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The price tag on the “mid buy-in” $215 SCOOP Event #6 Pot Limit Omaha (Six-max, one rebuy, one add-on), may say medium but the heavy online tournament hitters were out in full force. Players making the money included: Eric “Rizen” Lynch (take a look at the recap for his finish), 2008 WCOOP Main Event 3rd place finisher AJKHoosier1 (finished 12th), and Soren “Kongsgaard” who managed to slip into the money in 132nd with exactly 132 players getting paid out of the 848 runners tonight. With the 848 entries, the 601 rebuys, and 440 add-ons the prize pool nearly doubled the $200,000.00 guaranteed by PokerStars and stood at $377,800.00.

Team PokerStars was represented tonight by Ivan Demidov, Vicky Coren, Victor Ramdin, Chris “Money800” Moneymaker, Tom McEvoy, Peter Eastgate, Steve Paul-Ambrose, Marcin “Goral” Horecki, Katja Thater, Andre “aakkari” Akkari, Dario Minieri, Alex “Allingomes” Gomes, and the newest Team PokerStars Pro member Maridu Mayrinck who won the unofficial last longer tonight amongst the pros. However, PokerStars Pros were shut-out at the cashier’s window as “Maridu” finished outside the money in 229th place.

As the NCAA Final Four plays out tonight in Detroit, your Final Six for the $215 SCOOP Event #6 are all assured at least five figures tonight according to the juicy money tote board shown below:

1. $63,281.50
2. $47,225.00
3. $35,891.00
4. $24,557.00
5. $17,001.00
6. $11,334.00

The final table is brought to you tonight by the short stack play of Rizen, as he managed to double up once against Jeppishh1, then again as Rizen held a slight chip advantage, pushing his flush draw with 9 8 5 4 against Jeppishh1’s wrap straight draw Q 9 10 J on the flop of K 3 Q. The flush would get there on the turn 2 leaving Jeppishh1 drawing dead and named the final table bubble boy in seventh place ($6,800.40) setting up the final table below:

SCOOP 6 Final Table.jpg

Click picture for larger image

Seat 1: EDWARDHOPPER (510032 in chips)
Seat 2: toomuchneon (1245288 in chips)
Seat 3: Rizen (885656 in chips)
Seat 4: Justin58 (553923 in chips)
Seat 5: spieler52 (343997 in chips)
Seat 6: sapperjuu (1623604 in chips)

Tonight EDWARDHOPPER will try to add on to the $25,248.00 he won for his second place finish in Event #2 PLO8 $109 buy-in event (final table write up here).

With blinds at 15,000/30,000 spieler52 decided to take a stand with his short stack against toomuchneon as the two traded raises until they built the 868,258 chip pot preflop.

toomuchneon: A A 2 9
spieler52: K 3 8 K

toomuchneon had too many aces as a third one appeared on the flop of A 4 5 leaving spieler52 with just a flush draw. The 4 on the turn shut out spieler52 from any hope as it improved toomuchneon to an unbeatable full house sent home spieler52 in sixth place ($11,334.00).

Rizen received a little stroke of luck in this hand, check out how he doubled up off EDWARDHOPPER below:

RSS readers click through to see replay

After taking down the 1.3 million chip pot, two hands later Rizen would send EDWARDHOPPER home after he got his remaining 150,964 chips into the middle pre-flop with 10 7 9 9 against Rizen’s Q 9 Q A. In a roller coaster of a board, Rizen would flop top set J 4 Q then it was EDWARDHOPPER’s turned straight taking the lead with the K. Needing the board to pair or one the three tens left, Rizen would spike the K and claim the 525,964 chip pot with a full house. With his second final table of the tournament series, EDWARDHOPPER added another $17,001.00 for his fifth place finish to total $42,249.00 earned in the two SCOOP final tables.

