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The 2021 Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) is now into its final few days. The Main Events have started, but there are still 39 tournaments to play for. Here’s all the latest…


• Main Events under way!
• Guarantees smashed in hold’em events
• Fintan into deep stages of Warm-Up
• Player of Series race goes to the wire


Guarantees obliterated in hold’em Mains: After nearly three weeks of anticipation, the SCOOP Main Events are under way, and the headline news from the first day of competition is that guarantees are already smashed. These events, with buy-ins of $109, $1,050 and $10,300 had guarantees of $3 million, $5 million and $5 million, respectively, and with 35,915 entries to the “low”, 5,490 entries to the “medium” and 601 entries to the “high” already, there’s even more money in the prize pools. What’s more, registration remains open until five minutes before play resumes today (1.05pm ET), so there’s still plenty of time to qualify.

Hold’em Main Events state of play:

SCOOP-92-L: $109 NLHE Main Event
Entries so far: 35,919 | Prize pool so far: $3,591,500
Players left: 8,499 | Chip leader: DAEHBONK (Ireland)
Projected first prize: $350,882 | 5,063 places paid

SCOOP-92-M: $1,050 NLHE 8-Max, Main Event
Entries so far: 5,491 | Prize pool so far: $5,491,000
Players left: 1,658 | Chip leader: Marrison830 (Argentina)
Projected first prize: $780,746 | 671 places paid

SCOOP-92-H: $10,300 NLHE 8-Max, Main Event
Entries so far: 601 | Prize pool so far: $6,010,000
Players left: 194 | Chip leader: ShipitFTW911 (Sweden)
Projected first prize: $1,049,003 | 79 places paid

All of Ben “Spraggy” Spragg (22nd), Lex Veldhuis (28th), Parker “tonkaaaa” Talbot (93rd) and Fintan “easywithaces” Hand (111th) are alive and well in the $10K Main Event. Lex, Spraggy and Ramon Colillas have chips in the medium. Georgina “GJReggie” James, Lex, Spraggy, tonkaaaa, “Wistern” and Felix Schneiders are also alive in the low.

These tournaments play out over four days, so still have three days each to play.

It’s not just hold’em: The PLO Main Events also got cracking on Sunday, and these are slightly more exclusive. There have so far been 113 entries, including 47 re-entries, to the $10,300 “high” PLO Main Event, which means the $1.25 million guarantee has not quite yet been reached. With 14 places due to be paid, and only 24 players currently involved, it must be tempting to hop into this one at the last minute. We can probably expect a bit of a flurry of entries, or re-entries, into this one. The $1,050 “medium” event comfortably beat its guarantee when 862 entered on the first day. (The guarantee was $750K.) Registration remains open. There were also 4,391 entries to the “low” version, putting $439,100 in that prize pool. Registration has closed there.


Nine more winners: In addition to the Main Events kicking off, nine tournaments concluded on Sunday from which nine players won their first ever SCOOP titles. The player who has come closest before was “Succeeed“, who has previously finished second in SCOOP events on two occasions. The Austria based player finally got over the line this time and took down the $1,050 Afternoon Deep Stack (SCOOP-86-H), which started on Saturday, and claimed a $56,626 pay-day. The two biggest prizes went to the winners of the two big PKO events: the $2,100 buy-in two-day event (SCOOP-87-H) and the single-day $1,050 Sunday Cooldown Turbo (SCOOP-94-H). They attracted 330 and 839 entries, respectively, and their winners “mrG01R4NG“, of Malta, and “fkiw“, of Sweden, were rewarded with prizes of $143,465 and $138,348, respectively. Both totals include bounty payments.

