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Some of the game’s most consistent crushers came to the fore on Saturday night as the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) hit another landmark. Two million can’t be wrong, so read today’s latest from the SCOOP tables…


‚ÄĘ Leonard continues to crush with second title
‚ÄĘ Career SCOOP first for Nitsche
‚ÄĘ Vietnam makes first SCOOP splash
‚ÄĘ Clean sweep for Brits in rebuy tournaments
‚ÄĘ Entry totals pass 2 million across extended series


Two from the series for Patrik “pads1161” Leonard

Leonard continues to crush: There have been numerous series across various poker sites over the past couple of months, with players often playing simultaneously across several. There’s been no one more successful during this period than Patrick Leonard, who plays on PokerStars as “pads1161” and who last night won his second SCOOP title of the the series. (He’s been crushing on other sites too.) Leonard won the $215+rebuys turbo, in which 460 players added a further 399 rebuys and 288 add-ons to build a prize pool of $232,841. Leonard beat “julioassp” heads up for a $41,808 score, with Andras “probirs” Nemeth making another final table but finishing fourth. Leonard also won the $2,100 PLO 6-Max this year, and his career SCOOP title haul now stands at three.

Nitsche finds a first SCOOP: It’s been a relatively quiet SCOOP for Dominik “Bounatirou” Nitsche, the Edinburgh-based German, who is one of the very best players in the world. In fact, despite more than $5.8 million in documented online tournament earnings, and more than $18.6 million in live results (including four WSOP bracelets), Nitsche had never previously won a SCOOP title. Nitsche broke his duck last night in the $530 buy-in SCOOP-87, beating “Geokarak” of Greece heads-up to prevail from a 956-entry field and win $82,365. The closest Nitsche had come before was a second place in a Win The Button event in 2017, but finally now Nitsche has addressed the surprising deficiency on his poker resume.

Dominik “Bounatirou” Nitsche: Finally a SCOOP champ

Eleven years later, two for “shuriken555”: It’s been 11 years since Germany’s “shuriken555” appeared on the winner’s list in a SCOOP tournament, having won a $215 NLHE event in 2010. But last night, he or she picked up a second title, this time winning the first ever Fusion event to appear on the schedule. shuriken55 was the last player standing of a 4,094-entry field in the $5.50 low buy-in version of this new variant, having cut a deal three handed. The prize for mastering this devilish new game, and for having the patience to stick with SCOOP poker for more than a decade, is a $2.490 payday and a second SCOOP gong.


One at last for Vietnam: There are more than 97 million people who live in Vietnam, but not many of them play poker. Through the first 11 years of SCOOP, there wasn’t a single tournament champion from the southeast Asian country — but that changed last night. “Hieucbvn96“, from Vietnam, was one of three players who arranged a near even chop of SCOOP-87-L, divvying up the last $32K from a prize pool of around $146K. And then after Ukraine’s “pol555mag” and the UK’s “swoody2k8” were vanquished, only Hieucbvn96 was left, booking a win worth $11,462.67 and claiming the first title. From a field of 29,746 entries, it’s a fine way to put Vietnam on the board and multiply a $5.50 buy-in by 2,084.


Tournament Entries Prize pool Winner Country Prize
87-L: $5.50 NLHE 29,746 $145,755 Hieucbvn96 Vietnam $11,462.67*
87-M: $55 NLHE 8,782 $439,100 eagletore69 Luxembourg $48,285.20*
87-H: $530 NLHE 956 $500,000 Bounatirou UK $82,365.40
88-L: $5.50 Fusion 6-Max 4,094 $20,061 shuriken555 Germany $2,490.92*
88-M: $55 Fusion 6-Max 932 $46,600 dpsd05 Netherlands $7,676.83
88-H: $530 Fusion 6-Max 193 $100,000 bob43155 Mexico $19,945.48
93-L: $2.20+R NLHE 8-Max, Turbo, Rebuy 10,609 $60,078 NeptuneProject UK $6,726.66*
93-M: $22+R NLHE 8-Max, Turbo, Rebuy 4,111 $195,240 judgedredd13 UK $27,880.84
93-H: $215+R NLHE 8-Max, Turbo, Rebuy 460 $232,841 pads1161 UK $41,808.65
Daily totals 59,883 $1,739,675 $248,643

†inc. bounties
*denotes deal


Well, will you look at that. As players flocked to the rebuy turbo tables last night, one of them became the 2 millionth entry to SCOOP this year. And our tracker is going to keep counting for another week at least…

Tournaments completed: 270
Tournaments ongoing: 9
Starting today: 15
Entries so far: 2,041,236
Prize pools so far: $138,979,362
First-place prizes awarded: $19,234,415

Totals refer to completed tournaments only.


