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There’s no harm in being well prepared. That means knowing the dates of this years Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP). Even if it doesn’t start for three months.

But that’s what we’re doing. SCOOP will be back, and now we can let you in on those first details.

Here they are.

01 The date

SCOOP 2022 runs from Sunday 8 May to Wednesday 1 June.

Put your fingers away. That’s 25 full days of competition.

And remember there will be multiple events for you to take part in every day. So that adds up to a lot of tournaments on the schedule.

02 What’s coming next

If that’s got you in the mood, then you can look out for more details about this year’s SCOOP series right here on the PokerStars Blog.

In the coming weeks we’ll keep you up to date on things like satellite’s and how to qualify.

How to brush up on the right skills you need to succeed.

And we’ll publish the full schedule as soon as it becomes available.

03 If you’re new to this

SCOOP starts Sunday 8 May

If you’re new to all this and curious about the Spring Championship of Online Poker… what it’s all about, and what happened in years gone by for instance… then we have exactly what you’re looking for.

Check out our full PokerStars results hub.

That’s where you’ll find the SCOOP link in there which takes you to results going back as far as 2009.

And if you don’t think SCOOP is your thing… because you think it’s something for high rollers or players with more experience than you… let this article change your mind.

The nine minutes it takes to read could be life changing.

So that’s it. SCOOP 2022 is on the way. That’s official.


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