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The 2021 Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) is done and three Main Events winners have been crowned. Here’s what you need to know from the final day of play…


• ‘kZhh’ captures High Main Event, $878K after three-way deal
• Dream comes true for ‘livinmydream1,’ Medium Main Event champ for $838K
• ‘Cantaloupe91’ can’t be stopped, wins Low Main Event for $376K
• Lyapin holds on in Player of Series race

‘kZhh’ captures High Main Event, $878K after three-way deal

“kZhh” of Hungary, Dan “Dannyz0r” Borlan of Romania, and Kayhan “KayhanMok” Roshanfekr of Norway began the day 1-2-3 in chips, and that’s exactly where they ended it with kZhh capturing the SCOOP “High” Main Event title and a nice prize of more than $878K.

That trio struck a three-handed deal, in fact, which meant runner-up Borlan earned a bit more, taking away $894K, while Roshanfekr also banked a nice $791K.

After a half-hour of careful maneuvering, “23tudy23” of Romania finally got a short stack all in with JJ and was up against PLO Main Event “High” champion Ka Kwan “kaju85” Lau‘s AQ. The two diamonds on the flop were troubling for 23tudy23, and the queen on the turn even more so. The river blanked, and they were down to eight.

Ka Kwan Lau

Ka Kwan “kaju85” Lau

Not long after, the UK’s Jareth “jareth3542” East had some bad luck losing a 35-big blind stack with AK versus Borlan’s AA. The rockets held, and East was out in eighth.

Shortly into the day’s second hour of play, the double-Main Event dream of Ka Kwan Lau ended. The player from Andorra built a large pot through the turn with kZhh, then the river completed the board as 5J67Q. kZhh checked and Lau bluffed all in with K10, and kZhh called with JJ and a set of jacks, knocking out Lau in seventh.

Just four hands later, Christian “WATnlos” Rudolph of Austria five-bet shoved with AK, the Netherlands’ “Beowulf3182” called with KK, and the kings held to send Rudolph railward in sixth.

Christian "WATnlos" Rudolph

Christian “WATnlos” Rudolph

Meanwhile David “MissOracle” Yan was busy making hands and getting value, and after starting the day fourth in chips took the chip lead during the second hour. kZhh was able to push back into the lead by the second break, with Borlan once again moving into second position where the player had started the day.

As the day’s fourth hour began, Yan had become the short stack when a blind-versus blind hand developed between Yan and Roshanfekr. Yan limped, Roshanfekr raised, and Yan called, and the flop came 5108. Both checked, and after Yan checked the 7 turn, Roshanfekr bet two-thirds pot and after a pause Yan check-raised all in for almost 11 million, about twice what was in the middle.

Roshanfekr called, showing 107 for two pair while Yan had Q6 for a flush draw. The A river ended it, and Yan was out in fifth.

David Yan

David “MissOracle” Yan

Beowulf3182 went out next in fourth, also falling to Roshanfekr. The hand came shortly after Beowulf3182 had tried a bold river bluff against Borlan while representing a flush, but Borlan managed to call with a set of deuces. Down to just three big blinds, Beowulf3182 soon committed with king-seven against Roshanfekr’s ace-eight, and the board brought no help to knock out Beowulf3182 in fourth.

The final trio played on, finally pausing proceedings to discuss a deal with Borlan in front with about 74 million, kZhh next with almost 51 million, and Roshanfekr third with just under 41 million. They were able to work out terms and strike a deal, and with a title and $50,000 still on the table play proceeded.

Roshanfekr’s knockout in third came after a one-two combo from Borlan. In the first hand, the pair got all in preflop with Roshanfekr holding AK and Dannyz0r 99. A nine flopped and the set held, and Borlan had a big double-up while Roshanfekr was on fumes.

As it happened, Roshanfekr picked up AA on the next hand and got all in versus Borlan’s K10. But the flop brought two kings, no ace followed, and Roshanfekr was out in third.

Even with those pots, Borlan was well behind to start heads-up with about 56 million to kZhh’s 109 million. The pair battled for a couple dozen hands with kZhh chipping up further, then came a hand in which kZhh limped from the button, Borlan raised, and kZhh called.

