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Most tournaments on the 2016 SCOOP schedule were two-day events with the occasional quick, one-day tournament plus the Main Events finished up in three. But then we have Event #51, the first time we have a “Phased” SCOOP tournament to run up massive numbers for reasonable buy-in amounts.

Phase tournaments run much the same way live tournaments operate these days. Multiple starting days or flights or in this case, “phases”. End a starting phase with chips and move to play on Day 2. Pretty simple.

The $11 low buy-in version of Event #57 had 35 starting phases with the first running on May 8 and the last on the final SCOOP Sunday. The tournament had a $750,000 guaranteed prize pool and the tournament needed to attract 75,000 entrants to hit the mark. Not only did the tournament make the guarantee, it came very close to getting 100,000 entrants.

The 35 opening phases drew 99,114 entrants to create a $991,140 prize pool with a huge $105,470 up top for the winner. Turning $11 into more than $100K, not too shabby. That entrant number was good enough to make this the biggest field in COOP history and one of the biggest online tournaments by entrant count in ever run.

If players survived their opening phase, they earned a piece of that big prize pool and 4,909 of the 99,114 starters moved through to Day 2. OWLsleepy, $uperday, and former Sunday Million final table member CrAcky_Marty were the only three players to return with more than 1 million in their virtual stack.

2016 SCOOP-51L Chips.jpg

Top ten stacks returning for Day 2
There were 12 members of Team PokerStars making Day 2 with superstar Jason Mercier leading them all. Lex Velduis ended up as the highest finishing member but fell far short of the title in 237th.

2016 SCOOP-51L PS Chips.jpg

Play moved along quickly after the restart and they were down from 4,909 to 459 in four hours of action. COOP King Shaun Deeb was having a nice run in the big-field event and was among the leaders as they moved down to the last three tables. His tournament came to an end in 22nd when he was coolered with QQ straight into manu_hrz’s KK, turning the needle set after his opponent flopped a bigger set.


Shaun “shaundeeb” Deeb
The huge tournament was finally down to the final table after 11 hours of Day 2 action when Gonnaw1n moved all-in with AJ and Hmaster7 sent him out when his A7 rivered the 7 to leave nine players in the game.

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2016 SCOOP-51L Final Table.jpg

Seat 1: vidi.pkr – 99,677,689
Seat 2: _p0nczek – 52,421,790
Seat 3: navarro0011 – 44,110,133
Seat 4: manu_hrz – 76,066,835
Seat 5: th0mh1993 – 74,183,187
Seat 6: haozlh – 132,952,274
Seat 7: tizzle26 – 188,805,314
Seat 8: Hmaster7 – 253,010,235
Seat 9: 1TheSpiteful – 69,912,543

Blinds: 1.8/3.6M with 360K Ante

_p0nczek runs into a monster, eliminated in 9th

It must be tough to play so deep into a tournament, hours upon hours, to make a big final table only to run into a cooler. Of course, it’s a lot easier to have it happen at this stage than most other points in the tournament.

_p0nczek had the second shortest stack to start the final table and found a nice pair to throw around some chips. He opened to 8.42 million and Hmaster7 three-bet to 20 million causing _p0nczek to four-bet shove with 1010. It was a quick call and unlucky spot for _p0nczek when he saw Hmaster7 sitting pretty with AA.

There was never a sweat as the board ran out KK622 to send _p0nczek off the final table in 9th place for $8,119.

haozlh aced and eight, eliminated in 8th

haozlh was sitting nice and pretty at the final table, no need to get too frisky or risk chips unneccessarily. It was a big hand he took into battle but followed the same path as _p0nczek ahead of him.

He opened to 14 million and 1TheSpiteful moved all-in over the top for his 85 million chip stack from the small blind. haozlh called with a chance to knock out 1TheSpiteful holding AK but he was also up against aces, this time, it was AA.

The 1099 flop was no help and the 9 left haozlh with a single chop out that didn’t get there on the 6 river. 1TheSpiteful pulled the huge pot and haozlh was left with less than an ante, which went in with AK as well on the next hand. Hmaster7 was behind for the knockout with A8 but hit the J83 flop to send haozlh out in 8th place.

manu_hrz goes short, eliminated in 7th

manu_hrz was firmly in the middle of the pack at the start of the final table but nothing much happened as the first two players were eliminated. He found himself down to only 42 million with a 6 million big blind. He moved all-in with that 6 million out front already after 1TheSpiteful opened to 12 million from the cutoff.

