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Event #55-L was a slaughter.

A total of 16,362 players signed up for the tournament and just six hours later, only gingerjake91 was left standing. That’s an average of 45.5 FEPM (Frantic Eliminations Per Minute). Action slowed down a bit at the final table, but it still went from nine players to a winner in just 15 minutes.

Even heads-up play lasted just one hand.

When gingerjake91 finally emerges from the hyperaccelerated Hungergames daze, our champion will discover that survival came with a SCOOP watch and a payday of $9,579.30 + 2,319.50 in bounties.

Just in case gingerjake91 can’t remember what happened, here’s what went down.

The final table


Seat 1: rusito2184 — 75,316,765
Seat 2: jonimella — 28,873,902
Seat 3: Petrix1 — 119,250,502
Seat 4: Gubii — 49,163,974
Seat 5: gingerjake91 — 216,603,074
Seat 6: marcozevola5 — 55,754,573
Seat 7: po82m — 182,918,487
Seat 8: Harv$$103 — 39,602,791
Seat 9: Buur90 — 50,615,932

There was a double up on the first hand of play and an elimination on the second.

First jonimella doubled through marcozevola5. Then they were all-in again the next hand with Buur90.

marcozevola5: A6
jonimella: AQ
Buur90: KK

The board ran 5A10K10 and Buur90 hit a set of kings. Buur90 nearly tripled to 142.1 million, jonimella dropped to 17.1 million and marcozevola5 was out in 9th.

marcozevola5 won $402.59 + 402.59 in bounties and then we had another three-way all in.

Double KO

jonimella moved all-in for 13.1 million four hands later and Gubii reshoved for 31.2 million from the cutoff. gingerjake91 called and players tabled their hands.

jonimella: 44
Gubii: A10
gingerjake91: Q8

The board ran Q3972 and gingjake91 knocked out two players with a pair of queens. jonimella finished 8th and won $736.29 + 745.99 in bounties while Gubii won $1,390.77 + 248.01 in bounties for finishing 7th.

gingerjake91’s lead grew to 300.7 million after the trio of eliminations and then Petrix1 joined the eliminators club.

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Fight club

rusito2184 moved all-in for 47.8 million from the cutoff and Petrix1 reshoved for 68.1 million from the button. The blinds folded and rusito2184 showed J10 to Petrix1’s 1010.

Petrix1 hit a full house on the Q24410 board and the final table shrunk again. rusito2184 won $2,045.25 + $443.43 in bounties and Petrix1 chipped up to 138.5 million.

po82m moved all-in for 20.6 million two hands later and Buur90 called.

Buur90 showed A5 and po82m turned over a dominating AQ. po82m was a favorite to double up, but Buur90 hit a five on the turn of a K365J board. po82m won $2,863.35 + 884.72 in bounties for the 5th place finish while Buur90 jumped into the lead with 331.1 million.

It was a short-lived lead.

Petrix1 moved all-in for 86.0 million four hands later and gingerjake91 reshoved from the button. The blinds folded and Petrix1 turned over another pair of tens, 1010. gingerjake91 showed A9 and paired both cards on the A92K5 board.

gingerjake91’s stack rose to 374.2 million and Petrix1 won $3,681.45 + 641.57 for finishing 4th.

Dive and rise

Every stack in the tournament was erratic. While gingerjake91 had the lead for a lot of it, our champion also dipped a few times before shooting back up.

In one dip, gingerjake91 raised to 30 million from the button and Harv$$103 moved all-in for 137.8 million. gingerjake91 called and showed 98 to Harv$$103’s A7.

Both players paired the A29KQ board, but Harv$$103’s aces took the pot. Harv$$103 doubled to 289.3 million while gingerjake91 dropped to 236.4 million.

But gingerjake91 never stayed down long. gingerjake91 won a few pots and then eliminated Harv$$103.

gingerjake91 raised to 24 million from the button and Harv$$103 moved all-in for 198.0 million. gingerjake91 called and showed KK while Harv$$103 tabled A9.

The JQK flop brought Harv$$103 a straight draw, but gingerjake91 hit a set of kings. A 2 came on the turn and a 9 fell on the river to end Harv$1103’s tournament. Harv$$103 finished 3rd and won $5,417.65 + $541.77 in bounties while the tournament went heads up.

Heads up

gingerjake91 — 634,727,074
Buur90 — 183,372,926

Heads up play lasted one entire hand. Buur90 moved all-in for 181.2 million and gingerjake91 called.

gingerjake91: 66
Buur90: KQ

It was a flip for the title and while both players connected with the J6KQ2 board, gingerjake91’s set of sixes took the pot.

Buur90 won $6,953.85 for finishing 2nd while gingerjake91 took the title and $9,579.30 + $2,319.50 in bounties.

SCOOP-55-L ($11 Turbo, Ultra-Deep Progressive Super-Knockout) results
Entrants: 16,362
Total prize pool: $163,620
Places paid: 2,250

1. gingerjake91 (Canada) $9,549.30 + $2,319.50 in bounties
2. Buur90 (Denmark) $6,953.85 + $1,035.42 in bounties
3. Harv$$103 (United Kingdom) $5,317.65 + $541.77 in bounties
4. Petrix1 (Romania) $3,681.45 + $641.57 in bounties
5. po82m (Ukraine) $2,863.35 + $884.72 in bounties
6. rusito2184 (Argentina) $2,045.25 + $443.43 in bounties
7. Gubii (Australia) $1,390.77 + $248.01 in bounties
8. jonimella (Brazil) $736.29 + $745.99 in bounties
9. marcozevola5 (Argentina) $490.86 + $402.59 in bounties

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