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The 2016 Spring Championship of Online Poker was winding down and players hit the middle portion of the final week with a simple No Limit Hold’em tournament for Event #38. Nine-handed tables, standard structure, no frills but big fields. alejorojas57 was the last player standing, after stopping a huge comeback by Keep3r, to earn his first major online title.

The low version of the event had a $27 buy-in that blasted past 10,000 entries to destroy the $100,000 guaranteed prize pool. A total of 7,978 players took part with 3,690 addition buy-ins with the optional re-entries during the late registration period. They all combined for 11,668 entrants to create a prize pool worth $286,449 and a whopping 1,530 of them earned a piece. The tournament set aside nearly $40,000 for the winner, a fine return on a $27 investment, and everyone at the final table guaranteed at least a four-digit payout.

The tournament was put on pause after Level 33 with 127 players set to return for Day 2. Former Super Tuesday winner Rafael “zugzwang16” Porzecanski was the end-of-day leader as the only player with more than 3 million on the extended break. Still a lot of work to get done, dropping down from 127 players to a winner made for a long second day.

2016 SCOOP-38L Chips.jpg

Top ten returning stacks for Day 2
They played down to the final table bubble faster than anticipated and it was almost an express trip there. With ten players remaining, SCOOP Event #10-M champion Keep3r was all-in and behind with A9 against Ben “1Don’tStop1” Heath’s AJ. Behind until he flopped trip nines to double up.


Ben “1Don’tStop1” Heath
Heath, a Sunday Million runner-up in 2015, still had 10 million behind but that quickly departed. He found himself the next one all-in but his AK couldn’t outrace alejorojas57’s JJ to set the final table nine. Beside Keep3r and the previously mentioned Porzecanski, bevved was the only other player at the final table with major tournament success, his title coming in the 2015 SCOOP $27 No Limit Hold’em 6-Max event.

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2016 SCOOP-38L Final Table.jpg

Seat 1: pokertaumes – 11,265,429
Seat 2: DSMaverick – 5,010,445
Seat 3: bevved – 18,241,134
Seat 4: Rafael “zugzwang16” Porzecanski – 14,052,586
Seat 5: Vichyn88 – 8,447,722
Seat 6: darkziv – 14,520,773
Seat 7: alejorojas57 – 20,412,988
Seat 8: Keep3r – 14,489,616
Seat 9: xxxALBxxx – 10,239,307

Blinds: 160K/320K with 40K Ante

DSMaverick shoves his big, eliminated in 9th

DSMaverick was the shortest stack to start the final table but he was still above the ten big blind danger zone. He found the perfect opportunity to exploit from his big blind after Keep3r opened from the cutoff and pokertaumes called in the small blind.

He moved all-in for a bit over 5 million and Keep3r responded with a shove of his own to get a fold from pokertaumes. DSMaverick was ahead with A9 but had to block the suited live cards KQ of Keep3r. The 985 flop piled up flush outs that DSMaverick had to dodge and the J turn put a gutshot up there on top.

It was a flush that got DSMaverick, the 2 river sending the pot to Keep3r and DSMaverick off the final table.

xxxALBxxx doubles through alejorojas57

xxxALBxxx went to battle against the chip leader looking to move up the counts. He opened for a min-raise from UTG+1 and alejorojas57 defended in the big blind to the J105 flop.

alejorojas57 pulled a check/raise out of his arsenal up to 2 million and xxxALBxxx called to see the K hit the turn. alejorojas57 went hardcore this time with a big stack shove and received a quick call from xxxALBxxx with his flopped set 55. alejorojas57 had top pair/open-ended straight draw with Q10 but missed the KO on the 3 river.

alejorojas57 – 20,886,989
xxxALBxxx – 12,033,998

alejorojas57 gets his chips back

The dip for alejorojas57 was only a temporary setback and soon took those chips back from xxxALBxxx plus some. It was a three-way three-bet pot to the A53 flop and all checked before alejorojas57 bet 2,345,000 on the 10 turn. Keep3r got out of the way but xxxALBxxx called to see the J river then called another 7.5 million.

alejorojas57 showed the rivered straight KQ to get a muck from xxxALBxxx and the 30 million chip pot.

alejorojas57 – 36,253,739
Keep3r – 15,590,186
xxxALBxxx – 4,175,373

pokertaumes doubles through Vichyn88

pokertaumes was watching as other players fortified their final table stacks and took a shot with an under the gun shove for his 8.2 million stack with 99. Vichyn88 followed up with a shove of his own for 15.8 million holding AK and they were off to the races.

pokertaumes’ pair moved much further ahead on the 974 flop and Vichyn88 found himself in the awkward position of drawing dead with two cards to come.

