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In 2015, Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier shipped three SCOOP titles. On Friday night, he had something to celebrate as he went from the final table’s short stack to win SCOOP-42-M: $215 PL Omaha Hi/Lo [6-Max], $50K GTD for $22,572.

It also marked Mercier’s fifth SCOOP title and seventh overall “COOP” title.


The Road to the Final Table

After Mexico’s “grampabumkin” bubbled the tournament in 79th place, the in-the-money finishes came fast and furious. Among those to walk way with a payday were “BillLewinsky” (78th – $344.52), “donut604” (60th – $403.92), and “NanoDawn” (44th – $475.20), just to name a few.

Day 1 came to a close with 41 players remaining, and at that time Russia’s “lavakrasava1” led the pack with 336,146, though not far behind was Mercier, who sat sixth in chips.

Day 2 started with 35 players needing to hit the rail before the final table was established, and among those to fall short were “pmahoney22” (36th – $617.76), “DallasCorben” (18th – $1,104.84), “ouchbadbeat” (12th – $1,603.90), and “lavakrasava1” (10th – $1,603.80), whose big stack didn’t quite get him to the final table.

Here’s a look at how things stacked up at the start of the final table:

_Azur3_7 – 2,458,038
f1nsf4n7 – 866,222
Valya98 – 829,614
ZeelandBoy – 805,826
Brandon-Tino – 580,398
Jason Mercier – 399,902


_Azur3_7  Sends ZeelandBoy Out the Door in Sixth

While he began the final table on the short stack, Mercier managed some doubles to get himself out of the basement. Then, in the 20,000/40,000 level, the first final table elimination took place. It happened when “_Azur3_7” (2,619,638) opened for 80,000 under the gun and “ZeelandBoy” (119,730) moved all in from the cutoff. Action folded back to _Azur3_7, and he made the call.

_Azur3_7: AJ109
ZeelandBoy: J9Q10

ZeelandBoy gad a 30.8% of winning the hand, but that didn’t happen as the board ran out K2KA7 to give _Azur3_7 aces and kings, which was good enough for the win. ZeelandBoy, a former Sunday Rebuy winner with more than $2.6 million in earnings on PokerStars, took home $3,694.68 for his sixth-place finish.

Valya98 Runs Smack Dab Into Pocket Rockets

In the same level, Mercier (1,037,040) opened for 80,000 under the gun and “Valya98” (720,614) called from the cutoff. _Azur3_7 (2,694,368) then three-bet to 320,000 from the small blind, Mercier folded, and Valya98 called to see the 9J2 flop.

_Azur3_7 led out for 760,000 and Valya98 called off his remaining 400,614.

Valya98: 75K4
_Azur3_7: AA28

Valya98 flopped a flush draw, but he failed to hit it as the 2 blanked on the turn followed by the J on the river. Valya98, who won the MicroMillions 6 Event #87 $3.30 FL Hold’em 6-Max, Turbo, was eliminated in fifth place for $5,940.

Mercier Doubles Into the Chip Lead

With the blinds at 25,000/50,000, “Brandon-Tino” (1,457,272) raised to 100,000 from the cutoff and _Azur3_7 (2,545,546) and Mercier (1,386,595) called from the button and big blind respectively. When the flop came down 839, _Azur3_7 bet 200,000 after both his opponents checked.

Mercier called, Brandon-Tino folded, and the J appeared on the turn. Mercier led out for 725,000, _Azur3_7 raised to 1.45 million, and the Team PokerStars Pro called off his remaining 361,595.

_Azur3_7: A335
Mercier: Q109J

Mercier held the nuts, but _Azur3_7 was drawing to both a full house and a low. Fortunately for Mercier, the Q river completed the board and he doubled into the chip lead with 2,898,190 while _Azur3_7 dropped to 1,158,951.

Brazil’s f1nsf4n7 Bows Out in Fourth Place

With the blinds at 30,000/60,000, Mercier (1,167,454) opened for 120,000 under the gun and “f1nsf4n7” (540,898) defended his big blind to see a 28J flop. f1nsf4n7 led out for 270,000 and then called off his remaining 150,898 after Mercier raised.

f1nsf4n7: 2534
Mercier: 41032

Mercier flopped a flush, which left f1nsf4n7 looking for the right low card to chop. Unfortunately for him, it never came as the 8 paired the board on the turn and the 9 river was a big card. f1nsf4n7 was awarded $8,316 for his fourth-place finish.

Mercier & Brandon-Tino Check It Down to Send _Azur3_7 Home in Third

With the blinds at 40,000/80,000, Brandon-Tino (2,767,447) raised to 170,400 from the button and _Azur3_7 (419,760) moved all in from the small blind. Mercier (2,752,793) called from the big, Brandon-Tino made the additional investment, and then both active players checked it down as the board ran out Q9293.

Mercier: 10KA8
Brandon-Tino: A3108
_Azur3_7: A7J8

Brandon-Tino’s mere three in his hand was enough to scoop the pot, and the start-of-the-final-table chip leader was out in third place for $12,177.

Mercier Steamrolls Heads-Up Play

Brandon-Tino began heads-up play with 3,606,967 in chips to Mercier’s 2,333,033, but it did him little good as the Team PokerStars Pro caught fire and soon pulled out to a big lead.

In what would be the final hand of the tournament, which took place with the blinds at 50,000/100,000, Mercier (5,108,680) limped the button and Brandon-Tino checked his option to see a Q105 flop. Brandon-Tino checked, Mercier bet 113,838, and Brandon-Tino check-raised to 541,514. Mercier three-bet to 969,190 and Brandon-Tino called off his remaining 189,806.

Brandon-Tino: 3Q29
Mercier: 9JK10

The 10 turn gave Mercier trips, while the 8 river actually improved him to a straight. Brandon-Tino, who previously finished fourth in the 2014 SCOOP 10-H: $2,100 PL 5-Card Omaha [6-Max, 1R1A], had to settle for runner-up and a $16,632 consolation prize.

SCOOP-42-M: $215 PL Omaha Hi/Lo [6-Max], $50K GTD
Entrants: 594
Prize Pool: $118,800
Place Paid: 78

1st – Jason Mercier (Canada) $22,572
2nd – Brandon-Tino (UK) $16,632
3rd – _Azur3_7 (Bulgaria) $12,177
4th – f1nsf4n7 (Brazil) $8,316
5th – Valya98 (Russia) $5,940
6th – ZeelandBoy (Malta) $3,694.68

This year’s SCOOP is winding down, but until it does can find recaps for each event right here on the PokerStars Blog.

Chad Holloway is a Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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