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It’s the middle Sunday of the 2020 Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) and that means 18 enormous tournaments with guarantees so big it’ll make your brain hurt just thinking about them. But while it’s still functioning, read about what happened at the SCOOP tables last night…


• Another mixed games big one for “Ravenswood13”
• “Bomber&Granater” explodes again
• Prize pools pass $50 million
• $8.6 million in guaranteed tourneys start today


Another mixed games big one for “Ravenswood13”: Carlo “Ravenswood13” van Ravenswoud regularly does battle with Isildur1 at the cash tables, and once went on a million dollar upswing, which caught reporters’ attention. And now the Dutch pro, based these days in Malta, has returned to winning ways in tournaments, landing the coveted high buy-in HORSE title. Van Ravenswoud won the corresponding event during WCOOP in 2018, and he also won a PLO 6-Max title in SCOOP in 2017. Last night’s victory represented a second SCOOP and earned him $56,840 after beating a field of 116 entries. The final table also featured leader board leader Rui “RuiNF” Ferreira and 2-7 Triple Draw champ Talal “raidalot” Shakerchi.

“Bomber&Granater” explodes again: Austria’s “Bomber&Granater” is one of the PokerStars tables most consistent enigmas. He or she has a user name that conjures action heroes and/or high end whiskey (but is apparently a Danish term for “bomber grenade”), and as far as we know, the mask concealing his or her identity has never slipped. We’re not sure who the real person is behind the username. But Bomber&Granater is a regular beast at the High Roller tables (one week in November was particularly profitable) and now Bomber&Granater has a SCOOP title. The Austrian won the 633-entry $1,050 buy-in SCOOP-36-H last night, banking $110,486.01. As far as we can see, that’s a first ‘COOP title, but unlikely to be the last.

Brazilian double: With only six tournaments playing to a winner last night, it was a doubly impressive feat for players from Brazil to pick up two victories. “Saviola TJF” won the low buy-in version of SCOOP-36, turning $11 into $29,034.85, while countryman “vitoradiron” won the medium version, and made a $109 buy-in into $96,848.61. Both tournaments ended in a deal. With so many of the world’s eyes on the CALL For Action Celebrity Charity Tournament, players from Nordic countries also added victories to their columns. “Ballertimes” won the $22 HORSE for Finland ($11,211.46) and Norway’s “alligator14” won the $215 edition, for $22,524.00.

Fintan “easywithaces” Hand

Prize pools pass $50 million: Although it was a relatively quiet night, the SCOOP stat tracker ticked past two important milestones. First, the total prize pools for the series so far eclipsed $50 million, while more than $7 million has now been awarded to tournament winners. A reminder: we’re not even half way through… (See more stats in Stat Tracker section below.)

Good sweat with Fintan: More than 2,200 players entered the $530 PKO event last night, of whom 317 made it through the opening day and into the money. One of them was PokerStars streaming sensation Fintan “easywithaces” Hand, who not only won $1,500 in bounties already, but also built a top-10 stack. Hand returns with 1.8 million in chips, close to three times the average, with every moment certain to be streamed live today.



Tournament Entries Prize pool Winner Country Prize
36-L: $11 NLHE, 8-Max 33,946 $332,671 Saviola TJF Brazil $29,034.85*
36-M: $109 NLHE, 8-Max 7,817 $781,700 vitoradiron Brazil $96,848.61*
36-H: $1,050 NLHE, 8-Max 633 $633,000 Bomber&Granater Austria $110,486.01
37-L: $22 HORSE 3,449 $68,980 Ballertimes Finland $11,211.46
37-M: $215 HORSE 600 $120,000 alligator14 Norway $22,524.00
37-H: $2,100 HORSE 116 $232,000 Ravenswood13 Malta $56,840.00
Daily totals 46,561 $2,168,351 $326,945

*denotes deal


Tournaments completed: 111
Tournaments ongoing: 9
Starting today: 18
Entries so far: 768,890
Prize pools so far: $50,162,190
First-place prizes awarded: $7,090,738.19

Totals refer to completed tournaments only


We’re catching up with a lot of SCOOP winners this year, all happy to share their experiences of winning big.

Most recently, Catalina “catam18” Marmureanu told Jack Stanton about turning $5 into $6,000 and staking a claim for women at the SCOOP tables. “Although it is not a major win in terms of money, it provides future bankroll security for the rest of SCOOP and most of all it gives me a boost of confidence in my game and poker abilities,” she says. Read the full interview.

Previous winner interviews:

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Adam “adamyid” Owen: Defeating end-boss “veeea”
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Last hand double-KO gives ‘PufuMiu’ win in Event #11-L


All is fair in love and Twitch streaming, and here’s what happens when two familiar faces go into war.

Spraggy was in a pot with friend and fellow streamer Parker “tonkaaaa” Talbot and decided to bet with not much more than a gutshot draw. Did he hit? He did, and he danced…

…but when the flush draw completed on the river — “The river makes me sick!” — Spraggy thought he might be being slow-rolled. Was he right?

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Here’s a solemn promise from Germany’s leading poker ambassador Felix “xflixx” Schneiders (translation: “Today there’s another big Sunday grind and I will NOT fall asleep while doing so. At least not without a bag for a day 2.”)

Meanwhile Stefan “@thedesslock” Janicki surely can’t be alone in relishing the poker/UFC crossover happening this weekend.


