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When is enough, enough? People who love games and sports for its competitive nature and record books do not stop at winning one championship. Take Shaun Deeb (five) and Calvin Anderson (six) sporting multiple Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) titles and still here this week for more. Shawn “buck21” Buchanan completed the first Triple -COOP back in 2014 after winning titles in the three major PokerStars tournament series. And earlier this week he claimed a fourth SCOOP title. During final table of the two-day Event #24-M $2,100 8-Max, High Roller tournament, Buchanan looked as though his fifth title would need to wait. Instead a timely queen and persistence during heads-up play would make Buchanan a five-time SCOOP champ earning $270,125.00 after a two-way chop with Rocco “Sephirot88” Palumbo.

After a half-hour of play into Day Two only 27 of the original 825 players remained with everyone locking up at least $8,662.50 and a potential $309,375.00 for the winner sitting at the final table.

21 lucky players made it through first hour as we said farewell to a pair of SCOOP 2015 champs. Event #14-M winner Chris “NigDawG” Brammer (24th place, $11,880.00) and Event #9-H Thomas “WushuTM” Muhlocker (26th place, $8,662.50) will need to wait until the next tournament to grab a second watch.

Half-way through the second hour, two-time Super Tuesday and Sunday Warm-Up champ Jason “jakoon1985” Koon’s second bullet would finally expire in 18th place ($11,880.00). Don’t worry, Jason’s multi-tabling of Event 24 turned out even better with the $21,000 buy-in version after making the final table (finishing seventh for $117K).

Shortly after Mr. Koon slid over to his other table, another familiar face was asked to leave. Last seen leading the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) Main Event final table (taking 8th for $150K), Alexander “joiso” Kostritsyn would run pocket fours into Amadi_017’s queens taking home $15,675.00 in 16th place.

The start of the third hour opened with hand-for-hand play as the crunch of the blinds could be felt with an average stack of 30BBs. Leading the way? Shawn ‘buck21’ Buchanan who already completed the Triple -COOP in 2014 and earlier this week won his fourth SCOOP title in Event #14-H.

Twenty minutes into the third hour with the blinds up to 30K/60K ante 9K Shane Gamble would raise to 180K over a limping Rocco “Sephirot88” Palumbo. Palumbo shoved for 1.71 million as Shane Gamble called all-in for 1.2 million holding 10A. Flipping against Palumbo’s pocket nines 99, the ace nor the ten got there 7 8 5 2 3 starting up the final table below:


Seat 1: Dylan “ImaLucSac” Lynde (1200071 in chips)
Seat 2: ekziter (2509168 in chips)
Seat 3: TanTanSWE (1702023 in chips)
Seat 4: Daniel “ShippityShip” Nielson (1922368 in chips)
Seat 5: Rocco “Sephirot88” Palumbo (3144702 in chips)
Seat 6: david owie (2443616 in chips)
Seat 7: Viktor “Isildur1” Blom (712167 in chips)
Seat 8: Shawn “buck21” Buchanan (2865885 in chips)

Nine hands hand in and we would have our first major pot. With the blinds moving up to 35K/70K ante 10.5K Daniel “ShippityShip” Nielson showing the merciless Ramsey Bolton as an avatar would raise to 144,444 as SCOOP 2013 Event #24-H champ Dylan “ImaLucSac” Lynde shoved for 1.26 million with KA as ShippityShip called with queens QQ. A queen on the turn 2 2 7 Q 10 would send Lynde to the sidelines first (much like his run earlier this week in Event #11-H) earning $24,750.00 in eighth place.

15 minutes later with the blinds moving up again to 40K/80K ante 12K Sephirot88 would raise to 176,000 as it folded around to TanTanSWE who already scored two final tables this year in Event #7-H (fifth place, $39K) and Event #16-M (sixth place, $12K). TanTanSWE was trying to breakthrough with a victory on his third final table and shoved 1.17 million holding QK. Unfortunately, Palumbo held the better kicker AK and TanTanSWE would settle for another decent score 8 9 5 J 7 in seventh place ($37,125.00).

It is a name that is synonymous with high stakes online poker. For a while no one knew who the mysterious Isildur1 was and why he was crushing the nose bleed games. In 2016 of course Viktor “Isildur1” Blom’s exploits are well known but tend to be at the cash games versus a SCOOP tournament. Blom would spend most of Day Two clinging for tournament life, scoring a double up when he needed one. Still alive at the final table and after doubling through ekziter, Blom would refused to back down from the current chip leader Rocco Palumbo. The two would trade raises until Blom’s 2.03 million sat in the middle with QJ. Sephirot88’s pocket tens 1010 would fend off the suited connector 8 8 9 4 4 shipping $57,750.00 to Blom in sixth place.


