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The Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) crowned another 14 champions on Tuesday night, with the Swedes finally coming to the party. There was a very familiar winner of the Second Chance hold’em and also another Twitch streaming bonanza, thanks to one Mexico-based grinder. All the latest from the SCOOP tables…


• Lefrancois and Freitas make the most of their second chance
• Lapka streams three heads-up battles on Twitch
• Mattsson on the board for 2020
• Four titles for Sweden, three for Brazil


Pascal “Pass_72” Lefrancois: Second chance winner

Lefrancois makes most of his second chance: The Second Chance hold’em Main Events played their third and final days on Tuesday, deciding the latest huge champions of this extended series. No one was happier about that extension than Pascal “Pass_72” Lefrancois, who went all the way to the title in the $5,200 high buy-in event for a $416,741.68 payday. Lefrancois fired three bullets in the original Main Event and missed the cash, but he was perfectly on target with a solitary shot this time. He even cracked aces to take the title, flopping trip kings with his K7 to beat the AA of Sweden’s “Kzzon”. Lefrancois did most of the damage at the final table, knocking out “silskyer” in ninth to give his stack an early boost, and then also felting “Anjeyyy” in sixth, Timothy “Tim0thee” Adams in fifth, Pavel “silentm0de” Plesuv in fourth, before “Kzzon” at the end. Lefrancois now adds a SCOOP title to his WSOP bracelet and numerous other accolades. It was Lefrancois’ six-figure score of this SCOOP after he came fourth in the $10,300 High Roller won by Steve “Mr. Tim Caum” O’Dwyer last week. That one earned Lefrancois $109,501.

Fabio “LFFF2” Freitas: Big win for Brazilian

Freitas hits the big time: Fabio “LFFF22” Freitas has done a fair amount of globetrotting as he has amassed his $513,000 in live tournament cashes. The Brazilian has flags from across Europe, North and South America, including in-the-money finishes in the PSPC and PCA in the Bahamas, and the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo. But he didn’t need to leave the comfort of his own home to outstrip all of them last night when he took down the $530 buy-in Second Chance Main Event, beating a 4,899-entry field and winning $348,642. Freitas did it on his first bullet too, eventually beating Canada’s “thx4urm0n3y” (who had the maximum three re-entries) heads-up. Two players who had already won a title this year, “$ubuta1” and “AfRoBiZzLe”, were at the final table, finishing sixth and seventh, respectively. There was a remarkable $2.5 million in the prize pool. Meanwhile in the low buy-in, “Crismano” completed a Second Chance double for Brazil, turning $11 into $148,531 — a remarkable 13,502 times the buy-in.

Three heads-up battles on Lapka’s “BEST DAY”: The winner of the low buy-in PLO Main Event was Justin Taylor “jlapka” Lapka, who quickly took to Twitter to declare this “THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!”. It was very, very easy to see why. Lapka outlasted 5,307 entries to win $37,745 in the PLO, but at the same time was also heads up in the NLHE low buy-in event, which had 29,610 entries. He couldn’t convert in the hold’em, despite holding a five-to-one chip lead at one point, but also won the non-SCOOP $55 Daily Marathon, which had 747 entries. That’s a staggering achievement — beating this huge fields is so, so difficult — and, to make it even more thrilling, Lapka streamed it all on Twitch. Lapka, who is based in Mexico, cashed for close to $150,000 in total, but his triple heads-up live stream will likely become a classic. See “Twitch Watch” below for more details.


Mattsson on the board for 2020: The top slot on the Pocket Fives online poker rankings tends to flit between two Swedes: Niklas “Lena900” Astedt and Simon “C. Darwin2” Mattsson. They are the best online tournament players in the world and have the results to prove it. It was strange, then, that neither managed to add a SCOOP title to their collections during the regular series. Mattsson addressed this unlikely deficiency last night, however, when he beat a 325-entry field in the $1,050 NLHE SCOOP-101-H. With fellow crushers Talal “raidalot” Shakerchi, Andras “probirs” Nemeth and “Körrinho” also at the final, Mattsson saw them all off to win $61,140, and the third SCOOP title of his glittering career.

Simon “C. Darwin2” Mattsson: Third SCOOP win

“TruthBeTold7” finally gets over the line: Canada’s “TruthBeTold7” received a lot of attention on PokerStars Blog during last year’s World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP), during which he finished runner up three times. He is bridesmaid no more, at least in SCOOP, where last night he won the $530 PLO Main Event Second Chance, worth $78,318.49. TruthBeTold7 beat former SCOOP winner “mikki696” heads up, when they were the last two remaining from a 955-entry field.

