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The hour-long methodical and plodding heads-up battle in SCOOP Event #41-M PLO Triple-Stack resembled a chess match. gavz101 and 1-ronnyr3 did not rush through hands despite the PLO format. Rather, they made calculated, precision-like moves. 1-ronnyr3 entered the final confrontation with a sincere deficit. When gavz101 failed to put 1-ronnyr3 away early, 1-ronnyr3 parried with a successful counter attack that staved off an elimination and eventually secured the lead. 1-ronnyr3 went on the offensive and finally knocked out gavz101, thereby preventing gavz101 from winning a second career SCOOP title. Switzerland’s 1-ronnyr3 pulled off a remarkable comeback to win SCOOP Event #41-M.

2015 SCOOP Event #41-M $530 PLO (6-Max, 3-Stack) attracted 766 runners. They generated a prize pool worth $383,000.00. Only the top 96 places paid out with $67,982.50 set aside to the champion.

At the end of Day 1, only 21 players made the cut. Ireland’s BIOWAA held the lead with a shade over 1M and the average stack was 547K. shaundeeb advanced to Day 2 and he was 7th in chips. SirWatts was also alive with 16th overall.

Early on Day 2, SirWatts was knocked out. The Canadian pro won two SCOOP titles this week, but he narrowly missed another final table. shaundeeeb got crippled early on Day 2 and lost 90% of his stack when his AA76 was snapped off by Faith#1Virtu’s AJ65 when the board ran out J52K9. Waffle-crushed by green buddha. shaundeeb’s A874 lost to green buddha’s AA84. shaundeeb busted in 16th place, which paid out $3,408.70.

With 12 to go, green buddha seized the lead with 2M. With 8 to go, 1-ronny3 took over the lead with 3.3M. With seven to go, action went hand-for-hand. BIOWAA made a final stand with AKQJ against 1-ronnyr3’s 9876, but 1-ronnyr3 rivered a straight to win the pot. Ireland’s BIOWAA bubbled off the final table in seventh place. With the final six set, the final table was ready…


SCOOP 41-M – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: gavz101 (1,562,287)
Seat 2: bedias (1,415,830)
Seat 3: green buddha (753,359)
Seat 4: AckmaJin (1,789,002)
Seat 5: Markbjj (1,794,878)
Seat 6: 1-ronnyr3 (4,174,644)

The final table commenced during Level 33 with blinds at 20K/40K. Switzerland’s 1-ronnyr3 held a formidable lead with 4.1M, while green buddha was being patient with a small stack with 753K.The mot notable player at the final table was Brazil’s bedias shipped a Sunday Million in March, made a final table at the LAPT Season 3, and advanced to the final table of 2015 SCOOP Event #13-H Stud. Also of note, gavz101 previously won a SCOOP PLO event in 2010.

green buddha eliminated in 6th place

Deep stacked with 20-minute levels. It was not a surprise that it took fairly long to see an initial bustout at the final table. Big-stacked bully 1-ronnyr3 opened to 132,000, green buddha raised to 456,000, 1-ronnyr3 re-raised to 780,000, green buddha called all-in for 2,359.

green buddha: AA32
1-ronnyr3: QQ75

The board ran out 9648J. 1-ronnyr3 won the pot after turning a straight. green buddha’s Aces were cracked. Mexico’s green buddha became the first player to exit the final table. Sixth place paid out $11,490.00. With five remaining, 1-ronnyr3 chipped up to 4.7M. Markbjj and bedias battled for the short stacks with 1.3M.

bedias eliminated in 5th place

Markbjj opened to 120,000, 1-ronnyr3 called 120,000, bedias bumped it up to 540,000, Markbjj folded, and 1-ronnyr3 called 420,000. Heads-up. The flop was 642. bedias moved all-in for 525,830 and 1-ronnyr3 called.

bedias: AAJ7
1-ronnyr3: 9765

The turn was the 6 and the river was the 10. bedias lost with two pair against 1-ronnyr3’s trip sixes. For a fifth-place finish, bedias took home $19,150.00. With four to go, 1-ronnyr3 held 5.9M, and AckmaJin was last with 1.3M.

