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The late add-on of Event #56 gave SCOOP players one extra chance to gather a last big score in the series, and there were many who played the $1,050 buy-in “H” version of this no-limit hold’em progressive super-knockout event who did just that.

A total of 980 played Event #56-H, and just eight-and-a-half hours after it started it was Henwii22 of the United Kingdom winning the last pot, claiming the last bounties, and earning a $61,751.88 first prize plus $29,408.18 for the knockouts to total a $91,160.06 payday.

Thanks to a three-handed deal at the final table, runner-up finisher 942003 of Switzerland actually took more from the prize pool — just a little over $100K, in fact.

With 980 playing that meant a $980,000 total prize pool, half going to the regular prize pool (divided by the top 117 finishers) and half for bounties, nearly quadrupling the $250K guarantee. The fast structure featuring short levels early, medium-length ones later, and the longer ones for the finish meant they were able to play down from 980 to 18 players in just about six hours, at which point martin12389 led in the counts.

yukeepplayin (18th), ericluccas88 (17th), and Apostolis “apostolis20” Bechrakis (16th) were the next to go, each earning $3,185 from the regular prize pool while all earning more in bounties, with ericluccas88 adding an extra $5,046.87 in that way. vip25459 (15th), tomic91 (14th), and JNandez87 (13th) then followed, each picking up $4,165 for their finishes with vip25459 earning an extra $5,125 in bounties.

Then after sliding in the counts martin12389 fell in 12th, followed by $uperdecay (11th) and “mikki696” (10th), with those three each getting $5,145 plus bounties, with martin12389 earning the most of the latter after claiming $8,468.75.

With GreenBoo having moved up and into the chip lead, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: Narcis “Narcisus90” Nedelcu (Romania) — 2,087,830
Seat 2: Dylan “ImaLucSac” Linde (Canada) — 614,224
Seat 3: ZeBaronjù (Mexico) — 534,754
Seat 4: 942003 (Switzerland) — 898,887
Seat 5: Henwii22 (United Kingdom) — 425,203
Seat 6: dadowiec (Poland) — 372,311
Seat 7: GreenBoo (Latvia) — 2,279,964
Seat 8: Anthony “D1rtyR1v3r” Nardi (Mexico) — 1,618,819
Seat 9: dragonwarior (Germany) — 968,008

A little over 10 minutes into the final table, a big three-way hand developed that ended in two knockouts — an extra sweet result for the winner in a knockout tournament such as this one.

It began with ZeBaronjù pushing all-in from middle position for 388,754 (not quite 10 big blinds), then Henwii22 called from a couple of seats over. The action folded to Anthony “D1rtyR1v3r” Nardi who reraise-pushed for 1,030,805 from the big blind, and Henwii22 called that shove as well.

D1rtyR1v3r: AK
Henwii22: 99
ZeBaronjù: 66

The flop came 9A3, pairing D1rtyR1v3r but giving Henwii22 a set of nines, and by the 5 turn the two all-in players were already drawing dead. ZeBaronjù took ninth, Nardi eighth, and Henwii22 enjoyed collecting the pot plus both players’ bounties.


Anthony “D1rtyR1v3r” Nardi
Just three hands later, dragonwarior was all but felted by 942003 after a preflop all-in confrontation resulted in 942003’s ace-king outdrawing dragonwarior’s pocket tens. The next hand saw dragonwarior all in for just 11,119 (most of which comprised the ante) against two opponents, with 942003 the one to win the pot and dragonwarior’s bounty after flopping a set of sixes. dragonwarior mucked without showing, having been sent railward in seventh — still, a great finish from the player who won two SCOOP titles in two days during last year’s series.

On the very next hand, Narcis “Narcisus90” Nedelcu open-raised all-in from early position for 609,402 (about 12 BBs) with A6 and was called by dadowiec in the big blind who held KQ. The flop came 10JA, giving dadowiec Broadway, and after the 4 turn no river card could prevent Nedelcu from finishing sixth — a third final table for Nedelcu this series after having finished third and fourth in previous events.

Just two hands after that, the blinds were 25,000/50,000 when dadowiec opened for 115,000 from the butotn, GreenBoo reraised all-in for 1,250,779 from the small blind, and dadowiec called. GreenBoo had picked up AJ, but unfortunately had run into dadowiec’s AQ, and five cards later — 3436Q — they were down to four.