Viktor “Isildur1” Blom

15 minutes into the fourth hour of play with the blinds moving up to 50K/100K ante 15K david owie, fresh off a final table in the Sunday Million in March, would min-raise from the hijack seat as Buchanan wasted no time to shove for 2.24 million with AQ. David owie covered and called immediately with big slick AK but paid the price when queens bookended the Q 8 7 8 Q board. On the next hand Buchanan would lead for a raise as it folded around to david owie who put in the last 779K chips with A5. This time it was Buchanan holding the dominating hand with aces AA and after the ace on the turn J 7 8 A 3 david owie limped off with $82,500.00 in fifth place.

On the popular Game of Thrones series Ramsey Bolton is currently flaying opponents (and family) in order to take over the north. Daniel “ShippityShip” Nielson used aggressive but less bloody methods to reach the final four of this tournament. But, Nielson needed a double up badly holding 1.4 million chips with the blinds at 60K/120K ante 18K. Ekziter would min-raise from the small blind as Nielson made the call. Ekziter check-called the 212K bet on the flop, and check-called the shove on the turn 5 7 Q 8 while flipping up the flopped two pair 5Q. Nielson’s flopped straight flush draw 84 did not get there with the lesser two pair on the river 4 earning $123,750.00 in fourth place.

After Nielson’s departure, Buchanan called for an even chop as all three players held relatively similar stacks. But, a balk at the suggestion would leave the full $309,375 up top.

Ekziter has been quietly making a name online while taking down two Super Tuesdays along with a WCOOP bracelet last year in Event #33. Ekziter had the respect of both of the other players at the table but the cards would not shine when they were needed most. With the blinds up to 80K/160K ante 24K Buchanan would raise to 325K getting called by ekziter to see the 398 flop. Ekziter check-called the 165K bet. On the turned J Buchanan slowed down and checked as ekziter bet 368K. The four-time SCOOP champ shoved the chip leading stack as ekziter called all-in with top pair QJ. Buchanan’s flopped set 88 left only a ten for an out. The Q river was too little, too late as ekziter collected $165,000.00 in third place.

Rocco “Sephirot88” Palumbo has a Super Tuesday win under his belt along with a side event the EPT11 Grand Final. And now he was heads-up against a man who is looking for his second title of the tournament and fifth gold watch overall. Buchanan would start with a 11.7 million to 4.79 million chip lead searching for more SCOOP hardware and decent base for a run at the Player of the Series title.


Rocco “Sephirot88” Palumbo

Despite the stretching the lead even further, Palumbo would fight back and took over the chip lead mid-way through the fifth hour of play. This would prompt Buchanan to start up chop talks in which the players discussed the latest Avengers flick and buying action figures for Palumbo’s kid before nailing down the below amounts leaving $10K aside for the champ:

Sephirot88: $262,000.00
buck21: $260,125.00

Despite all the hard work clawing back into contention, Palumbo would not deny Buchanan another watch. Nearly an hour after beginning heads-up play Shawn would win 11 out of 13 hands in-a-row to set up the title winning ending. With the blinds up to 120K/240K ante 36K Buchanan min-raise as Palumbo shoved for 4.75 million holding 2A. Shawn felt good about A10 and made the call. A ten in the door made the rivered deuce moot 10 Q 3 3 2 as Shawn “buck21” Buchanan won his second SCOOP 2016 title and $270,125.00!


Shawn “buck21” Buchanan – SCOOP 2016 Event #24-M Champ

SCOOP-24-M ($2,100 NL Hold’em, 8-Max, High Roller) results

Entrants: 825 (553 entries, 272 re-entries)

Prize pool: $1,650,000

Place paid: 96

1. Shawn “buck21” Buchanan (Canada) $270,125.00*
2. Rocco “Sephirot88” Palumbo (Slovenia) $262,000.00*
3. ekziter (Belarus) $165,000.00
4. Daniel “ShippityShip” Nielson (Australia) $123,750.00
5. david owie (United Kingdom) $82,500.00
6. Viktor “Isildur1” Blom (United Kingdom) $57,750.00
7. TanTanSWE (Sweden) $37,125.00
8. Dylan “ImaLucSac” Lynde (Canada) $24,750.00

* denotes two-way deal

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