“benyie” beats the best for first title: Sweden’s “benyie” keeps a low profile despite a good number of online cashes amounting to $273,306, according to Pocket Fives. But he’s obviously good as last night he managed to win SCOOP-101-M by beating two absolute bosses in three-handed play. Andrew “stato_1” Hulme is one of the best players in Britain (at both poker and the words and numbers TV show Countdown, in which he is one of a rare breed of undefeated “octochamps”). But Hulme finished in second to benyie last night. That was one spot better than Jon “apestyles” Van Fleet, a titan of the online tournament game with more than $16.25 million in recorded cashes. Van Fleet had to make do with third in this one, as benyie took the title.


Tournament Entries Prize pool Winner Country Prize
96-L: $55 NLHE 8-Max, 2nd Chance Main Event 29,610 $1,480,500 Crismano Brazil $148,531.54
96-M: $530 NLHE 8-Max, 2nd Chance Main Event 4,899 $2,449,500 LFFF22 Brazil $348,642.81
96-H: $5,200 NLHE 8-Max, 2nd Chance Main Event 465 $2,325,000 Pass_72 Canada $416,741.68
97-L: $55 PLO 6-Max, 2nd Chance PLO Main Event 5,307 $265,350 jlapka Mexico $37,745.33
97-M: $530 PLO 6-Max, 2nd Chance PLO Main Event 955 $477,500 TruthBeTold7 Canada $78,318.49
99-L: $5.50 NLHE 8-Max, PKO 33,636 $164,816 Hudison747 Netherlands $10,755.00†
99-M: $55 NLHE 8-Max, PKO 12,005 $600,250 Opresqu Moldova $42,516.77†*
99-H: $530 NLHE 8-Max, PKO 1,816 $908,000 TripleAjaxxx Sweden $87,040.89†
101-L: $11 NLHE 9,810 $96,138 KKAArdoso Brazil $11,167.59*
101-M: $109 NLHE 2,398 $239,800 benyie Sweden $35,336.60
101-H: $1,050 NLHE 325 $325,000 C. Darwin2 Sweden $61,140.99
104-L: $5.50 NLHE 8-Max, Turbo, PKO 17,111 $83,844 xTheWall Sweden $6,262.36†
104-M: $55 NLHE 8-Max, Turbo, PKO 8,530 $426,500 AlainHajj Lebanon $36,738.50†
104-H: $530 NLHE 8-Max, Turbo, PKO 1,059 $529,500 Ryokan Ireland $69,659.70†
Daily totals 127,926 $10,371,698 $1,390,598

†inc. bounties
*denotes deal


The total prize pools for SCOOP this year have now surged past $150 million. It’s been a remarkable series.

Tournaments completed: 306
Tournaments ongoing: 6
Starting today: 9
Entries so far: 2,337,732
Prize pools so far: $157,689,581
First-place prizes awarded: $21,666,819

Totals refer to completed tournaments only.


How to be a better player

In our most recent SCOOP feature, we asked a long list of SCOOP champions what are the three things that they think they do well that have helped them to the top of the online game. It wasn’t just about pumping hot air up them, either. This is so that you can learn from them and improve your own game.

The answers read like a “how to” manual for elite level poker: dedication, persistence, application, concentration. As Phil Galfond once said, “The biggest misconception in poker is that poker is its own innate skill, like saying ‘I’m good at dancing’.” The best poker players possess a vast array of skills and traits which have led them to success.

Here’s your chance to learn from the best:

The three things SCOOP winners do well (and how you can start doing them too)

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If you want to make a name for yourself in the world of Twitch poker, making a stream in which you play heads up for two SCOOP titles on the same night, and happen also to win a $55 Sunday Marathon on PokerStars is one way to do it. That’s what Justin Taylor “jlapka” Lapka managed to do last night, and why he is one of our latest SCOOP champions. Here’s his full stream, from his channel: www.twitch.tv/lappypoker

Watch DAY 3 ~ SCOOP $1`M Gtd & PLO $200K GTD !sk from LappyPoker on www.twitch.tv
“Have we set $1K on fire?” It was a fair question from Fintan “easywithaces” Hand, who jammed on the turn with king high, looking at a board of 6569. His opponent was “Sphinx87”, who put Hand through the ringer before giving him an emphatic answer:


Antanas Bakaitis: a towering talent in mixed games

We’ve been catching up with numerous other SCOOP champions over the series, happy to share the secrets of their success, or simply to introduce themselves to the poker world. Hear their stories:

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László “Lackoo87gcb” Molnár: “I think I’m starting to like it!”
Cristian ‘Chapex’ Chapoñan: One for Peru
Jonathan “Corback_fr” Therme: Sunday Million winner left speechless
Nicolas “Nicoverlast” Wright: pacing a treadmill to success
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Vitor “vitoradiron” Adiron: “I’ll continue working on my failures”
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“plens” targets bucket-list EPT appearance
Tapio “PikkuHUMPPA” Vihakas: “I am as lazy as a human can be”
Catalina “catam18” Marmureanu”: A result for all women in poker
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“MarkBang”: First out to last man standing
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Oleg “Fukuruku” Vasylchenko: Poor student becomes richer
Michael “Malicious20” Cottier: $9.5K from a $2.20 buy-in tournament!
Dimitrios “papadatos69” Papadatos: Making most of downturn in tourism
William “Williaml666” Barbosa: Best feeling ever!
Last hand double-KO gives ‘PufuMiu’ win in Event #11-L

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It has to be this one!


Daniel “Oxota” Dvoress leads latest $10K

There’s no better way to follow all the SCOOP action than via Poker News’ live updates.

Tonight they will be reporting on the conclusion of the $10,300 Super Tuesday High Roller, which attracted a brilliant field. Daniel “Oxota” Dvoress leads the last 15 in what is essentially a reunion from the $10K Main Event: the overall winner “Alexgirs” is still involved again, as is Belgium’s “XMorphineX” and Michael “imluckbox” Addamo. When you add in Steve “Mr. Tim Caum” O’Dwyer, Fedor “CrownUpGuy” Holz, Adrian “Amadi_017” Mateos and Ole “wizowizo” Schemion, you can see why this one is going to be particularly exciting.

Poker News’ easy-to-use interface keeps you up to speed with major hands, chip counts, and they will toss in a few pictures too to help you identify the faces behind the avatars.



Rui “RuiNF” Ferreira continues to lead the Player of the Series leader board (that’s a sentence that types itself) but the closing pack have far from given up. Konstantin “krakukra” Maslak and Talal “raidalot” Shakerchi both picked up points in Tuesday’s action. The problem is that so did Ferreira…

Latest standings:

1 – Rui “RuiNF” Ferreira, Netherlands, 1,840 points
2 – Konstantin “krakukra” Maslak, Russia, 1,570
3 – Talal “raidalot” Shakerchi, UK, 1,490
4 – Muka82, Brazil, 1,330
5 – Patrick “pads1161” Leonard, UK, 1,265

(Prizes: 1st: $50,000 + Trophy; 2nd: $20,000; 3rd: $10,000)


Sweden became the first country to win four titles on a single day during this SCOOP series, pushing the country’s total to 11 and regaining pre-eminence for the Swedes among the Nordic countries. Norway had been leading for a long time, until last night. Brazil’s three wins, combined with a blank for the UK, closes the gap a little at the very top. This one is going to the wire.

Latest standings:

43: UK
40: Brazil
27: Russia
20: Germany
19: Netherlands
15: Canada
12: Ukraine
11: Sweden
10: Norway
Nine: Austria, Mexico, Ireland
Seven: Finland
Six: Greece
Five: Hungary, Belarus, China, Poland, Lithuania
Four: Argentina, Romania
Three: Peru, Lebanon
Two: Malta, Denmark, Belgium, Japan, Uruguay, Bulgaria, Croatia, Luxembourg, Moldova
One: Kazakhstan, Slovakia, North Macedonia, South Korea, Czech Republic, Macau, Cyprus, Latvia, Vietnam, Thailand, Mongolia.


Day 28: Wednesday, May 27

The buy-ins go up this week for the Midweek Freeze, which means a $5,200 High Roller appears on the schedule. There’s also a return for pot-limit 5-Card Draw, which will give those mixed-game specialists a chance to boost their haul of titles. The biggest guarantees are attached to the day-end PKO events, where there’s half a million (at least) in the prize pools.

1pm ET – Event 105: NLHE 6-Max Midweek Freeze
Buy-ins: $55, $530, $5,200
Guarantees: $250,000, $400,000, $400,000

2.15pm ET – Event 106: PL 5-Card Draw
Buy-ins: $11, $109, $1,050
Guarantees: $15,000, $25,000, $50,000

3.30pm ET – Event 107: NLHE PKO
Buy-ins: $11, $109, $1,050
Guarantees: $200,000, $500,000, $500,000


There are still plenty of chances to join the SCOOP action. And if you’re thinking about doing that for the first time, or maybe are returning to the tables after a break, you will be well advised to read PokerStars School’s online tutorials. They are always relevant.

PokerStars School has all the information you need on how to get involved, how to make sure you have the right bankroll, how to play the satellites and how to play the tournaments themselves.

Click through to get yourself properly prepared:

Am I SCOOP ready? Planning, bankroll, mindset
Gearing up for SCOOP – General tournament strategy
Multi table tournaments (MTT) course
Poker satellite strategy


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