They continued onward, then came a hand in which 942003, having become the chip leader, min-raised to 120,000 from UTG and got two callers in dadowiec (small blind) and Dylan “ImaLucSac” Linde (big blind).

The flop came J38, it checked around to 942003 who bet 195,000, and only Linde called. The turn was the 2, and this time Linde check-called a bet of 390,000 from 942003. The 4 then completed the board, and Linde responded by checking a third time. 942003 came back with an all-in push, and Linde called with the 673,546 he had left.

Linde turned over J10 for top pair of jacks, but that couldn’t beat 942003’s AA and Linde was done in fourth. Linde comes just a bit shy of earning a second career SCOOP title after having won his first in a $1,050 Mixed NL/PLO event in 2013. That made 22 cashes and four final tables this series, too, for Linde.


Dylan “ImaLucSac” Linde
The tournament was soon paused for some deal talk. By then 942003 was leading with about 4.39 million, dadowiec was next with just under 3.36 million, and Henwii22 third with not quite 2.05 million. Both “ICM”-based and “chip chop” numbers were presented (leaving $2,500 for which to play), and dadowiec responded wanting a little more than what was being suggested.

Some negotiation followed, with both 942003 and Henwii22 ultimately giving up a little to help make a deal happen. Play then resumed, with not only the $2,500 still on the table but a lot more in the form of everyone’s remaining bounties, not to mention the SCOOP title, too.

A short while later the blinds were 35,000/70,000 when dadowiec — who already owns a WCOOP title won back in 2013  — open-raised all-in for 1,143,209 from the button, was called by 942003 in the small blind, then was also called by Henwii22 who went all-in for 824,079 after posting the big blind. The three players’ hands were tabled:

942003: A2
dadowiec: QJ
Henwii22: AJ

942003 was going for a double-KO to end it right there, but the board came 4889K to give Henwii22 the main pot and survival. Still, 942003 got to collect the side pot and to claim half of dadowiec’s bounty, with the other half increasing 942003’s own.

With the elimination of dadowiec in third, heads-up play commenced with 942003 the big leader with 7,091,513 versus Henwii22’s 2,708,487.

The pair battled for nearly half an hour, after which the stacks were nearly the same as when they started. Then came two big hands out of three, and suddenly it was all over.

In the first 942003 raised 2.5x to 250,000 from the button, Henwii22 made it 900,000 to go, 942003 shoved all-in, and Henwii22 called with the almost 1.7 million behind.

Henwii22 had AQ and 942003 33. The flop came 9AJ to put Henwii22 in front, and after the 4 turn and 10 river, Henwii22 was up over 5.2 million and slightly ahead.

Two hands later, 942003 once again raised 2.5x to 250,000, Henwii22 three-bet to 700,000, and 942003 called. The flop came 3JA, and Henwi22 continued for 541,500, earning a call from 942003. The turn then brought the 6 and an all-in push from Henwii22, and 942003 called to commit all 3,434,808 behind.

Henwii22: AK
942003: A7

Both had flopped top pair, but Henwii22’s kicker was best. The 10 then fell on fifth street and it was all over — Henwii22 had won!

Congratulations to Henwii22 for outlasting a tough final “H” field in this year’s SCOOP to earn a $61,751.88 first prize plus more than $29K more in bounties. Kudos as well to 942003 and dadowiec for making it to the three-handed deal and ensuring themselves big paydays in this one as well.

SCOOP-56-H ($1,050 NL Hold’em, Progressive Super-Knockout) results
Entrants: 980
Prize pool: $980,000 ($490,000 regular prize pool, $490,000 bounty prize pool)
Places paid: 117

1. Henwii22 (United Kingdom) $61,751.88* (+ $29,408.18 in bounties)
2. 942003 (Switzerland) $69,592.39* (+ $30,945.28 in bounties)
3. dadowiec (Poland) $68,085.73* (+ $21,453.10 in bounties)
4. Dylan “ImaLucSac” Linde (Canada) $35,525.00 (+ $5,640.62 in bounties)
5. GreenBoo (Latvia) $24,696.00 (+ $5,671.87 in bounties)
6. Narcisus90 (Romania) $19,796.00 (+ $12,484.36 in bounties)
7. dragonwarior (Germany) $14,896.00 (+ $9,109.37 in bounties)
8. D1rtyR1v3r (Mexico) $10,045.00 (+ $11,683.58 in bounties)
9. ZeBaronjù (Mexico) $6,125.00 (+ $4,562.50 in bounties)
*denotes three-way deal.

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