Shortly after knocking out EDWARDHOPPER, Rizen would further cement his chip lead pushing his stack over the two million mark after taking down four of five hands. However, he would spread out the chips a little as the first final table break hit. Here’s how stacks looked like four-handed when the blinds moved up to 25,000/50,000:

1. Rizen (1,873,948 in chips)
2. sapperjuu (1,242,607 in chips)
3. toomuchneon (1,028,331 in chips)
4. Justin58 (1,017,614 in chips)

Immediately after the break sapperjuu would go work taking down the first two pots of 125,000 and a second one off Rizen when he re-popped Rizen’s button raise of 118,888 to 381,664. Rizen would fold to the 220,000 chip continuation bet from sapperjuu on the A 7 7 flop and take the chip lead.

Eight hands later toomuchneon would min-raise from the cutoff and faced a 350,000 chip three-bet from Justin58 in the small blind. toomuchneon would make the call to see a flop of K 2 J. Using reverse position, Justin58 would put the pressure on toomuchneon by pushing his remaining 430,870 chips into the middle. After a few ticks on the clock toomuchneon would make the call with A K 10 9 for a runner flush draw, top pair, and a gutshot straight draw, while Justin58 exposed 8 10 9 J for middle pair and a lower gutshot draw. Neither player needed to worry themselves about those gutterball draws as the 8 hit the turn and K filled toomuchneon’s runner diamond draw and leaving Justin58 with a hand of diamond dust. The Dallas Cowboy’s fan, Justin58, will be able to afford at a couple of tickets to their new stadium with the $24,557.00 earned tonight in fourth place.

Rizen would double up off sapperjuu as the two got their chips into the middle pre-flop on this hand as Rizen would nearly be the first to crest three million chips:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Rizen and sapperjuu would divvy up most of toomuchneon’s chips in the subsequent hands before he was knocked down to under seven big blinds. Then, with the blinds at 30,000/60,000 toomuchneon would make his stand from the small blind raising into Rizen’s big blind for 180,000. Rizen would respond with a raise to put toomuchneon all-in, and the glowing one would make the call:

toomuchneon: Q J 10 4
Rizen: J 6 Q Q

toomuchneon would flop an open ended straight draw, could not fill it on the 9 A 8 8 9 board as Rizen’s queens held up. toomuchneon would would head to the famous Vegas Neon Boneyard after finishing in third place ($35,891.00).

Rizen would start heads up play with a four million to one million chip lead over sapperjuu but the tide would quickly turn about twenty hands into heads up play.

First, sapperjuu would double up after the two players got their chips into the middle post flop after sapperjuu completed the small blind preflop. With 3 2 J showing on the board Rizen turned over 5 A 2 A for aces with a gutshot draw and sapperjuu’s bottom two pair with K 2 J 10. The two pair would improve to a boat with the 2 turn, sapperjuu would avoid the two remaining aces with the Q river and take the 2.1 million chip pot.

The very next hand the chips would go into the middle yet again post flop, watch the action take place below:

RSS readers click through to see replay

A second consecutive double up for sapperjuu as he now enjoyed a five to one chip lead on Rizen. With that new found lead, it would only take two more hands to claim Event #6’s $215 for himself.

With only 830,108 chips left and the blinds at 40,000/80,000 Rizen was determined to take his fight back to contention preflop. He would raise to 240,000 chips from the button, sapperjuu complied with the re-raise to 720,000 and Rizen would set his stack in the middle as the two set off for final race of the tourney. Q 10 3 10 for Rizen and Q 8 4 K for sapperjuu as the flop came down 6 5 5 to give sapperjuu a gutshot straight draw. Rizen would lose the lead by pairing his queen with the Q turn as sapperjuu held the higher kicker, and sapperjuu would complete the comeback as the A fell on the river for a flush sending Rizen home as the runner-up with $47,225.00

Against one of the best online tournament players, sapperjuu held his own and overcame a huge 4:1 heads-up chip deficit to win the Event #4 PLO (1R1A, 6-max) Medium Buy-in SCOOP tourney! For his victory, a sum of $63,281.50 was placed into his account as well as some new found bragging rights.

Results for SCOOP Event #6 PLO 1R1A 6-max (medium buy-in)

1. sapperjuu $63,281.50
2. Rizen $47,225.00
3. toomuchneon $35,891.00
4. Justin58 $24,557.00
5. EDWARDHOPPER $17,001.00
6. spieler52 $11,334.00

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