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Live by pocket Aces, die by pocket Aces.

Only one player stood in Hamashmid’s way from a Heads-Up High-Roller title in SCOOP Event #42-L. HoldemKy5 jumped out to an early lead and had an opportunity to knock out a short-stacked Hamashmid. The future looked grim for a reeling Hamashmid who made a final stand with J9, but unfortunately got ambushed by HoldemKy5’s pocket Aces. A fortuitous card on the turn filled in a straight for Hamashmid, who avoided an elimination and scored a much-needed doubled up. HoldemKy5’s Aces were cracked and that hand sent HoldemKy5 on a downward spiral. Hamashmid launched a counter attack and finished off HoldemKy5 in two key hands. Hamashmid woke up with pocket Aces twice inside of five hands. Both times, HoldemKy5 got coolered with a big pocket pair (Queens and Tens) when Hamashmid’s Aces held up. Live by pocket Aces, and die by pocket Aces. The timing was perfect for Hamashmid, who picked off Aces at a clutch time, and had Aces hold up in two decisive situations. Israel’s Hamashmid went on to win the final heads-up match to win SCOOP Event #42-L.

2015 SCOOP Event #42-L $215 NL Heads-Up, High-Roller attracted 1,271 players. They created a prize pool worth $254,200.00. Only the top 128 places paid out with $38,442.90 set aside for first place.

In this two-day affair, the first six rounds played out on Day 1. Only 32 players survived the cut and returned for action on Day 2. At that juncture, the remaining players had a simple goal: win 5 heads-up matches to win the SCOOP title.

Round 7 trimmed the field from 32 to 16. The majority of the matches were done in the first hour. The longest match lasted 1:42 when talrushi defeated DWoods19 in 17th place.

königkunde defeated jus2awsum in 16th place
Hamashmid defeated T-Macha in 15th place
Erä_Koira defeated goodvibe1 in 14th place
lalaurivera defeated sgk31 in 13th place
aDrENalin710  defeated sverigelottn in 12th place
HoldemKy5 defeated F_____P800 in 11th place
SkunkDen defeated antispeed in 10th place
Pasiu defeated talrushi in 9th place

Round 8 lasted almost two hours, only because the Pasiu/talrushi epic match lasted over 11 levels. Pasiu was on the ropes more times to count, but managed to mount a comeback to pick off talrushi in 9th place.


Hamashmid defeated königkunde
aDrENalin710 defeated SkunkDen
Erä_Koira defeated lalaurivera
HoldemKy5 defeated Pasiu

königkunde eliminated in 8th place

The board read 986K4 and 7,000 was in the pot. königkunde shoved for 6,177 and Hamashmid called. königkunde whiffed on a straight draw and got caught speeding. Hamashmid won the pot with J9 and only a pair of nines, but it was good enough to beat königkunde’s King-high with Q10. Germany’s königkunde earned $6,812.56 for eighth place.

SkunkDen eliminated in 7th place

SkunkDen was on the ropes and desperately in need of a double up. aDrENalin710 moved all-in for a hefty 18,202 and SkunkDen called all-in for 1,638. SkunkDen made a final stand with 44 against aDrENalin710’s J9. Race. The board ran out 97538. SkunkDen got outflopped but turned a gutshot draw. Alas, SkunkDen whiffed on the river and lost to aDrENalin710’s pair of nines. SkunkDen busted in seventh place, which paid out $6,812.56.

lalaurivera eliminated in 6th place

lalaurivera limped, Erä_Koira raised 600, and lalaurivera called. The flop was J52. Erä_Koira bet 425 and lalaurivera called. The turn was 3 and fireworks ensued. Erä_Koira checked, lalaurivera fired out 1,155, Erä_Koira check-raised all-in for 3,814, and lalaurivera called all-on for 1,756.

Erä_Koira: K3
lalaurivera: J7

The river was the K. Erä_Koira rivered two pair to win the pot and beat lalaurivera’s flopped Jacks. lalaurivera was dunzo in sixth place, which paid out $6,812.56.

Pasiu eliminated in 5th place

Pasiu got crippled against HoldemKy5’s trip sevens. Pasiu was unable to recover and busted shortly after in Level 9.

