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The 142nd running of the Kentucky Derby occurred this past Saturday, which is a friendly reminder how easy it is to compare equines and poker players. Poker reporters love a good cliche, which is why it’s not uncommon to throw out the horse-racing cliche — wire-to-wire — when describing a final table victory. Sure, the cliche fits whenever a player begins the final table with the lead then proceeds to ride the big stack all the way into the victory circle. However, I don’t think you can truly appreciate a wire-to-wire feat unless you’re on the sidelines and watching it happen in real time. The majority of wire-to-wire situations involve an uneven race with a monstrous stack leveraging a ridiculous advantage that the rest of the final table is more of a formality than anything else. However, in SCOOP Event #4-L $27 NL, glissario attempted to go wire-to-wire at an unusual final table that was shallow stacked, yet everyone seemed impossible to knockout. It seemed like a never-ending final table that might have gone on even longer if two players were not liquidated on the same hand.

Austria’s glissario began the final table with the big stack and never** capitulated the lead (** well, almost). glissario knocked out LAPT Sao Paulo champion Caio Hey in third place, which set up an old-fashioned showdown at high noon between Norway’s Elefant_X and glissario. But a wire-to-wire victory was not meant to be. After thirty minutes of sparring, Elefant_X snatched the lead. Momentarily. That moment of weakness would be the only time glissario trailed at the final table. glissario launched a successful counter-attack to regain the lead. After a quick deal was worked out, glissario polished off Elefant_X in second place. It wasn’t exactly a wire-to-wire victory, but a near close one for the newest SCOOP champion glissario.

The low version of SCOOP Event #4-L $27 NL attracted 13,286 runners. They created a prize pool worth $326,171.30. The top 1,710 were paid out with $43,715.51 set aside to the inevitable champion.

Germany’s NevermindRR ended Day 1 as the leader with 7.16M followed by Belgium’s ProPils’s 7.09M. Only 134 players made the cut.

George Danzer cashed in 1,248th place and the Team PokerStars Pro is closing in on 150 career SCOOP cashes.

NoLimit5800 bubbled off the final table in tenth place after failing to double up with AJ against Cvika’s AK. Cvika chipped up to the middle of the pack and the final table for Event #4-L was set.


SCOOP-04-L – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Elefant_X (17,970,216)
Seat 2: glissario (67,077,090)
Seat 3: caiohey (36,387,547)
Seat 4: ChipJamJayne (18,769,601)
Seat 5: vqenpp (29,403,519)
Seat 6: gamfin1 (26,664,218)
Seat 7: roosi88 (27,027,917)
Seat 8: akuri88 (12,501,791)
Seat 9: Cvika (29,918,101)

The final table commenced during Level 48 with blinds at 600K/1.2M and 150K ante. Austria’s glissario held the big stack with 67M, while Mexico’s akuri88 was the shorty with 12.5M.

The final table featured Brazil’s Caio Hey, who shipped the 2014 LAPT Sao Paulo.

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BURN THE WITCH: ChipJamJayne eliminated in 9th place

After thirty minutes of action, or two full levels, we finally saw the first elimination at the final table. It was one of those ultimate classic races: Big Slick versus pocket Queens. Cvika min-raised to 3.2M, ChipJamJayne shoved for 20,389,202 with QQ, and Cvika called with AK. The board ran out AA493. ChipJamJayne’s Queens lost the flip and Cvika won the 43.3M pot. The U.K.’s ChipJamJayne became the first player to bust at the final table. Ninth place paid out $1,957.02.

With eight to go, glissario chipped up to 92.5M and Cvika was second with 50M.

DECKS DARK: vqenpp eliminated in 8th place and gamfin1 eliminated in 7th place

Two for the price of one. Norway’s Elefant_X doubled up in the big blind after waking up with Ace-rag. The rush continued a couple hands later, Elefant_X took out two of the other small stacks on the same hand. vqenpp opened to 6M, gamfin1 shoved for 7,075,754, Elefant_X re-raised all-in for 15,970,660, and vqenpp call all-in for 506,072. Three-way.

Elefant_X: QQ
gamfin1: AJ
vqenpp: 44

vqenpp took the lead after flopping a set of fours, but Elefant_X rivered a four flush to win the main pot and side pot when the board ran out K948J. gamfin1’s pair of Jacks were not good enough to avoid an elimination. Also, vqenpp’s set of fours failed to hold up. For an eighth-place finish, Brazil’s vqenpp earned $3,261.71. Australia’s gamfin1 was dunzo in seventh place, which paid out $6,523.42.

With six remaining, glissario still held the monstrous stack worth 111M, followed by Cvika (48.9M), Elefant_X (33.5M), akuri88 (20M), caiohey (15.9M), and shorty roosi88 (3.4M).

DESERT ISLAND DISK: akuri88 eliminated in 6th place

Six-handed didn’t last very long before someone wanted to thrown down… akuri88 open-shoved for 16,120,098, glissario re-shoved, and everyone else bailed. glissario led with A10 against akuri88’s K8. The board finished up 72310Q and akuri88 failed to improve. glissario won the pot with a pair of tens. For a sixth-place finish, Mexico’s akuri88 earned $9,785.13.

