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Whether you’re talking poker or life in general, there aren’t many sure things in this world. But there are a few. The air smells great after a rain. Late-night Vegas pai-gow is a good idea. And if Calvin “cal42688” Anderson gets within striking distance of a SCOOP title, there’s very little chance of stopping him. Just ask everyone who crossed his path in Event #13-H, which he finished off in just under five hours to grab his unprecedented eighth career SCOOP victory.


Calvin Anderson has done it again

Already the only seven-time SCOOP winner in history, Anderson’s path to victory the last time out came in a SCOOP-Low mixed-game event against a big field. If last year’s win was a leisurely cruise, today’s event, a turbo 3-max Zoom no-limit hold’em tourney with Progressive KO bounties, was an express bullet train to Anderson’s latest appointment with the SCOOP history books. And given the format, it’s not particularly surprising. After all, not many players have as much three-handed high-stakes tournament experience as Calvin Anderson.

Though as many as three re-entries were available, Anderson bought in just once. Within two hours he’d claimed the chip lead. Over the next two he lost and regained it twice before the final table, then once more, briefly, after his heads-up opponent knocked out the other finalist. But it never mattered. There was no stopping the bullet train.


Calvin “cal42688” Anderson’s chip graph from this tournament

2014 WSOP Main Event winner Martin “M.nosbocaJ” Jacobson, who took down SCOOP Event #8-H earlier today, lost a flip with K J to WilsonJLD’s 10 10 to finish 6th. That left the Brazilian heads-up on the final table bubble with Andreas “mrAndreeew” Berggren, whose only previous COOP win was in a Progressive KO SCOOP-High event in 2014.


Over on the other table, short-stacked JacobLarsson limped from the small blind and then called all-in with Q J, only to be knocked out by past Sunday Warm-Up winner WATnlos. That left WATnlos in the unenviable position of being heads-up on the final table bubble with (then-)seven-time SCOOP champ Calvin Anderson.


WATnlos weathered the storm, ceding half a stack’s worth of chips to Anderson, while WilsonJLD pecked away at mrAndreeew’s stack on the other table. Finally the Swede, down to 559K in chips, could wait no more and re-raised from the big blind with Q 7 after WilsonJLD limped in. The Brazilian called with A 7 and took down the pot, popping the final table bubble.


Seat 1: WATnlos (2,419,107 in chips, $10487.27 bounty)
Seat 2: cal42688 (7,354,833 in chips, $11489.21 bounty)
Seat 3: WilsonJLD (5,946,060 in chips, $8826.14 bounty)

Anderson’s incoming chip lead lasted until WilsonJLD took down two key pots in the span of just a few minutes. The first came in the big blind after WATnlos raised to 130K on the button, Anderson re-raised to 390K in the small blind, and WilsonJLD called. WATnlos bumped it up higher to 1.05 million, which chased Anderson from the pot, but WilsonJLD pulled out an old school move: the stop-and-go. The Brazilian called the raise and then open-shoved on the J 9 5 flop, taking down 2.51 million chips.

Five hands later WilsonJLD limped for 70K on the button with K K and called when WATnlos shoved for 1.54 million in the small blind with A J. WATnlos managed to make a pair of aces on the river of the 5 7 3 Q A board, but that ace made a club flush for WilsonJLD, who took the 3.18M-chip pot and eliminated WATnlos in third.


WilsonJLD had the chip lead now with 8.21 million to Calvin Anderson’s 7.5 million, but the last leg of the bullet train’s journey involved a quick turn. Anderson managed it by first by re-raising out of position with K 10 and then firing value bets as the board fell down J 2 10 A Q. WilsonJLD called all the way and then mucked as Anderson’s pair of tens became a Broadway straight.

Three hands later Anderson raised to 175K in position with A Q in the hole and hit top pair on the A 6 3 flop. He called Wilson’s 210K leading bet there, then bet 280K when checked to on the 5 turn. WilsonJLD, who had all the draws with K 4, check-raised to 1.61 million. Anderson called once, and then calmly called a second time when WilsonJLD bluffed for 2.03 million after the J hit the river. Anderson’s pair of aces earned the pot, all 8.06 million chips’ worth.

The bullet train’s final approach to SCOOP history consisted of 18 hands of domination in just four minutes, capped off by Anderson’s A 9 going runner-runner for a heart flush to top the short-stacked WilsonJLD’s A Q on the final hand.

There are, at least theoretically, ways to stop Calvin “cal42688” Anderson. But none of them materialized today, making him both the first eight-time SCOOP winner and the first 10-time COOP winner in history. Congratulations to him on writing his name in the record books – and setting the standard that everyone else will be aiming for – once again.

SCOOP 2017: Event #13-H ($530 NL Hold’em, 3-Max, Turbo, Zoom, Progressive KO) results
Entrants: 1,572 (1,055 entries, 517 re-entries)
Total prize pool: $786,000 ($393,000 regular, $393,000 bounty)
Places paid: 185

1. Calvin “cal42688” Anderson (Mexico) $62,919.67 + $18,524.09 in bounties
2. WilsonJLD (Brazil) $36,326.12 + $14,069.77 in bounties
3. WATnlos (Germany) $20,972,91 + 10,487.27 in bounties

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