The flop came Q63, and Borlan led with a bet. kZhh called again, and the turn brought the 5. This time Borlan checked, and when kZhh bet, Borlan check-raised all in and kZhh quickly called.

Borlan had K5 for fives, but kZhh had been waiting with KK. The 6 sealed it, and kZhh took the title.

SCOOP-92-H: $10,300 NLHE Main Event
Dates: April 25-28, 2021
Entries: 664 (inc. 202 re-entries); 87 paid
Prize pool: $6,640,000

Final table results

1st: kZhh (Hungary) $878,781.14*
2nd: Dan “Dannyz0r” Borlan (Romania) $894,551.34*
3rd: Kayhan “KayhanMok” Roshanfekr (Norway) $791,074.32*
4th: Beowulf3182 (Netherlands) $443,934.46
5th: David “MissOracle” Yan (New Zealand) $325,098.38
6th: Christian “WATnlos” Rudolph (Austria) $238,073.88
7th: Ka Kwan “kaju85” Lau (Andorra) $174,344.48
8th: Jareth “jareth3542” East (United Kingdom) $127,674.58
9th: 23tudy23 (Romania) $102,085.35

*after deal

Dream comes true for ‘livinmydream1,’ Medium Main Event champ for $838K

The “Medium” Main Event title went to Austria and “livinmydream1” who started the final day in fifth position but ended it in first for more than $838K.

They almost made it through the first hour before an elimination. On the last hand before the first hourly break. “onlyuknowme” of Greece hit the rail in ninth after running AK into the AA of Belarus’ “mvpalls.”

Canada’s “j_peso4” next fell in eighth after ace-trey couldn’t beat the pocket kings of livinmydream1. “miguel2007” of Peru was then glad to get all in with AK and enjoy a big edge versus “Morrison830” of Argentina who held A6. But a six fell on the river, knocking miguel2007 out in seventh.

A little later mvpalls had fallen to less than one big blind and open-pushed all in from UTG with 74. Ireland’s “PopAShush” reraised to isolate from the small blind, then showed Q4. The J3A flop was promising for the short-stacked player, but the Q paired PopAShush and the 5 river sealed it, and mvpalls was out in sixth.

On the very next hand, “betsoares” of Brazil bet it all on pocket eights and had a preflop edge against livinmydream1’s ace-five. But an ace flopped, the turn and river changed nothing, and betsoares was done in fifth. PopAShush’s fortunes then took a downturn, eventually resulting in a preflop all-in with king-queen versus livinmydream1’s ace-king. The board came ten-high, and PopAShush was done in fourth.

Morrison830 was next out in third, getting chips in with pocket jacks against the ace-king suited of Greece’s “alimounda,” then holding through the turn before a king fell on fifth street. That gave alimounda a big pot and almost a 3-to-1 chip advantage over livinmydream1 to start heads-up play.

By the three-hour mark, livinmydream1 had narrowed the gap, and a few hands later the pair paused proceedings to discuss a deal. No deal was struck, though, and play marched forward.

livinmydream1 moved out in front, then chipped up over 400 million while alimounda slipped to about 188 million. A limped pot and 2A10 flop saw alimounda check-call a bet from livinmydream1. The 3 turn produced the same action with a bigger bet, then after the K river alimounda checked again and livinmydream1 shoved.

alimounda thought about it, then finally called with A6 for aces. But livinmydream1 had A3 for two pair, and livinmydream1’s dream of winning a SCOOP Main Event title had come true.

