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Matthew “MUSTAFABET” Ashton is one of the most accomplished poker pros in the UK. He has amassed millions in tournament winnings, including multiple COOPs and a WSOP Player’s Champion bracelet.

Not bad for a player who prefers cash games.

“I don’t play many tournaments, but the SCOOP’s have always been a nice change of pace from cash games and it’s fun competing in them each year,” says Ashton.

Indeed, Ashton is no stranger to SCOOP titles. He won his first back in 2016. Last year he claimed a double, taking down the #20-H Limit Stud game for $132k, along with the #50-H Razz tournament for a further $40k.

Now Ashton has earned his first title of SCOOP 2020, taking down the #90-H $1,050 FLHE for $24,729.

“I probably don’t put as much significance in tournament results and titles as most pro’s, but it’s always a good feeling to win!”. For Ashton, “playing online now mostly feels like practice for bigger live cash games”, though he does find that tournaments keep him in good shape.

“While it’s hard to know when they (live cash games) will return, it’s good to feel sharp, and tournaments do that well for me. For some reason, I focus harder in a tournament compared to cash games that are equivalent stakes or even a few times higher,” says Ashton.

When he does play tournaments, Ashton tends to stick to Mixed games and Limit formats.

Matthew “MUSTAFABET” Ashton is known for his ability in Mixed games, Razz, Limit and more.

“Limit is very different in that you can’t lose your whole stack in one hand for most of the tournament, so it plays a bit closer to a cash game compared to NL,” says Ashton. “The adjustments once you’re in/near the money are still interesting enough to me. Opposition is probably more heavy than in NL tournaments, but it feels like a big mix of backgrounds in all the SCOOP events.”

You can expect to see Matthew “MUSTAFABET” Ashton back on the tables for “most of the high buy-in non NLHE tournament”.

And if his previous records are anything to go by, he’ll be hitting final tables aplenty. He’s already come close to a second title of the series, finishing fourth in the #25-H, 2-7 Triple Draw event for $17,813.

Who knows, he might even pick up another double. So watch this space…



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