Poker News on the case

Our friends at Poker News are offering live coverage of a ton of SCOOP events, and lat night had their eyes glued to the $5,200 PLO event, led at the half-way stage by Finland’s “Lateski”. Click to read how the first day’s action played out, and whether Lateski can close it out, with Ignat “0Human0” Liviu, Connor “blanconegro” Drinan, and Talal “raidalot” Shakerchi among the chasing pack.

It’s also an exceptionally busy night in store for the reporters as 18 events get under way, including all of the Sunday majors. The Poker News coverage takes in the $2,100 Sunday Warm Up, the $530 Sunday Million Special Edition and the $5,200 Sunday High Roller.


Did Luke “lb6121” Schwartz sneak in at the last?


The final day of the “Week 1” leader board race saw some dramatic jostling at the top of the charts. Although these figures are yet to be confirmed, it seems that a late surge from “Philych_085” from Belarus may have earned him top spot in the Low leader board, unseating Rui “RuiNF” Ferreira, while Luke “lb6121” Schwartz may have done the exact same thing in the Medium to leapfrog Adam “Adamyid” Owen.

Ferreira is still well clear in the overall standings, but with prizes due to be given out very soon, that last-gasp switch in leaders might have meant a good few grand heading in a different direction. To repeat: these figures are not confirmed, but final week one standings seem to be as follows:


1 – Rui “RuiNF” Ferreira, Netherlands, 575 points
2 – krakukra, Russia, 465
3 – Ti0373, Russia, 420
=4 – Jorryt “TheCleaner11” van Hoof, United Kingdom, 410
=4 – aleksandrs10, Latvia, 410

Overall leader board runs through entirety of SCOOP.

Low (Week 1)

1 – Philych_085, Belarus, 245 points
2 – Rui “RuiNF” Ferreira, Netherlands, 240
=3 – gonti89, Poland, 235
=3 – Oudendijk42, Netherlands, 235
5 – Senkel92, Norway, 220

Week 1 prizes: 1st – $2,725 in SCOOP tickets; 2nd – $2,010 in tickets; 3rd – $1,015 in tickets. Top 25 win prizes.

Medium (Week 1)

1 – Luke “lb6121” Schwartz, United Kingdom, 255 points
2 – Adam “Adamyid” Owen, Mexico, 235
3 – Jerry “Perrymejsen” Odeen, Sweden, 200
4 – SuperPoep, Netherlands, 190
5 – Kurtkaare, Norway, 185

Week 1 prizes: 1st – $5,355 in SCOOP tickets; 2nd – $2,830 in tickets; 3rd – $1,615. Top 10 win prizes.

High (Week 1)

1 – Jorryt “TheCleaner11” van Hoof, United Kingdom, 310 points
2 – Rui “RuiNF” Ferreira, Netherlands, 275
3 – Alexander “joiso” Kostritsyn, Russia, 265
=4 – bencb789, Austria, 220
=4 – Körrinho, Austria, 220

Week 1 prizes: 1st – $10,300 in SCOOP tickets; 2nd – $5,200 in tickets; $3,150 – in tickets.


Malta appears on the countries leader board for the first time today thanks to displaced Dutchman Carlo “Ravenswood13” van Ravenswoud. It’s interesting what’s going on with the Dutch during this SCOOP. At least two of their very best, Van Ravenswoud and Jorryt “TheCleaner11” van Hoof, are representing other countries, while the clutch of Portuguese who have moved to the Netherlands are keeping the country flying high. Brazil’s double pushed the Latin Americans above the Netherlands, but still a way away from the leading UK and Russia.

Latest standings:

18: UK
16: Russia
Nine: Brazil
Eight: Netherlands
Seven: Germany
Five: Austria
Four: Ukraine, Greece, Belarus
Three: Hungary, Poland, Ireland, Sweden, Norway
Two: Romania, Argentina, Canada, Mexico
One: Japan, Peru, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Uruguay, China, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Malta


Day 11: Sunday, May 10

SCOOP’s middle Sunday is an absolute beast, with six events (ie, 18 tournaments) and $8.645 million in guarantees. That’s up from the initial $7.2 million guaranteed for today. With the exception of Main Event weekend, there won’t be a richer day of online tourneys.

The vast majority of the events are no limit hold’em (it’s Sunday after all) with the Kickoff, Warm-Up, Milly and Cooldown all present and correct. There’s a cheeky 6-Max NLO8 sandwiched between them all.

It starts at 8am ET (or 2pm CEST) and goes all the way through the night.

8am ET – Event 42: NLHE Sunday Kickoff
Buy-ins: $5.50, $55, $530
Guarantees: $100,000, $350,000, $500,000

10.30am ET – Event 43: NLHE Sunday Warm-Up 8-Max Progressive KO
Buy-ins: $22, $215, $2,100
Guarantees: $350,000, $600,000, $1 million

1pm ET – NLHE Sunday Million
Buy-ins: $55, $530, $5,200
Guarantees: $850,000, $1 million, $1 million

2.15pm ET – Event 45: NLO8 6-Max PKO
Buy-ins: $22, $215, $2,100
Guarantees: $75,000, $150,000, $200,000

3.30pm ET – Event 46: NLHE 8-Max
Buy-ins: $11, $109, $1,050
Guarantees: $150,000, $600,000, $850,000

5pm ET – Event 47: NLHE Turbo PKO Sunday Cooldown
Buy-ins: $5.50, $55, $530
Guarantees: $70,000, $300,000, $500,000


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