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One billion, one hundred and sixty-five million, eight-hundred thousand.

That’s the number of chips the winner of the SCOOP-55-L: $109 NLHE, Main Event ended up with.

It sounds funnier, and more unbelievable when you say it out loud. And what’s even crazier is that one person, and one person alone, ended up with every single one of the chips of the collective 23,316 runners combined. 

So who was this madman, this genius of poker, you ask? The king, the champion, the victor of the SCOOP Low trophy and just under a quarter of a million dollars ($221,516.37 to be exact) was madalain from Austria. His victory came after 2 days of play, and an epic heads-up battle against ale kmkz from Brazil.


Just a few of the billion chips in play

Back at the start of play on Sunday, thousands of hopeful runners (including, ehum… me) hoped to make their way into a deep run (I made it nowhere near any kind of money in case you’re wondering). It seemed everyone and their mother was in this tournament, which generated a whopping prizepool of $2,331,600.

 It took two days of play before we reached our final May-tember 9. And here’s who they were:

SCOOP-55-L – Final table chip counts:

Seat 1: Val1k (90,525,033 chips) 

Seat 2: AKA_PSV (33,626,077 chips) 

Seat 3: MelloBH (145,402,425 chips)

Seat 4: volodimir24 (110,601,128 chips) 

Seat 5: EluSiveMark (84,707,341 chips)

Seat 6: ale kmkz (202,603,635 chips) 

Seat 7: Madcandle (218,776,640 chips)

Seat 8: peloin (151,780,365 chips) 

Seat 9: madalain (127,777,356 chips)

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 19.01.56.png

Blinds 1,750,000/3,500,000 (Ante 437,500)

Short stack departures

The initial bust-outs came quickly from the short-stacks. AKA_PSV (9th) was first to go after shoving his remaining 7 big-blinds in holding 33 on the button. volodimir24 quickly called in the big-blind holding KQ. The board ran 910A8Q, and the Queen on the river was enough to send AKA_PSV out in 9th.

Just 3 hands later and it was the turn of Val1k (8th) to depart next. He optimistically shoved his 11 remaining big-blinds in middle position holding the pretty-looking 89. It was snap-called by ale kmkz in the small blind who showed the even prettier KK, as the board ran clean to send the Dutchman home.

Kings, again… and then AGAIN!?

I’m sure ale kmkz couldn’t believe his luck when he faced an open shove from solodimir24 two seats to his right. 


Because he’d woken up with them again – just different suits this time. ale Kmkz flipped over KK which was more than enough against volodimir’s 99 as the board ran AQA25 to give solodimir24 a $29,145.00 pay-day for his 7th place finish.

And then, rather unbelievably it happened AGAIN. THE VERY NEXT HAND!!

This time it was the player directly to his left, EluSIiveMark who shoved holding JQ and ale kmkz flipped over, you guessed it, KK – his third pocket pair of Kings on this final table and the third one to hold as EluSiveMark departed in 6th. 



Asked MelloBH, rather sheepishly in the chat.

“NO DEAL” was the immediate response from madalain.

 On reflection, I’m sure MelloBH was happy with the response. He called an all-in from the Mexican, peloin holding AJ. It was enough to dominate peloin’s (5th) J9, and the board ran clean to send peloin out in 5th.

Apparently madalin still didn’t want to deal though, and play continued. He in fact, re-iterated it once more after eliminating Madcandle (4th) who shoved with 44 in the cutoff, holding AK as the A hit the flop.

“owned ????”

Just a few hands later and madalin limped on the button for 10,000,000 chips. It looked a little puzzling to MelloBH who raised it up to 40,000,000, but was shoved on by madalin.

A trap? Of sorts…

madalain flipped over 1010, but wasn’t ahead as he perhaps would have hoped as MelloBH showed AK for a flip. But he was happy when the board ran JJ543 to send the chips his way.

”owned ????” he asked, to no-one in particular. As play continued with no deal to be made.

It’s all over baby

After winning the last all in, it was madalin who found himself in the chip lead for the heads-up with 690,313,460 chips against ale kmkz’s 457,986,540 chips.
 It proved to be quite the battle, as ale kmkz fell short after running into pocket aces, but managed to claw his way back up to being evenly stacked before the final hand.

And it played out rather simply. Ale kmkz opened the action and was 3-bet by madalain who flat called in the big-blind. The flop was 457. This time, madalain led out with a half pot bet. ale kmkz shoved immediately and was called. He flipped over 7A for top pair, top kicker. But it was no good against madalain’s JJ, as the board ran 96 to crown madalain the SCOOP Low Main Event Champ. Congratulations to him!

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 21.18.55.png

SCOOP-55-L: $109 NLHE [Main Event] results
Entrants: 23,316 

Total prize pool: $2,331,600
Places paid: 3600

1. madalain (Austria) $221,516.37
2. ale kmkz (Brazil) $161,719.77
3. MelloBH (Brazil) $104,922.00
4. madcandle (Finland) $83,937.00
5. peloin (Mexico) $62,953.20

6. EluSiveMark (Netherlands) $41,968.80
7. volodimir24 (Ukraine) $29,145.00
8. Val1k (Ukraine) $19,818.00
9. AKA_PSV (Netherlands) $11,658.00

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