flopped a straight, he caught running cards and rivered a boat. For a ninth-place finish, danuts777 collected $6,160.00.

LoneHixx eliminated in 8th place

During a round of NL… LoneHixx open-shoved for 54,416 and ekziter called. LoneHixx took A8 into battle against ekziter’s AQ. The flop was Q22 and ekziter flopped Queens up. The turn was the J and the river was the 6. LoneHixx failed to improve and ekziter won the pot with two pair. LoneHixx went busto in eighth place, which paid out $8,448.00.

AsjBaaaf eliminated in 7th place

During a round of NL… Short-stacked AsjBaaaf moved all-in for 39,496 with 44, but big-stacked subiime insta-called with AA. The board finished up J73610. Although AsjBaaaf turned a gutshot, he failed to improve on the river. subiime’s Aces held up, and AsjBaaaf was sent home in seventh place, which paid out $11,968.00.

With six players remaining, subiime led with 585K, followed by ekziter’s 574K. Meanwhile, Miltos14 brought up the rear with 100K.

ricestud eliminated in 6th place

Extended play during six-handed lasting almost an hour or three levels. During a round of NL… ricestud lost a race with 1010 versus paulgees81’s AQ. An Ace on the flop helped paulgees81 double up. ricestud was crippled and met his fate on the next hand.

810ofclubs min-raised to 12K, ricestud bombed it all-in for 38,841, and 810ofclubs called. ricestud led with AJ versus 810ofclubs’s KQ. The board ran out 10958J. ricestud turned an open-ended straight draw and rivered a backdoor pair of Jacks, however, 810ofclubs rivered a King-high straight to win the pot. For a sixth-place finish, ricestud earned $15,488.00.

paulgees81 eliminated in 5th place

During a round of PLO… 810ofclubs min-raised to 16K and paulgees81 called from the big blind. The flop was A95. paulgees81 checked, 810ofclubs fired out 17,500, paulgees81 check-raised to 88,500, 810ofclubs re-raised to 159,500, and paulgees81 called all-in for 19,646.

paulgees81: AJ75
810ofclubs: AAK3

810ofclubs flopped a set of Aces, while paulgees81 flopped two pair. The K fell on the turn and the 5 fell on the river. Both players rivered a full house, but 810ofclubs won the pot with a bigger boat — Aces full of Fives vs. Fives full of Aces. Paul “paulgees81” Volpe busted out in fifth place, which paid out $20,064.00.

With four remaining, subiime sat atop the big stack with 660K, followed by 810ofclubs with 520K, Miltos14 with 392K, and ekziter sitting in the basement with 188K.

ekziter eliminated in 4th place

During a round of PLO… subiime min-raised to 16K, 810ofclubs flatted, ekziter bumped it up to 64K, subiime called 48K, and 810ofclubs also called. Three-way. The flop was 1085. 810ofclubs fired out 48K, ekziter bombed it all-in for 128,135, subiime re-shoved for 620,320, and 810ofclubs bailed. Heads-up.

ekziter: AQQ2
subiime: KJ1010

subiime flopped a set of tens. The turn was the 7 and the river was the K. ekziter failed to improve beyond a pair of Queens and subiime’s set held up. Belarus’ ekziter took home $29,040.00 for fourth place.

With three to go… subiime was closing in on 1M, while 810ofclubs and Miltos14 were roughly in the same spot with ~385K.

810ofclubs eliminated in 3rd place

During a round of NL… Miltos14 min-raised to 20K, 810ofclubs bumped it up to 50K, Miltos14 four-bet to 110K, 810ofclubs five-bet shoved for 396,548, and Miltos14 called.

810ofclubs: 22
Miltos14: 1010

Miltos14 was ahead preflop and flopped middle set. The board ran out A109JQ. Miltos14’s set of tens held up and 810ofclubs’ pair of deuces was dunzo. Toby “810ofclubs” Lewis was knocked out in third place, which paid out $38,720.00. Unfortunately, 810ofclubs failed in his quest to win his first SCOOP title and become a Triple COOP champion.

HEADS-UP: subiime (Canada) vs. Miltos14 (Cyprus)
Seat 2: Miltos14 (1,216,045)
Seat 7: subiime (543,955)

With two to go, Miltos14 held a 2-1 advantage.

subiime eliminated in 2nd place; Miltos14 binks SCOOP Event #25-H!

Heads-up lasted 21 hands and subiime never had a real chance to double up.

The final hand occurred during a round of NL… subiime opened to 20K and Miltos14 called. The flop was 844 and both players checked. The 7 fell on the turn. Miltos14 bet 21,250 and subiime called. The K fell on the river. Miltos14 checked, subiime fired out 50K, Miltos14 shoved for 1,347,155, and subiime called all-in for 277,845. Miltos14 tabled A4 and subiime showed K7. Although subiime had turned two pair and rivered a better two pair, subiime still lost the pot. Miltos14 flopped trip fours and picked up a nut-flush draw on the turn. Miltos14 whiffed on the flush but still dragged the pot with trips.

Joe “subiime” Cheong earned $51,040.00 for a runner-up performance.

Congrats to Miltos14 for winning SCOOP Event #25-H. First place paid out $68,112.00 and a sleek champion’s watch.

View the final hand in the replayer:

RSS readers must click through to view replayer

SCOOP-25-H: $1,050 Mixed NL Hold’em/ PL Omaha
Entrants: 352
Prize pool: $352,000.00
Places paid: 45

1. Miltos14 (Cyprus) $68,112.00
2. subiime (Canada) $51,040.00
3. 810ofclubs (United Kingdom) $38,720.00
4. ekziter (Belarus) $29,040.00
5. paulgees81 (Canada) $20,064.00
6. ricestud (Mexico) $15,488.00
7. AsjBaaaf (New Zealand) $11,968.00
8. LoneHixx (Canada) $8,448.00
9. danuts777 (Canada) $6,160.00

Visit the SCOOP homepage to view a schedule of remaining events and see who is in the running for Player of the Series.

Pauly McGuire is an author and freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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