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Many players do not get even one attempt at heads-up play for a Major tournament victory. The SCOOP 2015 Event #20-M NLHE 4-max (2-day tournament) would feature one player going for the Triple COOP and another trying for a second SCOOP watch. But neither of them would claim the title here as 10111420 took the smallest cut of the three-way deal with Pavalinya and korjae and spun it up to a Modavo watch and $39,613.72.

Read below on 10111420’s run to the win.

A lot of eyes will be on the start of day two as Erä_Koira goes for the Triple COOP after swimming through the sea of 1,900 players yesterday. The WCOOP and TCOOP champ finished with an average stack as only 18 contestants stand between Erä_Koira and joining the exclusive company of Triple COOP winners Shawn ‘buck21″ Buchanan and James “Andy McLEOD” Obst.


However that road will not be easy. Sunday Million champ antesvante topped the overnight leaderboard with a 700K chip lead over second place aufzuckerter (who claimed third place in the Sunday Warm-Up in January and xenomorph101.

Erä_Koira certainly was not the only Major winner left in stacked second day field as Sunday Warm-Up champ alberto.m7, SCOOP 2014 Event # 38-M champ korjae, and Super Tuesday winner Marty “TheLipoFund” Mathis all still in the mix.


Marty “TheLipoFund” Mathis
If that wasn’t enough there’s Pantkvittot with a SCOOP final table yesterday (Event #18-H finishing in third place for $49K) and Sunday Warm-Up and Super Tuesday champ Chris “Big Huni” Hunichen.

Seated with korjae and TCOOP 2015 Event #9 runner-up DeanoSupremo, Erä_Koira was absent at the day two start which has a bigger consequence due to the 4-max shorthanded format. DeanoSupermo left in 19th place ($2,279.77) as the lost blinds quickly piled up for Erä_Koira. The Finn’s starting stack was cut in half after just 30 minutes as 10111420 feasted on the absent stack and korjae.

Erä_Koira was just sleeping in a bit and finally connected after 38 minutes managing to reclaim some of the lost chips. Unfortunately, after the first break the double COOP champ would shove all-in post-flop with top pair against 10111420’s up and down straight draw and could not fade it finishing in 13th place ($2,740.33).

By the second hourly break only nine would remain as antesvante continued to top the chip count followed by Pavalinya.

15 minutes after the break “Big Huni” Hunichen found the wrong time to pick up pocket jacks, as all his tournament funds went in preflop against 10111420’s pocket kings. Failing to suckout, Hunichen picked up $5,407.74 in eighth place.

Chris Hunichen_SCOOP.jpg

Chris “Big Huni” Hunichen – 8th place
Due to the format, hand-for-hand play would start up after rodrieliot’s departure in seventh place ($5,407.74) paving the way for a five-player final table.

No drawn out, nail-biting, drama-fueled hand-for-hand play as shortstacked seipiejunior’s A2 was all-in preflop against the chip leader’s pocket fives 55. Seipiejunior would notch a turned straight but antesvante found a flush on the Q K 10 J 3 river to start up the five-player final table below:


Seat 1: 10111420 (1248041 in chips)
Seat 2: Pavalinya (2447810 in chips)
Seat 3: jelIßhIlio (759441 in chips)
Seat 4: antesvante (4389318 in chips)
Seat 5: korjae (750390 in chips)

Wasting no time

Just six hands into the final table we were back to the four-max format. With the blinds up to 12.5K/25K ante 3,125 antesvante continued to apply the chip leading stack’s will on the table with a raise to 56,250 as Pavalinya called but jelIßhIlio three-bet to 200,000. Folded back to Pavalinya, the second place stack, would shove for 2.3 million as jelIßhIlio called off 712K with AQ. Pavalinya showed pocket jacks JJ watching them carefully tip toe through the 9 7 7 10 K board to send jelIßhIlio off in fifth place ($8,585.60).

At the second hourly break of day two a little bit of chop dialogue would commence as korjae and antesvante were interested in negotiations while 10111420 just wanted a smoke.

Roll downhill

After the break nothing seemed to go right for antesvante. The day one chip leader, chip leader for most of day two would lose a key 2.8 million chip pot to korjae after the two shoved preflop with antesvante holding pocket queens QQ to korjae’s jacks JJ. A jack on the flop J 6 K 9 A left antesvante with 15 BBs. Six hands later 10111420’s queens QQ would outduel antesvante’s 9A. Hard to be disappointed with $13,406.13, but there would be no SCOOP watch nor second leg of the Stars Slam for antesvante in fourth place.

Four minutes later the trio would sit down for some rather quick fund transfers leaving $4,000 aside for the champion.

Pavalinya: $43,569.49
korjae: $39,444.88
10111420: $35,613.72

Perfect troll or perfectly innocent?

These lines came out just a little bit before the chop talks, can’t decide if Pavalinya was trolling the SCOOP champ or not.

korjae: “I really want second watch today”
Pavalinya: “you already buy one?”

Pavalinya however would not continue on the quest for that elusive non-store bought watch. After losing a 2.8 million chip pot to korjae (sound familiar?) five hands later the now short-stacked Pavalinya would be all-in. With the blinds up to 30K/60K ante 7,500 10111420 would min-raise from the button as Pavalinya shoved all-in for 810K from the small blind holding KJ. 10111420 made the call with 8A as an ace on the turn 9 2 7 A 3 would seal Pavalinya’s fate in third place ($43,569.49).

All the right digits

10111420 has been here before at a SCOOP final table, just not this deep. In 2014 10111420 would make the Event #4-L final table earning $4.7K in fifth place, this time 10111420 would earn a watch with the prize money. With the blinds up to 50K/100K ante 12.5K and 45 minutes into heads-up play, 10111420 knocked down korjae to just one million chips as the former SCOOP champ tried to push from the small blind holding K3 but 10111420 was waiting to call with A7. A seven on the flop 7 2 2 10 J was enough to ascend 10111420 to the SCOOP 2015 Event #20-M title and $39,613.72!

SCOOP-20-M: $215 NL Hold Em’ (4-max)

Entrants: 1,919
Prizepool: $383,800.00
Places paid: 240

(* denotes part of three-way deal)

1. 10111420 (United Kingdom) *$39,613.72
2. korjae (Canada) *$39,444.88
3. Pavalinya (United Kingdom) *$43,569.49
4. antesvante (Sweden) $13,406.13
5. jelIßhIlio (Bulgaria) $8,585.60

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