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The Russians dominated Thursday in the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) as the festival crowned its first double champion. All the latest news from the SCOOP tables…


• Martirosyan is first double champ of SCOOP 2020
• Russian wins second huge high roller of the week
• Two other Russian champions, including Filatov
• Myrmo wins second SCOOP five years after first
• Entries top 60K; prize-pools more than $40 million


Martirosyan bags another high roller: SCOOP 2020 has its first double champion — and this guy did it in style. Please take a bow, Artur “mararthur1” Martirosyan, who last night added victory in the $5,200 Midweek Freeze to his earlier $10,300 High Roller, winning two of the highest buy-in events of the festival in the space of a week. Martirosyan won $271,790.44 for beating a 124-entry field the first time, and added another $157,426.77 for defeating 144 this time, completing a spectacular double. The latest final table was breathtakingly difficult, featuring two other players who had already won during this SCOOP — Ole “wizowizo” Schemion and “consi11” — as well as double Main Event champion Gianluca “Tankanza” Speranza, and Uruguay’s best, Francisco “Tomatee” Benitez. But they all fell by the wayside as Martirosyan, from Russia, beat “pm_marke” heads up.

Artur Martirosyan: Double SCOOP champion

Anatoly “NL_Profit” Filatov

Filatov makes it two for Russia: Another Russian great celebrated a second SCOOP title last night when Anatoly “NL_Profit” Filatov beat a field of 5,565 entries to win the $109 buy-in PKO event, earning $54,959.91 including bounty payouts. Filatov last won in SCOOP in 2018 (also a PKO event) and also has a WCOOP title to his name, as well as two Winter Series titles. (He also has more than $5 million in live tournament winnings.) Filatov’s total haul comprised $33.5K from the main prize pool and a further $21,392 in bounties. Filatov is also lying fifth of the 35 remaining in the $2,100 buy-in 6-Max, which resumes today.

Three in a night: Russia’s third title of Thursday night was earned by “fantomvmk“, who won the high buy-in version of Event 31, picking up more than $103,000 including bounties. The deep stages of this tournament was stacked with stars, including Sami “Lrzlzk” Kelopuro (22nd), Yuri “theNERDguy” Martins (19th), Steve “Mr. Tim Caum” O’Dwyer (15th), Niklas “Lena900” Astedt (12th), Max “goodeh99” Silver (6th) and Vlad “dariepoker” Darie (5th), but the relatively unknown fantomvmk outdid them all, beating former SCOOP champion “Tonn22” heads-up.

Espen “locomi” Myrmo

Five years later, another for Myrmo: We last caught up with Espen “locomi” Myrmo in 2015, when the New Zealand based Norwegian made two final tables in SCOOP and won his first title. That was pretty huge. He won the Sunday Million Special Edition and banked $237,874.92. Five years later, Myrmo is a SCOOP champion for a second time. He won the $530 rebuy event (236 entries, 527 rebuys, 153 add-ons), which gave him another $89,165. His countryman Andreas “Skjervøy” Torbergsen was also at the final, finishing fourth.

“tsafas13” dims the stars: It may have “only” been a $55 buy-in tournament, but SCOOP-30-M turned into a whopper, with some noted crushers involved until the very latest stages. There were 1,272 entries but a further 2,439 rebuys and 559 add-ons, which swelled the prize pool to $218,410. With more than $34K up top, the final table ended up featuring Sweden’s Jerry “Perrymejsen” Ödeen, who has more than $7.4 million in tournament cashes, the noted German “Sintoras” and Brazil’s finest Joao “IneedMassari” Simao, whose lifetime total cashes, according to Pocket Fives, is closing in on $9.2 million. None of them were a match for “tsafas13“, however, who beat Simao heads up and won a fourth title for Greece during this SCOOP. Ödeen was seventh and Sintoras third.