The shove was called by 1TheSpiteful with A4 and manu_hrz needed to hit one of his live cards QJ but it was 1TheSpiteful getting there on the A1010 flop. manu_hrz had a gutshot Broadway draw but couldn’t get lucky on the 3 turn or A river to exit the big tournament in 7th place.

Seat 1: vidi.pkr – 124,367,689
Seat 3: navarro0011 – 35,350,133
Seat 5: th0mh1993 – 85,723,187
Seat 7: tizzle26 – 101,311,993
Seat 8: Hmaster7 – 312,618,855
Seat 9: 1TheSpiteful – 331,768,143

Blinds: 3M/6M with 600K Ante

th0mh1993 and navarro0011 double big

As the two short stacks remaining, th0mh1993 and navarro0011 wasted no time trying for their needed doubles. th0mh1993 was the first up to bat and was flipping all-in with 99 against 1TheSpiteful’s AQ. The 10555J board was exactly what he needed to move up in the counts.

navarro00111 followed up four hands later with K10 against Hmaster7’s 66. He flopped his overcard when it came KJ5 and faded the turn/river to earn his double up.

Seat 1: vidi.pkr – 127,489,689
Seat 3: navarro0011 – 115,300,266
Seat 5: th0mh1993 – 219,946,374
Seat 7: tizzle26 – 94,439,993
Seat 8: Hmaster7 – 213,468,722
Seat 9: 1TheSpiteful – 220,494,956

Blinds: 3.5M/7M with 700K Ante

1TheSpiteful gets them back from th0mh1993 and navarro0011

1TheSpiteful shipped a lot of chips over to th0mh1993 and navarro0011 was sitting there with a nice chunk of Hmaster7’s stack when 1TheSpiteful decided both looked good enough to take for himself. The two previous small stacks had to feel good about their recent doubles and tried once again. At the same time.

navarro0011 shoved for 117 million from under the gun and th0mh1993 responded by putting his (now) 188 million in next to act. That looked like a nice battle between those two until 1TheSpiteful moved all-in from the small blind.

1TheSpiteful was dominating with KK against th0mh1993’s 1010 and navarro0011’s AQ. th0mh1993 never saw a chance but navarro0011 had a flush glimmer with the board reading 754J on the turn. No saving double for either when the 9 hit the river to send navarro0011 out in 6th place and th0mh1993 in 5th place.

Seat 1: vidi.pkr – 115,589,689
Seat 7: tizzle26 – 128,439,993
Seat 8: Hmaster7 – 213,368,722
Seat 9: 1TheSpiteful – 533,741,596

Blinds: 4M/8M with 800K Ante

Hmaster7 can’t finish comeback, eliminated in 3rd

Hmaster7 and tizzle26 were facing constant shoves from the big stacked 1TheSpiteful, unless he was in the big blind and last to act. Hmaster7 took the aggressive stance and shoved all-in from the small blind with A6 to see 1TheSpiteful was sitting there with JJ in the big.

Hmaster7 picked up a flush draw on the J87 flop along with 1TheSpiteful’s set but that draw went out of the window thanks to the boat-giving 8 turn. The former chip leader was unlucky to lose a lot of his chips and 1TheSpiteful took the rest to send him out in 3rd place.

Seat 7: tizzle26 – 175,358,386
Seat 9: 1TheSpiteful – 815,781,614

Blinds: 6M/12M with 120K Ante

1TheSpiteful runs hot late to win Event #51-L title

1TheSpiteful was running over the late stages of the tournament and kept up the pressure at the final table. He held a significant lead at the start of heads-up play and it took only 12 hands to finish up the massive tournament.

They traded 11 small pots before tizzle26 open-shoved his button for 110 million with 54 and his suited connectors were up against A7. Neither player found a piece of the board as it ran J109610 to send tizzle26 out in the runner-up spot.

The $105,470 prize 1TheSpiteful earned for his victory was the biggest cash of his career, the previous coming with a $47,000 score in a Super-Sized Sunday event and another $42,000 for finishing 3rd in a 2015 Super Tuesday tournament. He played well to win the title, the cash, and the slick Movado watch.

SCOOP-51-L ($11 NL Hold’em Phase) results
Entrants: 99,114
Total prize pool: $991,140
Places paid: 4,909

1. 1TheSpiteful (Slovenia) $105,470.26
2. tizzle26 (Canada) $76,598.76
3. Hmaster7 (United Kingdom) $55,587.78
4. vidi.pkr (Romania) $40,340.19
5. th0mh1993 (Netherlands) $29,274.90
6. navarro0011 (Brazil) $21,244.88
7. manu_hrz (Poland) $15,417.48
8. haozlh (China) $11,188.58
9. _p0nczek (Poland) $8,119.61

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