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A boxing match, or perhaps if you’re a little more contemporary, a UFC fight. One-on-one competition built in a ring, the objective is to knockdown your opponent until they submit to your superiority. Those rings are either square or octagon in shape and involve a potential loss of a few brain cells or use of limbs. Tonight you could do all the above in SCOOP’s Event #7 NLHE Heads-up tournament without the threat of eating through a tube for your remaining days. Although the ring’s shape is oval in shape and there are no card girls showing the new blind levels in dental floss bikinis, the excitement of taking down a single opponent is still there. 11,366 players showed up tonight taking down the need of the $100,000 guarantee prize pool for a chance to bob and weave through a massive bracket of players and claim the $22,593.89 first place prize. Put on some “Eye of the Tiger” and read the below recap of tonight’s tourney.

Money bubble time:

SCOOP 7-L Bubble.jpg

It’s one thing to have a few railbirds during a Sunday Major cheering you on, or reminding you of that AK vs. AJ suckout that knocked them out of the tournament five hours ago. For cardsfan003 and RICHY38633 they received the wraith of 1,024 players waiting for the next round to start. Their back and forth battle made it all the way into the 400/800 ante 100 blind level where cardsfan003 kept battling back but still looking at a 3:1 chip deficit. Holding 7K on the button cardsfan003 would shove for 2,245 chips as RICHY38633 made the call with Q7. Dominating and looking good for another double up, cardsfan003 watched with a sigh as two queens spilled out on the J Q A Q 4 board making 1,024 players $42.62 richer, and cardsfan003 the official bubble boy this evening.

Round of 1,024:

SCOOP 7-L Nano.jpg
Randy “nanonoko” Lew

Here’s Team PokerStars pro Randy “nanonoko” Lew starting up his round of 512 match. The last match up before moving into the next prize level had THEFLOOR3 and scholli_11 nearly even in chips with THEFLOOR3 slightly in the lead and blinds up to 300/600 ante 75. scholli_11 tried limping in from the button but the THEFLOOR3 would min-raise to 1,200. scholli_11 decided to go for broke by shoving with AQ as THEFLOOR3 quickly called with pocket tens 1010 starting the race. No help would come for scholli_11 as THEFLOOR3 showed scholli_11 the door after the 9 K 5 4 10 board came down starting up the round of 512.

Round of 512

SCOOP 7-L 256.jpg

Team Pokerstars pro Randy Lew took a little longer to dispatch his opponent zeistpoker11, as it took a flopped straight and fading a straight flush draw on the final hand to move on. The last match of the round was between Supernova beargood and TTonza, the rail would state the Kraken had a slight advantage over the cute puppy as it did by the match’s final hand. With blinds at 150/300 ante 35 and 8,248 to 1,752 chip advantage, beargood would push from the button holding K10 as TTonza made the call with a suited Q8. The J 8 6 flop came down the wrong suit for TTonza but did take the lead with a pair of eights. K on the turn meant the cute puppy was one card from elimination and the A on the river started up the round of 256.

Round of 256:

Lew was one of the final two tables remaining in the Round of 256 but managed to push forward after defeating prostokvasha with big slick prevailing over KJ for Lew’s opponent on the 9 3 7 2 10 board. The last table was a match between JJunkiee and Andrey777. The blinds set at 200/400 ante 50 both would get their chips in preflop. Andrey777 holding K10 and JJunkiee A5, with the flop J A A coming out slightly in JJunkiee’s favor left Andrey777 searching for a lady. The turned 9 and river 6 were neither a face card or a lady as 64 more tables were broken down.

Round of 128

Once again Randy “nanonoko” Lew was playing a long-drawn out match, but this time he would be in the very last match before the round of 64 would be determined. Lew would have his opponent, Leo_Herzog down to just 1,885 chips and blinds at 125/250 ante 30 and Leo_Herzog would be all-in preflop, but held a superior AK to Lew’s 10K which passed the 8 4 7 8 6 board without incident. From there Leo_Herzog would slowly accumulate chips taking a slight 3,795 to 6,205 chip lead in the 150/300 ante 35 blind level as both players decided to let their tournament fate ride preflop. 2A for Lew and Q9 for Leo_Herzog, the two spade flop 8 10 10 favored Lew even more. But, the turned non-spade 9 fell leaving nanonoko looking for an ace or spade on the river. The 10 was neither and our final Team PokerStars pro was knocked out on the round bubble earning $196.06 for 65th place.

Round of 64

While checking thru the roster of players remaining, we suggest NOT using Google for the player named “camelStyle” especially at work. kidwhowon punched a ticket to the round of 32 and has won big before taking 8th place in the 2009 WCOOP Event #11 for $37K. Don denito made the final table of last night’s Event #4-low buy in Badugi event finishing in eighth place ($334.11) and was fighting Invoex for one of the final two seats to the round of 32. Don denito would fall short though after the rivered straight shown below:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Don denito would take another SCOOP cash in 34th place for $306.88

Round of 32

SCOOP 7-L 32.jpg
How to win a heads up match: Get a better straight

PlatinumStar SebbyGL finished the round of 32 match before the blinds even moved. In a bit of a cooler with the board showing 8 5 2 7 9 SebbyGL and opponent squintty got all the chips into the middle as squintty showed 6 A for the nine high straight, as SebbyGL did a couple better and rolled over the nut straight 10J. camelStyle (again, do not search on that name) would advance as one of the last persons to do so.

