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If you’re planning on attending Lex Veldhuis’ highly-anticipated Lex Live 3 in London this April, then your host would like to apologise in advance.

“Every Lex Live I secretly hope that Spraggy can’t make it,” Lex told PokerStars Blog today (March 2), having woken up to some woeful news which knocked him for six.

Last night Benjamin ‘Spraggy’ Spragg, Lex’s fellow PokerStars Ambassador, entered the weekly $55 online qualifier for Lex Live 3 on PokerStars which awards two packages to the event worth $1,050 (£230 Main Event entry plus travel expenses).

A little over four hours later, Spraggy ended up winning one of those packages.

Sorry Lex, but it seems like he’ll definitely be attending.

“It’s a dark day for me,” Lex added.

Meanwhile, Spraggy was elated when we spoke with him this morning.

“Hopefully Lex is excited to meet a fan of his stream because as of a fan of his I’m very much looking forward to meeting him,” he told us when victory had sunk in.

Lex would like to encourage anyone who was planning on attending to continue to do so.

“All I can tell my community is that there will definitely be nice, good streamers at Lex Live 3 as well,” he said.

As for Spraggy, he can’t wait to return to Aspers Casino in London, for it was here that he took down the coveted £40 FU Flip trophy at Lex Live 2 for £600.

“I always enjoy playing with familiar faces and people from Twitch that I know,” he said. “It makes it all the more fun to do battle when you know a lot of the other players in the field personally.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing all the people from previous Lex Live events, as well as meeting people from the Twitch community who are there for the first time. I mainly plan on drinking beer and playing cards.”

Want to join Spraggy and Lex at Lex Live 3?

You still can.

Every Sunday leading up to the event, which runs from April 17-26, there will be a $55 online qualifier with two packages up for grabs, like the one Spraggy took down.

If $55 is too steep for your bankroll, fear not.

Next Sunday (March 8th) at 16:00 GMT, there’s a $5.50 Mega Path Step 2 Qualifier taking place, which has five tickets guaranteed in the prize pool. You can buy into this directly, or you can qualify for just $0.75 in a Mega Path Step 1 Hyper Turbo (go to Events > Live > Lex Live for details).

Those tickets take you through to the $55 Mega Path Step 3 Qualifier, which has two full packages worth $1,050 guaranteed. That event–which you can buy into directly for $55–begins at 19:00 GMT.

Here’s Spraggy’s advice:

“Anyone trying to qualify should run good and try to win as many $5.50 tickets as they can from the $0.75 sit & gos. Being able to experience Lex Live for just $0.75 is well worth a few satellite entries. Give it a whirl and good luck!”



You can win your seat to Lex Live 3 on PokerStars from just $0.75. Click here to open an account and get started.

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