Pasiu bombed it all-in for 3,527 with AJ and HoldemKy5 insta-called with AJ. The board ran out JJ4107. HoldemKy5 flopped trip Jacks, which held up. Pasiu turned a straight draw, but never got there. Poland’s Pasiu was knocked out in fifth place, which paid out $6,812.56.


aDrENalin710 defeated HoldemKy5
Hamashmid defeated Erä_Koira

aDrENalin710 eliminated in 4th place

aDrENalin710 incurred a hit early on during Level 2 and was in trouble the rest of the match after HoldemKy5 opend up an early 5-1 lead. During Level 4, HoldemKy5 delivered a knock-out blow. The board read AK9Q and 1,300 was in the pot. aDrENalin710 fired out 600, HoldemKy5 raised to 3,600, and aDrENalin710 called all-in for 1,199.

aDrENalin710: AJ
HoldemKy5: K9

HoldemKy5 flopped two pair to take the lead, but aDrENalin710 turned a Broadway draw. The K spiked on the river and HoldemKy5 came from behind to win the pot with a full house. aDrENalin710’s two pair (Aces and Kings) were not good enough to win. HoldemKy5 advanced to the finals. aDrENalin710 was knocked out in fourth place, which paid out $12,229.56.

Russia’s aDrENalin710 was a runner-up in Event #32, but was unable to break though this time. aDrENalin710 had three career COOP titles with 1 WCOOP win and 2 previous SCOOP titles.

Erä_Koira eliminated in 3rd place

Hamashmid took a lead early on and slowly pulled away. Going into the final hand, Hamashmid led almost 17K to 3K. On a flop of 1075… Hamashmid checked, Erä_Koira bet 525, Hamashmid check-raised all-in for 16,434, and Erä_Koira called all-in for 2,081.

Hamashmid: 1010
Erä_Koira: 87

Hamashmid flopped a set of tens and wa ahead. The turn was the K and the river was the A. Erä_Koira’s pair of sevens were not good enough to stave off an elimination. Hamashmid won the pot and Erä_Koira hit the virtual rail in third place, which paid out $12,229.56.


HEADS-UP: Hamashmid (Israel) vs. HoldemKy5 (Canada)
Seat 1: Hamashmid (10,000)
Seat 2: HoldemKy5 (10,000)


The final two discussed a deal before they jousted. They quickly agreed on an even money chop and to play out for the final $3,000 (plus the Movado watch). They agreed on an equal $29,952.28 split and action resumed.

HoldemKy5 eliminated in 2nd place; Hamashmid wins SCOOP Heads-Up Event #42-L!

During Level 2, HoldemKy5 seized an early lead after winning a 10K pot by rivering a Broadway straight with KJ. During Level 3, short-stacked Hamashmid doubled up and cracked Aces with J9. Hamashmid turned a straight on a board of 108578. Hamashmid chipped up to 7.5K and avoided a bustout. During Level 4, Hamashmid pulled even.

During Level 5, HoldemKy5 regained a small edge. It looked like they were going to be bogged down into trench warfare and a lengthy final table. Alas, both players walked into the first of a series of coolers. Hamashmid five-bet shoved with AA and HoldemKy5 called with QQ. An A on the flop sealed the hand for Hamashmid, who dragged a pot worth 17,122.

HoldemKy5 eliminated in 2nd place; Hamashmid wins SCOOP Event #42-L!

Aces twice in five hands? Up against a big pair? Holding up both times? With an Ace on the flop? Unbelievable.

HoldemKy5 went into the final hand with only 2.7K and Hamashmid held an unbreakable 17.3K. Both players were all-in prefop. HoldemKy5 limped, Hamashmid raised to 440, HoldemKy5 limp-shoved for 2,718, and Hamashmid called. HoldemKy5 was in trouble with 1010 against Hamashmid’s AA. That was a second time that HoldemKy5 got ambushed by Aces. The board ran out A9272. HoldemKy5 was unable to seek revenge for Hamashmid cracking his Aces a couple of levels earlier. Alas, an Ace on the flop once again sealed HoldemKy5’s fate. HoldemKy5 lost with two pair (tens and deuces) against Hamashmid’s full house — Aces full of deuces.

For a gutsy runner-up performance, Canada’s HoldemKy5 collected $29,952.28.

Congrats to Israel’s Hamashmid for winning the Heads-Up High-Roller Event! First place in SCOOP Event #42-L paid out $32,952.28, in addition to a sleek champion’s eatch courtesy of Movado.

SCOOP-42-L: $215 NL Hold’em (Heads-Up, High-Roller)
Entrants: 1,271
Prize Pool: $254,200.00
Places Paid: 128

1. Hamashmid (Israel) $32,952.28 **
2. HoldemKy5 (Canada) $29,952.28 **
3. Erä_Koira (Finland) $12,229.56
4. aDrENalin710 (Russia) $12,229.56
5. Pasiu (Poland) $6,812.56
6. lalaurivera (Brazil) $6,812.56
7. SkunkDen (Australia) $6,812.56
8. königkunde (Germany) $6,812.56

** Denotes a deal between the final two

Visit the SCOOP homepage for a schedule of remaining SCOOP events and satellite info. Also, check out the Leader Board to find out who is in contention for Player of the Series.

Pauly McGuire is an author and freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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