In our most recent SCOOP feature, a whole gallery of SCOOP winners shared their answers to one crucial question: “What common mistakes do players make at the tables to make them exploitable?”

If you want to know what the likes of Charlie “Epiphany77” Carrel and Preben “prebz” Stokkan have noticed, which you might still be doing, this is going to help you a great deal. “The biggest mistake is not to have bankroll management‚ÄĚ SAYS Robert ‚Äú4bet_me‚ÄĚ Rohr, who took down 68-M: $109 NLHE. ‚ÄúBut sometimes it is worth taking a shot.‚ÄĚ

There’s some excellent advice here for players of all bankrolls and abilities.

The SCOOP mistakes you’re making (according to the champions who beat you)


We’ve been catching up with numerous other SCOOP champions over the series, happy to share the secrets of their success, or simply to introduce themselves to the poker world. Most recently, the $55 Sunday Kickoff champ Fellipe ‚ÄúFellipeD‚ÄĚ Drapichinski admitted, “This is the best moment of my career.” Read the full interview.

Adam Jonsson: SCOOP-46 winner

Meanwhile, hear from a whole host of other SCOOP champions:

Pedro “BigodinSagaz” Henrique: Following a path to success
L√°szl√≥ ‚ÄúLackoo87gcb‚ÄĚ Moln√°r: “I think I’m starting to like it!”
Cristian ‚ÄėChapex‚Äô Chapo√Īan: One for Peru
Jonathan “Corback_fr” Therme: Sunday Million winner left speechless
Nicolas ‚ÄúNicoverlast‚ÄĚ Wright: pacing a treadmill to success
Swedish pro Adam ‚Äúpruttzz12‚ÄĚ Jonsson: How to beat Urbanovich, Beresford and Kurganov
Vitor ‚Äúvitoradiron‚ÄĚ Adiron: “I’ll continue working on my failures”
Guilherme ‚Äúteruliro‚ÄĚ Orrico: Two WCOOPs and now one SCOOP
“plens” targets bucket-list EPT appearance
Tapio ‚ÄúPikkuHUMPPA‚ÄĚ Vihakas: “I am as lazy as a human can be”
Catalina ‚Äúcatam18‚ÄĚ Marmureanu”: A result for all women in poker
Paul ‚Äúpistolp999‚ÄĚ Kroezen: A triumph of perseverence
Adam “adamyid” Owen: Defeating end-boss “veeea”
Matt “MUSTAFABET” Ashton: Tournaments are practice for cash games
Antanas ‚ÄúNr1InEurope‚ÄĚ Bakaitis: “I’m no good at Texas Hold’em!
“MarkBang”: First out to last man standing
“thegodfisher”: Busy broker finds time to win SCOOP title
Oleg ‚ÄúFukuruku‚ÄĚ Vasylchenko: Poor student becomes richer
Michael ‚ÄúMalicious20‚ÄĚ Cottier: $9.5K from a $2.20 buy-in tournament!
Dimitrios ‚Äúpapadatos69‚ÄĚ Papadatos: Making most of downturn in tourism
William “Williaml666” Barbosa: Best feeling ever!
Last hand double-KO gives ‚ÄėPufuMiu‚Äô win in Event #11-L


It’s fair to say Spraggy wasn’t paying a great deal of attention to this hand when an early-position raiser decided to four-bet push over Spraggy’s three bet from the big blind. Spraggy had ace-queen and decided to call for the bounty. What did the raiser have? Well, Spraggy soon did become a lot more involved in the hand, put it that way…

The dust is still settling on both Lex and Spraggy’s main event runs, but both are obviously back at the tables and trying to snag the still-elusive trophy. It’s going pretty well for Lex in the $530 Afternoon Deep Stack, where he sits 40th of 50 remaining (from a starting field of 734). This big pot helped. “Happy days!”