SCOOP-92-M: $1,050 NLHE Main Event
Dates: April 25-28, 2021
Entries: 5,903 (inc. 1,796 re-entries); 735 paid
Prize pool: $5,903,000

Final table results

1st: livinmydream1 (Austria) $838,908.55
2nd: alimounda (Greece) $598,000.46
3rd: Morrison830 (Argentina) $426,275.10
4th: PopAShush (Ireland) $303,863.41
5th: betsoares (Brazil) $216,604.09
6th: mvpalls (Belarus) $154,402.40
7th: miguel2007 (Peru) $110,063.20
8th: j_peso4 (Canada) $78,456.77
9th: onlyuknowme (Greece) $55,926.20

‘Cantaloupe91’ can’t be stopped, wins Low Main Event for $376K

In the “Low” version of the Main Event, it took Greece’s “Cantaloupe91” just over three hours to collect all the remaining chips and win a handsome first prize of better than $376K.

The table’s short stack, “ticascr” of Costa Rica, was the first knockout in ninth, followed shortly thereafter by Austria’s “Lordof0512” in eighth. The latter had begun the day in third place, but didn’t survive a confrontation with start-of-day leader “Essa_mania” who pushed out to a huge chip advantage as a result.

“Lmao7” of Finland was next out in seventh after ace-eight failed to outrun the ace-jack suited of Cantaloupe91. The UK’s “Essa_mania” continued to collect chips and extend the lead, then Cantaloupe91 scored another knockout after winning an all-in against the super short “MagnatG” of Russia when the latter’s KJ fell to Cantaloupe91’s A3.

The inequity between leaders Essa_mania and Cantaloupe91 and the others continued to widen. Then Essa_mania won a blind-versus-blind all-in against “tomekato” of Argentina when queen-ten beat out king-nine. “mr_suspekt” of Sweden quickly exited shortly thereafter as well in fourth after king-ten fell to Cantaloupe91’s ace-queen suited.

In less than an hour they were down to three, with Essa_mania over 555 million, Cantaloupe91 at almost 390 million, and Brazil’s “carafalo” well back with just under 27 million.

Shortly after play resumed, carafalo was all in with KJ against Essa_mania’s AJ, and when the board came nine-high carafalo was out in third.

Heads-up began with Essa_mania at 584 million and Cantaloupe91 at 388 million. It didn’t take long, however, for Cantaloupe91 to edge upward and into the chip lead. Essa_mania nudged in front again briefly, but Cantaloupe91 seized back the advantage and began chipping up once more.

Eventually Cantaloupe91 had a better than 9-to-1 chip lead when open-shoving with Q2 from the button. Essa_mania called quickly with AJ, but a runout of 10910JK gave Cantaloupe91 a straight.

That pot gave Cantaloupe91 the last of the almost one billion chips in play — 972,825,000, to be exact — and a SCOOP Main Event title.

SCOOP-92-L: $109 NLHE Main Event
Dates: April 25-28, 2021
Entries: 38,913 (inc. 14,224 re-entries) ; 5,463 paid
Prize pool: $3,891,300

Final table results

1st: Cantaloupe91 (Greece) $376,086.99
2nd: Essa_mania (United Kingdom) $265,913.93
3rd: carafalo (Brazil) $188,029.17
4th: mr_suspekt (Sweden) $132,956.38
5th: tomekato (Argentina) $94,014.19
6th: MagnatG (Russia) $66,478.19
7th: Lmao7 (Finland) $47,007.29
8th: Lordof0512 (Austria) $33,239.09
9th: ticascr (Costa Rica) $23,503.45


†inc. bounties
*after deal



The entire blog team had to take off their shoes and use all of their toes and fingers to count up these figures. Take a look below at how things ultimately added up over the course of the historic 2021 SCOOP.

Entries: 1,721,556 (inc. 329,989 re-entries)
Prize pools: $137,085,201
First place payouts: $19,469,061 (inc. $3,115,073 in bounties)
Tournaments completed: 306


Please note: There was a configuration error with the Player of the Series leader boards, which meant incorrect totals appeared for much of the series. The error meant that this post (and others previously) originally featured incorrect data and awarded the Overall and High leader boards to Patrick “pads1161” Leonard. In fact, Rinat “Zapahzamazki” Lyapin won both these leader boards, though Leonard was given the full prize money too to compensate for the error. This post is now corrected, with the accurate final standings.