With five to go, glissario chipped up to 130M, while Elefant_X was the shorty with 24M.

GLASS EYES: roosi88 eliminated in 5th place

Neighborhood bully glissario min-raised to 4.8M and roosi88 called from the big blind. The flop was J75 and all the money went in after roosi88 checked, glissario fired out 4.4M, roosi88 check-raised all-in for 20,827,140, and glissario called. roosi88 trailed with Q10 against glissario’s K9. The board ran out J7528. Both players flopped flush draws but neither improved. glissario won the pot with King-high. For a fifth-place exit, Germany’s roosi88 took home $13,046.85.

IDENTIKIT: Cvika eliminated in 4th place

Six hands later, glissario picked off another stack. Heck of a bad spot too. glissario opened to 5.6M, Cvika shoved for 52,122,303 with AJ and glissario called with AQ. The board ran out 86444. Neither player improved, but glissario won the pot with Ace-Queen kicker. For a fourth-place finish, Cvika earned $16,308.56.

With three remaining in the hunt for the bracelet, glissario improved to 181M, followed by Elefant_X (47M) and caiohey (37M).


Third place for LAPT Sao Paulo champ Ciao Hey
PRESENT TENSE: caiohey eliminated in 3rd place

Battle of the blinds. glissario shoved from the small blind for 142,759,462 and caiohey called all-in for 35,124,551. caiohey was looking good with K8 against glissario’s dominated 84. However, glissario took the lead on the turn with a pair of fours and that’s all she wrote when the board ran out AJ94Q. Tough beat, but the rich got richer. Brazil’s caiohey was knocked out in third place, which paid out $22,831.99.

HEADS-UP: Elefant_X (Norway) vs. glissario (Austria)
Seat 1: Elefant_X (83,435,987)
Seat 2: glissario (182,284,013)

The blinds were 2M/4M and a 500K ante and it was glissario’s match to lose.

Elefant_X slowly chipped away at the lead. When heads-up reached the 30-minute mark, Elefant_X finally landed a crushing blow. Elefant_X four-bet shoved with QQ and glissario called with AJ. Elefant_X turned a set of Queens, but glissario picked up a Broadway Straight draw. The river filled in a full house for Elefant_X, who doubled up to win a behemoth 231M pot. The once impenetrable glissario was nearly decapitaed and left with 34M.

A couple of hands after that nuclear detonation, glissario got some breathing room by doubling up with 44 against Elefant_X’s K8 in a 68.5M pot. However, Elefant_X still retained the big stack as the apex predator.

Then it all came crashing down for Elefant_X. glissario won a 166M pot to regain the lead and some confidence. glissario flopped an open-ended straight draw with 109 and got there on the river. Huge hand and momentum had swung away from Elefant_X, who went back to being the hunted.


With the stacks at 184M for glissario and 81.7M for Elefant_X, actin was pausd to discuss a deal. They had to leave $4,000 on the table for first place, but the ICM numbers were floated… $36,940.67 for glissario and $33,474.08 for Elefant_X.

“S—, I don’t know what to do actually,” responded Elefant_X. The Norwegian asked for a few minutes to mull over the numbers. After thinking about it, both players agreed on the terms of the deal. With a chop in place, action resumed.

TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SAILOR RICH MAN POOR MAN BEGGAR MAN THIEF: Elefant_X eliminated in 2nd place; glissario wins SCOOP bracelet

Don’t go broke in an unchecked pot! That’s one of those basic poker mantras that both players ignored. Then again with a deal in place, neither player was shy about wanting to rumble.

On the final hand… glissario limped from the small blind and Elefant_X checked the big blind. The flop was 1094. Elefant_X checked, glissario fired out 7M, Elefant_X check-raised to 14M, glissario shoved for 183,942,104, and Elefant_X went into the tank. With the bank down to its last seconds, Elefant_X called all-in for 54,277,896.

Elefant_X: J9
glissario: A10

Both players hit the flop, but glissario led with top pair-top kicker. The turn was the Q and Elefant_X picked up a straight draw. The A fell on the river, which did not help Elefant_X. glissario won the pot with two pair — Aces and tens.

Norway’s Elefant_X was knocked out in second place, which paid $33,474.08.

Congrats to Austria’s glissario who won $40,940.67 for first place, in addition to the swanky Movado champions watch.


SCOOP-04-L ($27 NL Hold’em) results
Entrants: 13,286
Total prize pool: $326,171.30
Places paid: 1,710

1. glissario (Austria) $40,940.67 *
2. Elefant_X (Norway) $33,474.08 *
3. caiohey (Brazil) $22,831.99
4. Cvika (Croatia) $16,308.56
5. roosi88 (Germany) $13,046.85
6. akuri88 (Mexico) $9,785.13
7. gamfin1 (Australia) $6,523.42
8. vqenpp (Brazil) $3,261.71
9. ChipJamJayne (U.K.) $1,957.02

* = Denotes a two-player deal

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Pauly McGuire is the author of “Lost Vegas” and a freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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