AckmaJin eliminated in 4th place

Another shorty bit the dust. Big-stacked gavz101 opened to 177,600, AckmaJin raised to 652,800, gavz101 called. The flop was Q92. gavz101 fired out 627,264 and AckmaJin called all-in for 461,467.

gavz101: J1063
AckmaJin: AAK5

The turn was the A and the river was the 8. AckmaJin turned a set of Aces, but they were run down by gavz101’s Queen-high straight. AckmaJin was knocked out in fourth place, which paid out $26,810.00. With three to go, gavz101 was the new leader with 7M, followed by 1-ronnyr3 (2.8M), and Markbjj (1.58M).

Markbjj eliminated in 3rd place

A couple of hands later, another bustout. gavz101 opened to 200,000, Markbjj bumped it up to 600,000, gavz101 called. The flop was 883 and gavz101 check-called a 112,555 bet from Markbjj. The 3  on the turn induced the action. gavz101 bets 969,074 and Markbjj called all-in 894,305.

gavz101 8665

The turn was the 2. Markbjj had Aces cracked and lost with two pair (Aces and Eights) against  gavz101’s trip Aces. Markbjj was bounced in third place, which paid out $38,300.00.

HEADS-UP: gavz101 (United Kingdom) vs. 1-ronnyr3 (Switzerland)
Seat 1: gavz101 (8,720,351)
Seat 6: 1-ronnyr3 (2,769,649)

The U.K.’s gavz101 held the sizable lead with two to go. Heads-up lasted over an hour. Early into the battle, gavz101 attempted to finish off gavz101 quickly, but 1-ronnyr3 won consecutive pots including a timely double up with a set of Queens to stave off an elimination. 1-ronnyr3 chipped up to 4.5M and finally had some chips to fight with. In the next level, 1-ronnyr3 seized after winning an uncontested 2.6M pot. Atthat point, gavz101 trailed 6.3M to 5.1M. 1-ronnyr3 seized momentum and never looked back. Going into the final hand, 1-ronnyr3 amassed a stack in excess of 8.7M, while gavz101 slipped to under 2.8M.

gavz101 eliminated in 2nd place; 1-ronnyr3 wins Event #41-M!

1-ronnyr3 opened to 80,000, gavz101 raised to 480,000, and 1-ronnyr3 called. Fireworks occurred on a flop of 1093. gavz101 fired out 960,000, 1-ronnyr3 raised to 3.84M, gavz101 called all-in for 1,302,503.

gavz101: KJ109
1-ronnyr3: AQ52

The turn was the 3 and the river was the 3. Neither player improved. gavz101 whiffed on a straight draw and 1-ronnyr3 missed a flush draw. Alas, gavz101 lost with trip threes and a King-kicker and 1-ronnyr3 won with a better Ace-kicker. For a runner-up performance, gavz101 took home $50,364.50.

Congrats to 1-ronnyr3 for winning Event #41-M. First place paid out $67,982.50 in addition to a sleek champion’s watch, courtesy of Movado.

SCOOP-41-M: $530 PL Omaha (6-Max, 3-Stack)
Entrants: 766
Prize Pool: $383,000.00
Places Paid: 96

1. 1-ronnyr3 (Switzerland) $67,982.50
2. gavz101 (United Kingdom) $50,364.50
3. Markbjj (Hungary) $38,300.00
4. AckmaJin (Canada) $26,810.00
5. bedias (Brazil) $19,150.00
6. green buddha (Mexico) $11,490.00

Visit the SCOOP homepage for a schedule of remaining SCOOP events and the comprehensive stats page. Also, check out the Leader Board to find out who is in contention for Player of the Series.

Pauly McGuire is an author and freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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