The dramatic Player of the Series race kept viewers enthralled throughout SCOOP and ended in a sensational manner. Rinat “Zapahzamazki” Lyapin managed to hold on and secure the Overall and High titles, following up similar success from WCOOP last year. Lyapin is now the reigning WCOOP and SCOOP Player of the Series, which is an unprecedented achievement.

Lyapin took $42,500 in leader board prizes, for finishing first in Overall ($25K) and High ($15,000) and fourth in Medium ($2,500) leader boards.

Final standings:

Overall Player of the Series
1 – Rinat “Zapahzamazki” Lyapin, Russia – 1,705 points
2 – Jussi “calvin7v” Nevanlinna, Finland – 1,630
3 – Patrick “pads1161” Leonard, UK – 1,625
4 – aleksandrs10, Russia – 1,615
5 – Ilari “Fabahaba” Tahkokallio, Finland – 1,385

Winner: $25,000 + Trophy

1 – Rinat “Zapahzamazki” Lyapin, Russia – 800 points
2 – Patrick “pads1161” Leonard, UK – 755
3 – Jonah “RaiseUpBlind” Silverstein, Canada – 735
4 – Niklas “Lena900” Astedt, Sweden – 720
5 – Simon “C. Darwin2” Mattsson, Sweden – 700

Prizes: 1st – $15,000 + Trophy; 2nd – $10,000; 3rd – $5,000

1 – aleksandrs10, Russia – 700 points
2 – Ilari “Fabahaba” Tahkokallio, Finland – 665
3 – Patrick “pads1161” Leonard, UK – 520
4 – Rinat “Zapahzamazki” Lyapin, Russia – 475
5 – römpsä, Finland – 470

Prizes: 1st – $10,000 + Trophy; 2nd – $7,500; 3rd – $5,000 (10 players rewarded)

1 – FONBET_RULIT, Russia – 705 points
=2 – Jussi “calvin7v” Nevanlinna, Finland – 600
=2 – phil_a-QQ, Germany – 600
=4 – aleksandrs10, Russia – 585
=4 – rawsignature, Norway – 565

Prizes: 1st – $5,000 + Trophy; 2nd – $2,500; 3rd – $1,500 (20 players rewarded)


Brazil added four more titles on the final day to reach a nice round 50 for the series, the most by a wide margin of any country. Russia earned four more as well to end at 37, with the UK, Sweden, and Canada rounding out the top five.

Final standings:

50 – Brazil
37 – Russia
29 – UK
21 – Sweden
15 – Canada
13 – Netherlands
10 – Austria, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Romania
9 – Poland
7 – Norway
6 – Argentina, Czech Republic, Greece, Mexico
5 – Bulgaria, Ukraine
4 – Belarus, Croatia, Denmark, Malta
3 – Latvia, Montenegro
2 – Andorra, Bolivia, Estonia, Ireland
1 – Belgium, Chile, Isle of Man, Japan, Lithuania, Moldova, New Zealand, Slovakia, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.


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Day 1: Opening night salvos
Day 2: Bujitas and Brazil win big
Day 3: Shakerchi reigns as superstars dominate
Day 4: Double for Montenegro, plus Mateos and Malinowski
Day 5: Two in a night for Nevanlinna; three for Montenegro
Day 6: Lex denied by Padilha
Day 7: Two $1m+ prize pools, and more Lex
Day 8: Astedt and Mulder take customary titles
Day 9: Two in a night for Mattsson
Day 10: Viera crushes again as Moorman wins first
Day 11: Mateos does it again, huge night for Brazil
Day 12: Benitez and Badziakouski take headlines
Day 13: More titles for Leonard, Theologis, Track and WhatIfGod
Day 14: Back-to-back for Leonard as Pye claims one for Red Spade
Day 15: Glaser makes it six and first for Mathis
Day 16: Salas shines, Watson wins seventh
Day 17: Mateos wins third title, Spraggy so close
Day 18: Fintan Hand becomes two-time champ, wins #82-H for $232K
Day 19: Main Events kick off and nine more champs
Day 20: Main Events play into the money
Day 21: Smith and Lyubovetskiy win again as Lau seeks Main Event double

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