Tournament Entries Prize pool Winner Country Prize
29-L: $55 NLHE, Midweek Freeze 9,480 $474,000 bauruzito Brazil $65,174.06
29-M: $530 NLHE, Midweek Freeze 1,127 $563,500 Sc0RPioN95 UK $83,609.17
29-H: $5,200 NLHE, Midweek Freeze 144 $750,000 mararthur1 Russia $157,426.77
30-L: $5.50+R PLO, 6-Max 4,770 $79,150 Boris1731 Poland $11,271.39
30-M: $55+R PLO, 6-Max 1,272 $218,411 tsafas13 Greece $34,130.36
30-H: $530+R PLO, 6-Max 236 $462,580 locomi Norway $89,165.94
31-L: $11 NLHE, PKO 21,326 $208,995 RIGA1006 Ireland $12,893.10
31-M: $109 NLHE, PKO 5,565 $556,500 NL_Profit Russia $54,959.91
31-H: $1,050 NLHE, PKO 675 $675,000 fantomvmk Russia $103,878.35

†inc. bounties
*denotes deal


Tournaments completed: 90
Tournaments ongoing: 12
Entries so far: 630,228
Prize pools so far: $41,154,114
First-place prizes awarded: $5,747,012.06

Totals refer to completed tournaments only


We’re catching up with a lot of SCOOP winners this year, all happy to share their experiences of winning big.

There’s no more inspiring story than that of Paul “pistolp999” Kroezen, who has overcome numerous hardships in his life to focus on poker — and now has a SCOOP title to show for it. Kroezen told Martin Harris about how he struggled to the victory and the $23,194.76 first prize, all from a $16 buy-in.

Previous winner interviews:

Adam “adamyid” Owen: Defeating end-boss “veeea”
Matt “MUSTAFABET” Ashton: Tournaments are practice for cash games
Antanas “Nr1InEurope” Bakaitis: “I’m no good at Texas Hold’em!
“MarkBang”: First out to last man standing
“thegodfisher”: Busy broker finds time to win SCOOP title
Oleg “Fukuruku” Vasylchenko: Poor student becomes richer
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William “Williaml666” Barbosa: Best feeling ever!
Last hand double-KO gives ‘PufuMiu’ win in Event #11-L


“Good flop, good result, good stack. Easy game, easy life.” It’s always fun to see Fintan “easywithaces” Hand doing well at the SCOOP tables, and overnight he is 29th of 70 left in the $530 buy-in SCOOP-32. This hand helped:

Benjamin “Spraggy” Spragg also had a decent Thursday and sits 53rd of 201 coming back in the $215 buy-in event. This hand, in which Spraggy read everything just about perfectly, shows that there’s more than just the chat and the arcade machine to this brilliant streamer:


He is “@rolyatyug” on Twitter and “temp0r2k” on PokerStars but last night he was a triple-figure Twitch streamer as he chip-led a SCOOP final table last night. All that on a computer manufactured before 1914….

Ready to sign up for PokerStars and play SCOOP? Click here to get an account.


Poker News on the case

Our friends at Poker News are offering live coverage of a ton of SCOOP events, and right now we’re at the half-way stage of the two massive Thursday Thrill events.

Canada’s “TTWIST” leads the $1,050 buy-in version (there’s $1.35 million in the prize pool) and there’s blow-by-blow coverage here. Meanwhile, Andras “probirs” Nemeth is ahead in the $10,300 High Roller, and you can also follow that one to its bitter end. The winner is set for more than $113K, plus something close to that in bounties.



Russia’s three victories tonight brought players from the massive Europe/Asia landmass onto the shoulder of the UK at the top of the countries leader board. But “Sc0RPioN95” also won a title for Britain last night, taking the country total to 16, which is still one ahead of Russia.

Latest standings:

16: UK
15: Russia
7: Brazil
Six: Netherlands, Germany
Four: Ukraine, Greece
Three: Hungary, Austria, Poland, Ireland
Two: Romania, Norway, Argentina, Canada
One: Japan, Peru, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Belarus, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Uruguay, China


Day 9: Friday, May 8

We really switch it up on Day 9, with only one event (three tournaments) of what you might call regular no limit hold’em. The focus instead is on the introduction to SCOOP 2020 of HORSE, which is followed by the longest event title of the series. That’s the NLHE Heads-Up, Turbo, PKO, Zoom. Hands will be coming thicker and faster than ever, and pretty much every one is going to be playable. Meanwhile, if you want to learn a bit more about all the games in HORSE, head over to PokerStars School’s Mixed-Game course page.

1pm ET – Event 36: NLHE 8-Max
Buy-ins: $11, $109, $1,050
Guarantees: $200,000, $600,000, $600,000

2.15pm ET – Event 37: HORSE
Buy-ins: $22, $215, $2,100
Guarantees: $35,000, $60,000, $125,000

3.30pm ET – Event 38: NLHE Heads-Up, Turbo, Progressive Total KO, Zoom
Buy-ins: $5.50, $55, $530
Guarantees: $75,000, $200,000, $300,000


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