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Guilherme “teruliro” Orrico is not messing around when it comes to poker. He’s been playing professionally since 2011, and as an instructor now carefully divides his time between teaching and playing.

Orrico’s resume includes a second place finish in SCOOP 2017 worth over $100k, multiple COOP final tables and High Roller events. He has two WCOOP titles to his name already, and just went on to win his first ever SCOOP.

Orrico outlasted a field of 329 players to take down the SCOOP 2020 Event #21-H and claim the $27,074 top prize. The tournament was Omaha hi-lo, a variation that he enjoys.

“In Omaha hi-lo I always prefer to get low cards to defend low boards. This is a game that interests me a lot. I’m always trying to learn and adapt well to to play the most expensive tournaments. Players register without knowing much about ranges and how to play post flop, as most of them come from Omaha high”.

Orrico’s poker career has been long and lucrative. “I have been playing poker professionally since 2011. I have always played for the 4-bet poker team. Today, I am an instructor and player. On Monday I have a meeting with the other instructors, and from Tuesday to Friday I teach three lessons per week and play whenever I have time,” he says.

Outside of poker, Orrico like to “go to the bar with friends, drink some beers and watch good football. I always try to do something that makes me happy and relaxes my mind.”

It’s important for successful poker players to think logically, but Orrico has a special message that he wants to convey. “Nothing is by chance and hard work is always rewarded. The way poker has appeared in my life has been full of small happenings. Today I can say that I work with what I love, and thank God for that.”

We don’t think this will be the last we’ll see of Guilherme “teruliro” Orrico. He’s had two more near misses in SCOOP 2020 before we even had chance to write this up. And he’ll be playing every tournament he can during the series.

“I will continue with the same mentality. I will continue to play every tournament possible and within my balance,” says Luiz.



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