Fintan on fire: By his own admission, the first two weeks of SCOOP 2021 were brutal for Fintan “easywithaces” Hand. He was regularly beaten up at the tables. But just recently, it’s all been gravy, with Hand spectacularly taking down the $5K High Roller on Saturday night, and spending Sunday grinding into the deep stages of the $2K Warm-Up, alongside the Main Event. Hand is 14th of 18 players left (from 554 entries) in the Warm-Up, with $5,375 bounties locked up and a minimum $3,930 to come from the prize pool. There’s $85K up top, and Fintan is on form. The tournament concludes tonight.


*after deal


The completion of the Saturday events reached a significant landmark for SCOOP 2021: the $100 million prize pool point. If you remember, that was the figure guaranteed for the whole series and we have made it already, with two more days — and the Main Events — to spare. Remember, the stat tracker only shows details from completed events, and those big ones are only one day (of three) old at the moment.

Latest standings:

Entries: 1,289,117 (inc. 257,983 re-entries)
Prize pools: $102,146,363
First place payouts: $15,077,444 (inc. $2,767,577 in bounties)
Tournaments completed: 267
Tournaments ongoing: 12
Tournaments starting today: 9

(Note: Stats from completed tournaments only)


Santo "kleinebakker007" Bakker, 2021 SCOOP Event #64-M champion

Santo “kleinebakker007” Bakker, 2021 SCOOP Event #64-M champion

We’ve been catching up with some of the stars of SCOOP to talk about their latest triumphs, including:

Márton “Komarcus” Kókai looks on the bright side
Santo “kleinebakker007” Bakker follows near-miss with SCOOP win
Mason Pye’s Mixed Game Movement gaining momentum
Marcos “masaldanha94″ Saldanha: Luck at the right moments
“Marcelinhobf” puts the pieces togerher for $34K win
Dejan “dejanlc357” Kaladjurdjevic: First ever from Montenegro — and he’s won three!
Daniel Almeida: Study brings success
Francesco “dottorsydUK” La Cognata makes the most of his free time
Elias “SinKarma” Gutierrez on winning title with 15,000 watching
Fagner “FagnerCR7” Brito one step closer to ambition of turning pro


You’re in the $10K SCOOP Main Event and have pocket threes when your opponent makes a pot-sized bet on a board of 105J4Q. Easy fold? Lex Veldhuis wasn’t so sure…

And as for Spraggy, he maybe misclicking his way to the title:


There are still 39 events yet to be completed in this year’s SCOOP, so technically any country down to Ukraine in this list can still top the countries leader board. They’d just need to win every event left to overhaul Brazil’s marvellous 44 already.

Latest standings:

44 – Brazil
31 – Russia
28 – UK
18 – Sweden
12 – Netherlands
11 – Canada
10 – Finland
9 – Germany, Poland
8 – Austria, Romania
7 – Hungary, Norway
6 – Czech Republic
5 – Bulgaria, Greece, Mexico
4 – Argentina, Belarus, Denmark, Malta, Ukraine
3 – Croatia, Montenegro
2 – Estonia, Ireland, Latvia
1 – Andorra, Belgium, Bolivia, Chile, Isle of Man, Japan, Lithuania, Moldova, New Zealand, Slovakia, Uruguay, Uzbekistan.


You know a major series is winding down when tournaments start to have names like “Series Saver”. That’s what kicks off at 1.05pm today, with a nice PKO event at the $11, $109, $1,050 price points, offering another chance to remember SCOOP 2021 fondly. If you fancy a tiny bit of variety, the NLHE/PLO 6-Max also seems appealing.

95-L: $11 NLHE 8-Max, PKO, Series Saver, $200K Gtd
95-M: $109 NLHE 8-Max, PKO, Series Saver, $600K Gtd
95-H: $1,050 NLHE 8-Max, PKO, Series Saver, $1M Gtd

96-L: $5.50 NLHE/PLO 6-Max, PKO, $20K Gtd
96-M: $55 NLHE/PLO 6-Max, PKO, $50K Gtd
96-H: $530 NLHE/PLO 6-Max, PKO, $100K Gtd

