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Only a few years ago when you thought of Five-Card Draw perhaps you pictured poker at kitchen tables from decades past or the games that helped draw patrons to saloons more than a century ago.

While Five-Card Draw was quickly replaced by Texas Hold’em in popularity in modern times, the classic game has seen a resurgence in recent years. That was obvious to observers of the Low portion of SCOOP Event #6: 5-Card Draw on Tuesday as 3,580 players tried their hand at the game that made Wild Bill Hickok famous. Those participants created a prize pool of $35,800, easily eclipsing the $25,000 guarantee by PokerStars.

Players were vying for a top prize of nearly $5,500, and 540 of them would get paid. Action moved briskly in this poker game of little information, as the field narrowed to six tables in less than nine hours, and the final table was reached in less than 11.

Team PokerStars Online pro Anders “Donald” Hoyer Berg finished 526th while Pat Pezzin went deep, making $232.70 for finishing 14th.

Bubble Cooler Leads to Final Table

On the final table bubble, VOODOO807 took a sick cooler to go out in eighth. The hands:

VOODOO807 K 9 K 9 9
reddblack J 2 2 2 2

After kielesinski was eliminated in seventh, the final table was set. The players and stack sizes were:

Seat 1 — hemabe (1,299,807)
Seat 2 — reddblack (2,658,032)
Seat 3 — superbig1985 (2,605,581)
Seat 4 — SlevinRO (3,253,327)
Seat 5 — jtenick_69 (6,040,589)
Seat 6 — chessdavidko (2,022,664)


Superbig1985 made a big move on the first hand of the final table against SlevinRO with this (not quite impressive as the earlier) cooler:

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SlevinRO was the first to depart this final table a few hands later when his aces up 8 8 A A 7 could not beat the 6 2 6 6 3 of handmaker reddblack. SlevinRO got $615.76 for his sixth-place finish.

Hemabe couldn’t get anything going during the final frame and stuck his short stack in the pot against superbig1985. Both drew three. Superbig1985 improved to trips with 4 9 7 9 9 while hemabe was left with 9 A 7 7 2 to exit in fifth with $1,074 in prize money.

Chessdavidko was the next to get whittled down. He finally had to stick his remaining 600K into the pot before the draw with two fours. The Russian got action from jtenick_69, who drew one and showed 10 9 10 Q Q to take the pot. Fourth place was worth $1,879.50 for chessdavidko.

A Chop & the End Game

A few minutes later the competitors found themselves nearly even in chips so they agree to split the remaining pot three ways, leaving $500 and the SCOOP victor’s watch to the winner. Each competitor was then guaranteed to leave with just less than $4,000.

Superbig1985 was the next victim of a pre-draw cooler. With stakes of 60,000/120,000, reddblack raised to 360,000 from the small blind and superbig1985 responded with a re-raise to 840,000 from the big blind. Reddblack made it 2.61 million and superbig1985 went all-in for 2.86 million. Superbig1985 drew one; reddblack drew two.

The hands:

reddblack A 3 4 A A
superbig1985 K 9 K 4 9

The Romanian collected $3,932.85 for his day’s work.

This gave reddblack a lead in the match that he would not relinquish. Jtenick_69 kept it close, but after about a 20-minute heads-up battle the tournament ended on this hand:

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The final results reflect the three way chop at the top:

1st — reddblack ($4,432.85)
2nd — jtenick_69 ($3,932.85)
3rd — superbig1985 ($3,932.85)
4th — chessdavidko ($1,879.50)
5th — hemabe ($1,074)
6th — SlevinRO ($615.76)

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