pokertaumes – 17,918,358
Vichyn88 – 7,563,765

darkziv takes his turn, eliminated in 8th

Not to be left behind in the parade of doubles, darkziv found two big suited face cards and shoved the button for 5.2 million. His KQ had to look good at that point but Keep3r woke up with AK in the big blind.

darkziv’s predicament was bad enough pre-flop but his odds dropped much further when Keep3r hit the K85 flop. The 3 turn finished it up and the Brazilian was drawing dead to 8th place money.

pokertaumes on poker fumes, eliminated in 7th

pokertaumes’ time with a contending stack was short-lived and he tried to get back up there after Keep3r shoved from the button with his big stack. pokertaumes was ahead with A8 in the big blind against J9 until they both hit the KJ8 flop.

Keep3r hit it harder and pokertaumes couldn’t find a comeback on the K turn or 10 river to go out in 7th place.

Vichyn88 snapped off on the river, eliminated in 6th

Two hands after pokertaumes hit the rail, Vichyn88 picked up a big pair to take into battle. He three-bet shoved for 7 million from the small blind with KK after xxxALBxxx opened from the cutoff.

He called the bet but was behind for the knockout with JJ and Vichyn88 never saw a single sweat with the board reading Q83 to the turn. It was the river J that did all the damage with the ol’ two-outer to send Vichyn88 out in 6th place, the $8,593 money not likely much of a consolation for the monster cracking.

xxxALBxxx gets it on the turn, eliminated in 5th

The string of quick all-in hands continued two hands later when xxxALBxxx got his chips in the middle with the better hand, just like Vichyn88 before him. He called an all-in from the big blind with A6 after Keep3r shoved the small blind with A2.

The A104 was safe for xxxALBxxx but unlike Vichyn88, his bad news came on the 2 turn. No love for xxxALBxxx on the 5 river and xxxALBxxx was the next in the exit line.

Porzecanski follows suit, eliminated in 4th

Former Super Tuesday winner Porzecanski joined the conga line of big hands and moved all-in from the button with K10 five hands after xxxALBxxx finished his tournament. Keep3r had 700,000 sitting out for the big blind and easily called off the rest of the shove with AQ.

Porzecanski had two live cards to hit but neither player connected on the 98572 board. Porzecanski was one of the top players during Day 2 but finished short of another major title.

ukipt online_final table_rafael porzecanski3.jpg

Rafael “zugzwang16” Porzecanski
bevved’s aces wheeled out, eliminated in 3rd

bevved was the odd man out, looking up at both alejorojas57 and Keep3r’s huge stacks when he was dealt the king of all starting hands. He opened for a little more than a min-raise from the button and his AA had to like seeing alejorojas57 pop it up from the small blind.

bevved moved all-in for this last 8.3 million and alejorojas57 called behind with A4. The 1072 seemed harmless enough and alejorojas57 picked up a gutshot wheel draw on the 5 turn. The ace-cracking finished with the runner-runner wheel 3 to deal bevved a bad beat out to 3rd place.

Seat 7: alejorojas57 – 56,466,733
Seat 8: Keep3r – 60,213,267

Blinds: 400K/800K with 100K Ante

alejorojas57 completes comeback to win Event #38-L

Keep3r had a small chip lead to start off the heads-up match but alejorojas57 battled back to take the lead. The match could have lasted for a long time with evenly matched stacks but alejorojas57 pulled away until Keep3r was forced to take a stand by moving all-in after an open from alejorojas57.

The shove was called and Keep3r needed help with K8 against A6 but found nothing on the 974 flop. alejorojas57 had to dodge a double-up gutshot draw after the 5 turn but the 5 river finished it up right there.

A great run from Keep3r who made it all the way to 2nd place after being all-in and looking at a likely 10th place finish. The result was short of a second title but he picked up a nice bankroll boost. alejorojas57 spent most of his time on top of the chip counts and did a nice job of fighting to win his first major online title.

SCOOP-38-L ($27 NL Hold’em) results
Entrants: 11,668 (7,978 entries, 3,690 re-entries)
Total prize pool: $286,449.40
Places paid: 1,530

1. alejorojas57 (Colombia) $39,853.10
2. Keep3r (Austria) $28,644.94
3. bevved (Israel) $20,051.45
4. Rafael “zugzwang16” Porzecanski (Uruguay) $14,322.47
5. xxxALBxxx (Germany) $11,457.97
6. Vichyn88 (Sweden) $8,593.48
7. pokertaumes (Germany) $5,728.98
8. darkziv (Brazil) $2,864.49
9. DSMaverick (Romania) $1,804.63

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