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Deja vu was in the air during today’s $21,000 Heads-Up High Roller event. Twenty months ago, OtB_RedBaron and Ben “Ben86” Tollerene were in the final eight of this event at the 2014 WCOOP, and Tollerene won this very tournament at the 2013 SCOOP. OtB_RedBaron came away with the W that September evening and was back tonight to chase another major online high roller title. Standing in his way once again was Ben86. This time, Ben86 couldn’t get out of the quarterfinals, but after a two and a half hour battle against kalashn1kovv, OtB_RedBaron moved on to the semis. It took another lengthy, methodical match for OtB_RedBaron to move past KRab42 and advance to the finals, where he faced off with fellow high-stakes cash gamer Jake “JLlama” Abdalla. This time, it only took 35 minutes for OtB_RedBaron to put away “JLlama” and bag his second COOP Heads-Up High Roller title, along with $229,600.00.

The richest heads-up event of this year’s SCOOP drew 32 high rollers who created a $656,000.00 prize pool. 8 players earned a share of it with $229,600.00 set aside for the champion.

Players hit the money at the end of Day 1 and the final eight returned the next day to play down to a winner. Naturally, they were quite a decorated, wildly successful bunch.

Ben “Ben86” Tollerene: The American ex-pat won the 2015 WCOOP $51k buy-in High Roller event for $616,000 and won this very event at the 2013 SCOOP for over $200,000.

KRab42: This high-stakes cash game player final tabled the Sunday Million earlier this year.

Jake “JLlama” Abdalla: Also a high-stakes regular, many moons ago, Abdalla sought out a NLHE flip for his 1 millionth VPP to make Supernova Elite.

kalashn1kovv: The Slovenian is looking for a win after two major runner-up finishes this year in the Super Tuesday and the 2015 WCOOP. Two weeks ago he finished third in Event #8-H, ($1,050 NL Hold’em Heads-Up) for over $25k.

OtB_RedBaron: At the 2014 WCOOP, OtB_RedBaron won the $10k NL Hold’em Heads-Up High Roller event for $224k. He also won the Sunday Warm-Up last spring.

Timofey “Trueteller” Kuznetsov: The Russian cash game sensation finished runner up in Event #50-H ($2,100 NL Hold’em 6-Max Progressive Super-Knockout) only last night, banking $95k.

heckled: Won the Sunday Warm-Up last August for $64k and is a regular in high-stakes 8-Game cash.

Doug “WCG|Rider” Polk: Polk won the $700 “Mount Kilimanjaro” event in the PokerStars Mountain Series for over $162k and only yesterday, he took down Event #43-H ($2,100 NLHE 1R1A) for $115k.


Trueteller def. WCG|Rider

The shortest of the four quarterfinal matches took 45 minutes to complete and lasted less than three levels. Trueteller chipped up slowly for the first 20 minutes, then pulled further ahead when he turned two pair with Q8 on a 8434A board and had WCG|Rider do his bidding for him on the turn and river. Trueteller moved up to over 30,000 in chips and with the blinds up to 80/160, WCG|Rider opened for 400 on the button. Trueteller three-bet to 1,360, WCG|Rider four-bet to 2,875 and Trueteller called. Trueteller check-called 2,075 on the 864 flop and checked again when the K turned. WCG|Rider moved all-in for 6,309 and Trueteller called with 45 for only a pair of fours. It was good, however, against WCG|Rider’s unimproved AQ. The river was the 9 and WCG|Rider exited in eighth place, as Trueteller punched his ticket to the round of four.

JLlama def. hhecklen

JLlama and hhecklen kept it very close throughout the first level. Any big pots were immediately answered back and neither player’s count moved too dramatically. Then, with the blinds up to 60/120, JLlama four-bet to 2,880 preflop and checked the Q94 flop. Both players also checked the 8 turn, but when the 2 landed on the river, hhecklen led out for 2,880. JLlama shoved and hhecklen gave up his hand, relinquishing the 11,520 pot to JLlama.

Hhecklen went back to the grind and evened the counts, but JLLama raked in another huge pot when he turned a queen-high flush against hhecklen’s top pair, top kicker to move up to 27,408. The blinds were 100/200 when JLlama picked up pocket deuces and opened for 502. Hhecklen raised to 1,746 and JLlama called. The A72 flop made JLlama bottom set and he happily called hhecklen’s 1,431 c-bet. The turn came the Q and hhecklen checked over to JLlama, who bet 3,400. Hhecklen called and they went to the river, which fell the 5. Hhecklen checked, JLlama shoved and hhecklen called off his remaining 8,212. Hhecklen turned over AJ and went out in seventh place, earning $41,000.00 for his efforts.

KRab42 def. Ben86

KRab42 put a little bit of distance between himself and Ben86 early in Level 2. After raising preflop on the button, KRab42 checked back a K107 flop. When the 4 turned, Ben86 led out for 612 and KRab42 called to see the river, the 2. Ben86 bet 1,651, KRab42 raised to 5,280 and Ben86 called. KRab42 turned over 102 for a flush and raked in the 12,504 pot, taking his stack up to 28,426.

Early in Level 3, Ben86 doubled up when he flopped tens full of sevens and took the chip lead for the first time with 26,412. However, his reign was short-lived as KRab42 won three hands in a row to even up the counts.

