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Jonathan “Corback_fr” Therme has been playing both online and live poker for “a long time”. Last Sunday, he scored the biggest win of his career, picking up life changing sums and a serious set of accolades.

Therme outlasted a field of 3,419 entries to take down the SCOOP 44-M special edition Sunday Million, earning $216,617. We spoke with the champ to get his thoughts on the win.

“It’s completely insane. I’m still struggling to realize. I’ve been waiting a long time for something this big to happen, but I knew I could do it. I worked a lot in the last months on my game and my mind with the help of some friends, and I’m glad it’s starting to pay off,” says Therme.

Therme played a steady game without too many swings, until a big double up gave him the stack he needed to take on the final table.

“I had around 50bbs almost all the tourney. I tried not to call the short stacks too light or risk too many chips in borderline situations. I played a big QQ vs 88 pot for 75bbs in the semi-final to send me close to the chip lead and let me start to put pressure on my opponents.”

Therme recalls the moment he hit a straight on the final hand to win the tourney.

“I raise called with J 7 against a 3bet, then called a c-bet on the 6 4 3 flop. The turn came a 5, the magic card! My opponent check called ¼ pot, and the river is the 2, a straight on the board! Another magic card, because now it will be very hard for him to fold on the river with a 60% pot size stack.”

After Therme shoves, his opponent, and second place finisher “Murashko”, thinks for a while before making the call.

“My opponent has been thinking for a long time after I put him all in, and my housemates and I added a little extra suspense when we left my office while he was still thinking. We came back one minute later and it was over!”

Winning such a huge event is definitely cause for celebration. “We probably woke up our neighbors at that time!”, says Therme.

It’s true to say that Jonathan Therme has been building up to this win. He had success on a WCOOP final table in 2019, and recently came first in the Bigger $215. Now Therme has his first SCOOP title, not to mention an immense amount of cash.

“I moved first to Malta and then to London. I improved a lot since I left France, so I see this win like the beginning of a new journey. I needed to prove to myself that I could do it, and now I did. I think this experience is going to help me a lot with my future big deep runs. Why not in another SCOOP this week?!”, says Therme.

The special edition SCOOP Sunday Million ran for more than 18 hours over 2 days. We asked Jonathan how he stayed focused for so long, and whether he has any advice for players looking to do the same.

“I tried not to think too much about numbers. Patience is, of course, one of the most important things to work on! But to keep this patience, I always repeat in my head why am I playing and what are my goals. If you set goals that motivate you and work hard on it, you can surpass yourself.”

Very wise words Jonathan. Congratulations on turning all that hard work and patience into $216,617 and a SCOOP title.



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