97-L: $2.20 NLHE Turbo, $20K Gtd
97-M: $22 NLHE Turbo, $150K Gtd
97-H: $215 NLHE Turbo, $200K Gtd


In scenes reminiscent of last year’s WCOOP, a late surge from Rinat “Zapahzamazki” Lyapin has put the Russian in a commanding position at the top of the Overall Player of the Series leader board. Lyapin has a 70-point lead over his nearest three competitors, who are all incredibly tightly bunched. “aleksandrs10” won his first title of the year on Saturday night, from a final table that also featured Lyapin, and another deep run for either of them, or Jussi “calvin7v” Nevanlinna or Patrick “pads1161” Leonard could yet change everything once more. Stay tuned for a thrilling conclusion in this one.

Here’s the latest standings:

Here’s the latest standings:

Overall Player of the Series
1 – Rinat “Zapahzamazki” Lyapin, Russia – 1,560 points
=2 – aleksandrs10, Russia – 1,490
=2 – Jussi “calvin7v” Nevanlinna, Finland – 1,490
4 – Patrick “pads1161” Leonard, UK – 1,480
5 – Ilari “Fabahaba” Tahkokallio, Finland – 1,315

Winner: $25,000 + Trophy

1 – Patrick “pads1161” Leonard, UK – 785 points
2 – Rinat “Zapahzamazki” Lyapin, Russia – 750
3 – Jonah “RaiseUpBlind” Silverstein, Canada – 680
4 – Jussi “calvin7v” Nevanlinna, Finland – 660
5 – Simon “C. Darwin2” Mattsson, Sweden – 650

Prizes: 1st – $15,000 + Trophy; 2nd – $10,000; 3rd – $5,000

1 – aleksandrs10, Russia – 645 points
2 – Ilari “Fabahaba” Tahkokallio, Finland – 610
3 – Rinat “Zapahzamazki” Lyapin, Russia – 435
4 – römpsä, Finland – 430
5 – Patrick “pads1161” Leonard, UK – 425

Prizes: 1st – $10,000 + Trophy; 2nd – $7,500; 3rd – $5,000 (10 players rewarded)

1 – FONBET_RULIT, Russia – 655 points
2 – phil_a-QQ, Germany – 525
3 – aleksandrs10, Russia – 520
=4 – Alex_Vol, Russia – 515
=4 – rawsignature, Norway – 515

Prizes: 1st – $5,000 + Trophy; 2nd – $2,500; 3rd – $1,500 (20 players rewarded)

See official SCOOP page for more details


PokerStars’ streaming army will be out in force during this SCOOP, with all of Lex Velduis, Spraggy, Fintan “easywithaces” Hand, Arlie “Prince Pablo” Shaban, Mason “Pyefacepoker” Pye and Georgina “GJReggie” James certain to be playing most, if not all, days.

The PokerStars central Twitch and YouTube account will also be streaming cards-up final table action five nights a week. Here’s the schedule.

SCOOP 2021 broadcast schedule


Day 1: Opening night salvos
Day 2: Bujitas and Brazil win big
Day 3: Shakerchi reigns as superstars dominate
Day 4: Double for Montenegro, plus Mateos and Malinowski
Day 5: Two in a night for Nevanlinna; three for Montenegro
Day 6: Lex denied by Padilha
Day 7: Two $1m+ prize pools, and more Lex
Day 8: Astedt and Mulder take customary titles
Day 9: Two in a night for Mattsson
Day 10: Viera crushes again as Moorman wins first
Day 11: Mateos does it again, huge night for Brazil
Day 12: Benitez and Badziakouski take headlines
Day 13: More titles for Leonard, Theologis, Track and WhatIfGod
Day 14: Back-to-back for Leonard as Pye claims one for Red Spade
Day 15: Glaser makes it six and first for Mathis
Day 16: Salas shines, Watson wins seventh
Day 17: Mateos wins third title, Spraggy so close
Day 18: Fintan Hand becomes two-time champ, wins #82-H for $232K

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