KRab42 held tight to his momentum and chipped up to 37,000 by Level 5. With only 2,283 remaining, Ben86 called KRab42’s button shove, his A2 leading KRab42’s J9. However, a nine hit the flop and Ben86 could not catch up. He hit the rail in sixth place and KRab42 advanced to the semifinals.

OtB_RedBaron def. kalashn1kovv

OtB_RedBaron and kalashn1kovv traded the chip lead for two hours before kalashn1kovv pulled out to a 3 to 1 chip lead. OtB_RedBaron struck back quickly, though, making an ace-high flush and getting two streets of value to pull himself out of the hole. These two battled for another half hour before kalashn1kovv open-shoved for 10,924 with AQ and OtB_RedBaron called with 88. The pocket eights flopped a set on the K87QA board and kalashn1kovv hit the rail in fifth place.

JLlama def. Trueteller

JLlama and Trueteller drew little blood during the first half of their hour-long match. Then, JLlama three-bet preflop and fired 1,457 on the A105 flop. Trueteller called, and the J turned. JLlama made it another 3,380 to go and Trueteller gave up his hand. Two hands later, JLlama three-bet pre to 1,104 and checked the 752 flop. Trueteller bet 11,04 and JLlama was there with a raise to 3,000. Trueteller called and they went to the turn, which came the 4. JLlama immediately moved all-in and Trueteller folded, conceding the 8,208 pot. JLlama moved up to 28,088 in chips while Trueteller fell to 11,912.

JLlama continued to steadily chip up and with the blinds up to 80/160, he opened for 344 with KJ. Trueteller called with 79. The J93 flop hit both players– making JLlama top pair and Trueteller middle pair. Trueteller checked, JLlama bet 350 and Trueteller called. The turn was the 5 and Trueteller checked again. JLlama shoved and Trueteller decided to call off his remaining 2,053. The K river improved JLlama to kings and jacks and he advanced to the final round while Trueteller had to settle for a fourth-place finish.

OtB_RedBaron def. KRab42

After an hour and a half of punching back and forth, neither player had put the other on the ropes… just plus or minus five to seven thousand in chips. The stacks were even again at the 90-minute mark when OtB_RedBaron began another steady ascent. He was out to a 28,000 to 12,000 lead when he three-bet to 1,657 pre-flop and KRab42 called on the button. OtB_RedBaron c-bet 894 on the Q106 flop and KRab42 called. The turn came the 5 and OtB_RedBaron checked to KRab42, who bet 2,400. But before you could exclaim “It’s a trap!” OtB_RedBaron shoved for 25,393 and KRab42 gave up his hand.

KRab42 was down to 6,985 in chips when he flopped a set of eights and turned eights full of deuces. All the money went in on the river and KRab42 doubled to 13,970. OtB_RedBaron came back and chipped away at KRab42 until he was back down to 4,664, but again pocket eights saved the day and flopped a set against OtB_RedBaron’s A3.

With the blinds up to 200/400 KRab42 opened K9 for 400 and OtB_RedBaron called from the big blind with J4. The J64 flop couldn’t have been more perfect for OtB_RedBaron and he quietly check-called KRab42’s 600-chip bet. The turn brought the K and OtB_RedBaron checked again. KRab42 bet 1,400 and OtB_RedBaron moved all-in for 32,868. KRab42 called to discover his top pair needed a lot of help. The river, however, was the 5, no help to KRab42 and he departed in third place. 2016_SCOOP_Ev49H_FT.jpg

THE FINAL – JLlama vs. OtB_RedBaron
The final round turned out to be the shortest of all seven matches played today, clocking in at 35 minutes. The needle didn’t move much at all until Level 2, when OtB_RedBaron limped in with pocket sixes and JLlama raised to 450. OtB_RedBaron called and promptly hit a set on the 1064 flop. JLlama checked, OtB_RedBaron bet 351 and JLlama called. JLlama check-called another 1,297 when the 4 turned, then led out for 2,280 when the A came on the river. Otb_RedBaron raised to 11,648 and JLlama called, only to be shown sixes full of fours. OtB_RedBaron moved up to 35,299 in chips while JLlama slipped to 4,701.

Nine hands later, JLlama opened for 270 with Q10 and OtB_RedBaron called with J6. OtB_RedBaron’s rungood continued as the flop came down QJ6, making him bottom two pair. OtB_RedBaron check-raised to 960 and JLlama called. The turn brought the K and OtB_RedBaron moved all-in for 34,237. JLlama called off his remaining 3,303. JLlama needed a nine, ten, queen, king or an ace to survive, but al 16 outs missed when the river blanked with the 2, locking up OtB_RedBaron’s SCOOP title.

Congratulations to OtB_RedBaron on his second COOP title! He banked $229,600.00 for the win, while runner-up Jake “JLlama” Abdalla earned $131,200.00.


SCOOP-49-H ($21,000 NL Hold’em [Heads-Up High-Roller]) results
Entrants: 32
Prize pool: $656,000.00
Places paid: 8

1. OtB_RedBaron (United Kingdom) $229,600.00
2. Jake “JLlama” Abdalla (Australia) $131,200.00
3. KRab42 (Canada) $65,600.00
4. Trueteller (Russia) $65,600.00
5. kalashn1kovv (Slovenia) $41,000.00
6. Ben “Ben86” Tollerene (Canada) $41,000.00
7. hhecklen (Denmark) $41,000.00
8. Doug “WCG|Rider” Polk (Australia) $41,000.00

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