Ready to sign up for PokerStars and play SCOOP? Click here to get an account.


Niclas “@niclas_1988” Hansen plays on PokerStars as Salckin and, as he shared with his Twitter followers last night, it’s going to be a very busy Sunday for the man from Oslo:

Poker News on the case


Our friends at Poker News took it relatively easy last night on the live updates front, but only because they know there’s a packed Sunday coming up.

The Main Event “Second Chance” gets the full Poker News treatment, with blow-by-blow coverage of the $530 and $5,200 hold’em tournaments, as well as the $5,200 PLO. There’s $1.5 million guaranteed in each of the former two and $750K in the latter.



Although we still haven’t seen him collecting a trophy this year, Rui “RuiNF” Ferreira continues to plug away and he added a further 35 points to his leader board tally overnight. It’s been absolutely relentless from the Netherlands-based Portuguese player this year. Patrick “pads1161” Leonard is now in the top five after his outright victory, and one senses the whole thing isn’t quite yet over…

Latest standings:

1 – Rui “RuiNF” Ferreira, Netherlands, 1,650 points
2 – Talal “raidalot” Shakerchi, UK, 1,375
3 – “krakukra”, Russia, 1,280
4 – Patrick “pads1161” Leonard, 1,135
5 РKörrinho, Austria, 1,090

(Prizes: 1st: $50,000 + Trophy; 2nd: $20,000; 3rd: $10,000)


Players from the UK pulled off a clean sweep of the rebuy event last night, winning low, medium and high buy-in events. With a fourth title coming thanks to Dominik Nitsche in the $530 NLHE, the Brits put breathing space again between them and Brazil at the top of the countries standings.

With Vietnam claiming a first title of the series, 42 countries are now on the leader board — coincidentally, the same number of victories players based in the UK have managed.

Latest standings:

42: UK
37: Brazil
25: Russia
18: Germany
17: Netherlands
11: Canada, Ukraine
Nine: Norway, Austria
Eight: Mexico
Seven: Sweden, Ireland
Six: Finland
Five: Greece, Hungary, Belarus
Four: Poland, Argentina, Lithuania, Romania
Three: China, Peru
Two: Malta, Denmark, Belgium, Lebanon, Japan, Luxembourg.
One: Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Uruguay, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, South Korea, Czech Republic, Croatia, Macau, Cyprus, Moldova, Latvia, Vietnam.


Day 25: Sunday, May 24

Did things not go according to plan in the Main Event last weekend? That’s OK. The extended schedule today offers you a second chance in both NLHE and PLO, with a nice $5,200 buy-in on the high price point. That means there are guarantees of $1.5 million in the NLHE and $750,000 in the PLO, which is attractive to all.

8pm ET – Event 94: NLHE Sunday Kickoff
Buy-ins: $5.50, $55, $530
Guarantees: $75,000, $250,000, $350,000

10.30pm ET – Event 95: NLHE 8-Max, Sunday Warm-Up PKO
Buy-ins: $11, $109, $1,050
Guarantees: $150,000, $500,000, $500,000

1pm ET – Event 96: NLHE 2nd Chance Main Event
Buy-ins: $55, $530, $5,200
Guarantees: $1 million, $1.5 million, $1.5 million

2.15pm ET – Event 97: PLO 6-Max, 2nd Chance PLO Main Event
Buy-ins: $55, $530, $5,200
Guarantees: $150,000, $300,000, $750,000

5pm ET – Event 98: NLHE 8-Max, Turbo, PKO, Sunday Cooldown
Buy-ins: $5.50, $55, $530
Guarantees: $60,000, $200,000, $500,000


There are still tons of chances to join the SCOOP action. And if you’re thinking about doing that for the first time, or maybe are returning to the tables after a break, you will be well advised to read PokerStars School’s online tutorials. They are always relevant.

PokerStars School has all the information you need on how to get involved, how to make sure you have the right bankroll, how to play the satellites and how to play the tournaments themselves.

Click through to get yourself properly prepared:

Am I SCOOP ready? Planning, bankroll, mindset
Gearing up for SCOOP – General tournament strategy
Multi table tournaments (MTT) course
Poker satellite strategy


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