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SwiFter90 was on a mission in SCOOP Event #36-L. SwiFter90 simultaneously busted two players on the final table bubble and did not waste any time at the final table. SwiFter90 knocked out six out of seven players en route to a quick-fire victory in the turbo-charged Event #36-L.

The 2015 Spring Championship of Online Poker was another scintillating success with 138 action-packed  events spread out over a two week festival of poker. We celebrated the final day of this bacchanalian competition with a special Wrap-Up SCOOP event…turbo with re-entries!

2015 SCOOP Event #46-L $11 NL Wrap-Up (Turbo, Optional Re-Entry) attracted 17,617 entries and 4,322 re-entries for 21,939 total entrants. They boosted the prize pool to $219,390. Only the top 3,150 places paid out, with $21,954.92 set aside to the eventual champion.

As expected, the expedited pace meant that 75% of the field was liquidated in the first 90 minutes. The money bubble burst shortly after the two-hour mark. The final table was set in 4:45.

The field thinned to under 100 and SwiFter90 (Estonia) held the lead with 4M, while the average stack was 1.1M. SwiFter90 continued to hold a sizable edge going into the final two tables. With action hand-for-hand on the final table bubble, there was a double elimination SwiFter90 took out LeSmit’s JJ and SantaCruz83’s A10 after rivering a pair of Queens with QJ. SwiFter90 advanced to the final table, while SantaCruz83 busted in tenth and LeSmit was knocked out in ninth place.


SCOOP 46-L – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: RT070119 (8,746,011)
Seat 3: MacintoshFan (8,025,452)
Seat 4: Dancer King (9,953,856)
Seat 5: Ty4y0uRchip$ (2,554,234)
Seat 6: JoseMarcucci (5,426,952)
Seat 7: SwiFter90 (38,853,413)
Seat 8: muriLLoo.mrL (32,031,936)
Seat 9: Darren Fan (3,978,146)

The final table commenced during Level 53 with blinds at 500K/1M and 125K sat atop the big stack with 38.8M, and Ty4y0uRchip$ was the shorty with a shade under 2.5M.

Ty4y0uRchip$ eliminated in 8th place

Everyone was seated for a single before we saw a first bustout. Short-stacked Ty4y0uRchip$ bombed it all-in for 2,429,234, RT070119 re-shoved for 8,746,011, and everyone else bailed. Heads-up. Ty4y0uRchip$ looked good with KK against RT070119’s A9. However, the board finished up A8353. RT070119 flopped a pair of Aces and won the pot with Aces and treys. Ty4y0uRchip$ had Kings snapped off and busted in eighth place, which paid out $1,974.51.

JoseMarcucci eliminated in 7th place

SwiFter90 opened to 2M, JoseMarcucci bombed it all-in for 5,176,952 with 55, and SwiFter90 called with A10. The flop was AQ8 and SwiFter90 took the lead with a pair of Aces. The turn was the Q and the river was the J. SwiFter90 won the pot with Aces up. JoseMarcucci was dunzo in seventh place, which paid out $,3082.42. With six to go, SwiFter90 led with 45.1M and Darren Fan trailed as the shorty with 3.7M.

Darren Fan eliminated in 6th place

Another shorty made a move and big-stacked SwiFter90 was waiting to pick them off as the rich got richer. Darren Fan open-shoved for 1,453,146 with K7, and SwiFter90 called with Q10. The board finished up J65K8. Both players rivered a four-flush, but Darren Fan was edged out by SwiFter90’s Queen-high flush. Darren Fan was knocked out in sixth place, which paid out $4,387.80.

Dancer King eliminated in 5th place

Dancer King made a final stand for 7,978,856 with A9, but was in deep trouble against SwiFter90’s A10. The board finished up A8434. Both players held Aces up, but SwiFter90 won a higher ten-kicker. Dancer King was knocked out in fifth place, which paid out $6,581.70. With four remaining… SwiFter90 led with 61.7M, followed by RT070119 (32.2M),  muriLLoo.mrL (12.3M), and MacintoshFan (3.3M).

MacintoshFan eliminated in 4th place

MacintoshFan open-shoved for 13,803,616 with K8 and big-stacked SwiFter90 called with A9. The board finished up J739J. SwiFter90 won the pot with two pair (Jacks and nines). MacintoshFan went busto in fourth place, which paid out $8,775.60.


With three to go, action was paused to discuss a deal. SwiFter90 led with 52.8M, followed by RT070119 (39.4M) and muriLLoo.mrL (17.4M). They had to leave $3,000 on the table for first place. The ICM number were floated: SwiFter90 ($16,744.61), RT070119 ($15,983.98), and muriLLoo.mrL ($13,498.70). SwiFter90 did not like the initial terms. After some persuasive negotiating, SwiFter90 agreed on the money terms. With a deal in place, action resumed.

muriLLoo.mrL eliminated in 3rd place

Another bustout and another hand with SwiFter90 waiting to feast off another short stack. muriLLoo.mrL bombed it all-in for 16,512,827 with A6 and SwiFter90 called with A9. The board ran out QJ4103. Neither player improved. SwiFter90 won the pot with Ace-high and a better 9-kicker. muriLLoo.mrL was busto in third place, which paid out $13,498.70

HEADS-UP: RT070119 (Brazil) vs.  SwiFter90 (Estonia)
Seat 1: RT070119 (36,624,689)
Seat 7: SwiFter90 (73,070,311)

With two to go, SwiFter90 held a 2-1 edge. SwiFter90 jumped out quickly out of the gate and built up a wider lead.

RT070119 eliminated in 2nd place; SwiFter90 wins SCOOP Event #46-L!

Going into the final hand,  SwiFter90 led with 98M to 11.6M. RT070119 wanted to rumble and shoved preflop for 11,378,756 with 107, and SwiFter90 intsa-called with QQ. The board ran out 854AA. RT070119 flopped a flush draw and a gutshot draw, but whiffed on both. SwiFter90 won the pot with two pair — Aces and Queens. RT070119 was knocked out in second place. For a runner-up finish, RT070119 took home $15,983.98.

Congrats to SwiFter90 for winning SCOOP Wrap-Up Event #46-L. First place paid out $19,744.61, in addition to a ritzy champion’s watch, courtesy of Movado.

SCOOP-46-L: $11 NL Hold’em Wrap-Up (Turbo, Optional Re-Entry)
Entrants: 21,939 (Entries: 17,617; Re-Entries: 4,322)
Prize Pool: $219,390
Places Paid: 3,150

1. SwiFter90 (Estonia) $19,744.61 **
2. RT070119 (Brazil) $15,983.98 **
3. muriLLoo.mrL (Brazil) $13,498.70 **
4. MacintoshFan (Latvia) $8,775.60
5. Dancer King (Russia) $6,581.70
6. Darren Fan (China)  $4,387.80
7. JoseMarcucci (Brazil) $3,082.42
8. Ty4y0uRchip$ (Portugal) $1,974.5
9. LeSmit (Netherlands) $1,316.34

** Denotes a deal among the final three players

Visit the SCOOP homepage and check out the comprehensive stats page. Also, check out the Leader Board to find out who won Player of the Series.

Pauly McGuire is an author and freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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