Round of 16

SCOOP 7-L 16.jpg
A kids-friendly picture of the name “camelStyle”

And camelStyles continued to roll, being the first one to claim a seat in the elite eight, defeating InvoeX in just two levels. SebbyGl would also advance, taking down nickj7777 after flopping set, turning a full house, and getting nickj7777 to call a shove on the river to show just bottom pair.

Boom on the river and we’re down to eight.

kurt23x would tell soullpmy to kindly step off the stage after gaining a 7,090 to 2,910 advantage both would get their chips in the middle preflop. Big slick KA for soullpmy was looking great after the 4 A J flop against the JQ of kurt23x. 2 was safe on the turn, but the rivered J sent the rest of the chips to kurt23x starting up the elite eight.

Elite Eight

SCOOP 7-L 8.jpg

It’s lonely at the top

Once again SebbyGl was found to be lonely very quickly. In just the second level with blinds at 30/60, SebbyGl already grounded ScHnibL0r down to 1,355 chips and after some light betting preflop and the flop, the board read 3 K 4 8 and after SebbyGl checked, ScHnibL0r shoved for 1,085 getting insta-called by SebbyGl’s flopped two pair K3. ScHnibL0r could only produce a pair of eights 86 and the river 7 was not one of the two outs as SebbyGl advanced to the final four.

Final Four

SCOOP 7-L Semi1.jpg
Semi #1 SebbyGl vs. Darren1712

During the first level SebbyGl would take a 7,350 to 2,650 chip lead thanks to a flopped top two pair that gets paid off when Darren1712 also flops top pair but lower kicker.

But Darren1712 would make a comeback moving into the 40/80 level by playing some small ball and got the game back into near even.

The small ball over time seemed to have favored SebbyGl however, as halfway into the 50/100 blind level SebbyGl regained a 7,190 to 2,810 chip lead. After a min raise by SebbyGl, Darren1712 tried pouncing with a shove holding just 79 and SebbyGl snap called with A9 for the dominate hand. Darren1712 would gain some outs on the turn, but the 5 4 4 8 5 board missed and the last 5,620 chips slid over to SebbyGl. For the semi-final finish Darren1712 walked away with $7,603.85

SCOOP 7-L Semi2.jpg

Semi #2 style09 vs. A1K2Q3

There was a slight scare this match would be decided after just two hands when A1K2Q3 shoved over the top of style09’s three bet preflop, but style09 put the chips away for future use.

In the 50/100 level this match went on a roller-coaster ride for two hands. style09 played pocket tens in right the right way. After a three bet by style09 and call preflop, they would see a 8 8 7 flop and style09 would lead out for 800 chips. A1K2Q3 would then shove over the top holding 97, far behind the pocket tens 1010 of style09. The tens would hold on the 2 and 4 turn and river. With just 1,970 chips left, two hands later A1K2Q3 shoved preflop with K8 and ran into style09’s pocket queens QQ but after a 6 7 7 9 5 board, A1K2Q3 was back in action.

The chips wouldn’t last long however as A1K2Q3 was back down to 1,980 chips with blinds at 80/160 and decided to try a three-bet shove against style09’s 375 chip raise with 5K. Call was the response from style09 holding 10A, and the ace-high would hold on the 9 J Q 2 2 board and A1K2Q3 was eliminated earning $7,603.85 for the semi-final finish.


SCOOP 7-L FinalA.jpg
SebbyGl vs. style09

Both players made it clear that one raise preflop would not be enough as several three-bet with a fold and three-bet and a call dotted the first few levels.

The first big pot would happen right before the change from 30/60 blinds to 40/80. With the board reading Q 10 10 4 Q and 2,160 chips in the pot, SebbyGl checked as style09 slid out a 1,800 chip value looking bet. After a couple of ticks on the clock SebbyGl made the call as style09 turned up QJ for the boat as SebbyGl mucked.

The pair would not make it thru the 40/80 level as style09 would take down the last five pots of the tourney, including the one that sealed the deal below that required some hands over the eyes action after the flop:

RSS readers click through to see replay

All-in preflop with style09 holding AJ to SebbyGl’s A7. But the all-heart flop Q 6 J despite hitting the kicker had style09 sweating $9K on the next two cards being a non-heart. The 2 turn was nice and black, and the 6 was indeed red but wrong suit as the final 3,690 chips of the tournament made their way to style09 with the $22,593.89 for outlasting 11,365 players. SebbyGl also picked up a five figure win ($13,212.97) to go with a third place in the Sunday Warm-up and fourth place in the 2009 WCOOP Event #12.

SCOOP Event #7 Low No Limit Hold Em’ Heads-up Matches Results:

1. style09 (Albuquerque) $22,593.89
2. SebbyGl (Leipzig) $13,212.97
3. A1K2Q3 (Earth) $7,603.85
3. Darren1712 (West Mids) $7,603.85

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