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In Week 5 of the Sunday Million Season, a massive $8,783,196 in prize money was distributed. The vast majority of that came in the 18th Anniversary Sunday Million, and you can read our comprehensive report on how Brazil’s Crossbreed17 took down that behemoth of a tournament.

There’s no shortage of action in Week 6, with seven tournaments to get involved in. The weekend is headlined by the Sunday Million, which carries the familiar $109 buy-and and $1,000,000 guarantee. But, it’s also another anniversary weekend, with the Sunday Storm 13th Anniversary starting at 14:05 ET on Sunday. This one is much kinder on the pocket, carrying an $11 buy-in, but a low buy-in doesn’t mean a small prize pool as it carries a huge guarantee of $500,000. As you’d expect there are a slew of satellites running meaning you can win entry for as little as $0.55.

Outside of those two big events, sprinkled throughout the week are specific events relating to members of Team PokerStars Pro, with Fintan Hand, Benj Spragg, Parker Talbot, Rafael Moraes and Lex Veldhuis the pros in question. Check out all the details of this week’s line-up below, as well as last week’s results.

Episode 15: Sunday Million PKO

Date: Sunday, April 14, 2024 – 13:00 ET
Buy-in: $109
Late-reg: 3hrs 30 minutes
Re-entry: Up to 5 re-entries

Episode 16: Sunday Storm 13th Anniversary PKO

Date: Sunday, April 14, 2024 – 14:05 ET
Buy-in: $11
Late-reg: 4hrs 55 minutes
Re-entry: Unlimited re-entries

Episode 17: Fintan’s Event – $5.50 NLHE PKO

Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2024 – 13:05 ET
Buy-in: $5.50
Late-reg: 2hrs 40 minutes
Re-entry: Up to 3 re-entries

Episode 18: Spraggy’s Event – $11 NLHE Mystery Bounty

Date: Wednesday, April 17, 2024 – 13:05 ET
Buy-in: $11
Late-reg: 3hrs
Re-entry: Up to 3 re-entries

Episode 19: Tonkaaaa’s Event – $55 NLHE Mystery Bounty

Date: Thursday, April 18, 2024 – 13:05 ET
Buy-in: $55
Late-reg: 3hrs
Re-entry: Up to 3 re-entries

Episode 20: GM_VALTER’S Event – $5.50 NLHE PKO

Date: Thursday, April 18, 2024 – 16:05 ET
Buy-in: $5.50
Late-reg: 2hrs
Re-entry: Up to 3 re-entries

Episode 24: Lex’s Event – $215 NLHE Mystery Bounty

Date: Friday, April 19, 2024 – 13:05 ET
Buy-in: $215
Late-reg: 2hrs 35 minutes
Re-entry: Up to 3 re-entries


Episode 13: $215 Sunday Million 18th Anniversary
Entries: 39,226 (inc. 13,660 re-entries)
Prize pool: $8,000,000

Winner: Crossbreed17 (Brazil) – $1,000,000

Episode 14-L: $11 Monday Mystery (Mystery Bounty)
Entries: 11,969 (inc. 3,955 re-entries)
Prize pool: $117,296

Winner: Raffacastro87 (Switzerland) – $5,547+$111.56

Episode 14-M: $82 Monday Mystery (Mystery Bounty)
Entries: 3,572 (inc. 1,015 re-entries)
Prize pool: $267,900

Winner: ACNRULES (Canada) – $16,421.31+$2,614.89

Episode 14-H: $215 Monday Mystery (Mystery Bounty)
Entries: 1,990 (inc. 670 re-entries)
Prize pool: $398,000

Winner: Baca4b (Poland) – $25,446.37 + $1,996.06


One of the biggest online tournaments of the year takes place this weekend on PokerStars and you do not want to miss it. Thankfully, there are so many ways to qualify for cheap that (hopefully) you won’t have to!

Here’s all the info for this Sunday’s Sunday Million Anniversary 18 (SMA18), with $1 million guaranteed up top.

Date: Sunday, April 7, 2024
Buy-in: $215
Late-reg: 24 hours (closing 13:05 ET on April 8)
Re-entry: Up to 5 re-entries

Satellites to the SMA18 (including freerolls) are running right now. Outside of freerolls, buy-ins to satellites start as low as $2.20.

Special edition SMA18 Spin & Go’s are available from $0.60, $4 and $20.

SMA18 tickets (and satellite tickets) can be won via Chests and Ladders.


Episode 06: $5.50 NLHE Bounty Bonanza (Mystery Bounty)
Entries: 7,149 (inc. 2,596 re-entries)
Prize pool: $40,000

Winner: COX MAGICA (Canada) – $2,200 + $148 + SMA ticket

Episode 07: $11 NLHE Bounty Bonanza (PKO)
Entries: 8,183 (inc. 2,556 re-entries)
Prize pool: $100,000

Winner: bertola12 (Brazil) – $4,290 + $2,044 + SMA ticket

Episode 08: $215 NLHE Bounty Bonanza (Saturday PKO)
Entries: 580 (inc. 133 re-entries)
Prize pool: $116,000

Winner: prOvinzia1 (Poland) – $8,784 + $9,071

Episode 09: $22 NLHE Bounty Bonanza (Mystery Bounty Turbo)
Entries: 4,358 (inc. 1,222 re-entries)
Prize pool: $87,160

Winner: Deviltorsk1 (Sweden) – $5,083 + $492 + SMA Ticket

Episode 10: $27 NLHE Bounty Bonanza (Sunday Eliminator PKO)
Entries: 6,892 (inc. 2,039 re-entries)
Prize pool: $169,199

Winner: brunopatri2m (Brazil) – $10,041 + $5,367 + SMA Ticket

Episode 11-L: $5.50 NLHE Bounty Bonanza (Mystery Bounty)
Entries: 11,043 (inc. 3,693 re-entries)
Prize pool: $54,111

Winner: 2424duff (Canada) – $2,439 + $84 + SMA Ticket

Episode 11-M: $55 NLHE Bounty Bonanza (Mystery Bounty)
Entries: 6,773 (inc. 2,081 re-entries)
Prize pool: $338,650

Winner: hahuaha (Brazil) – $20,333 + $292 + SMA Ticket

Episode 11-H: $530 NLHE Bounty Bonanza (Mystery Bounty)
Entries: 594 (inc. 194 re-entries)
Prize pool: $297,000

Winner: Shadissimo (Germany) – $22,344 + $4,051

Episode 12: $109 Sunday Million PKO
Entries: 10,672 (inc. 2,743 re-entries)
Prize pool: $1,067,200

Winner: santi.shrek (Uruguay) – $55,492 + $35,805


Episode 05: $109 Sunday Million PKO
Entries: 10,706 (including 2,898 re-entries)
Prize pool: $1,070,600

Winner: (Brazil) – $92,278


The player known only as “Tr!pleeeee” has won just about everything there is to win on PokerStars throughout their career. The Poland-based player has multiple SCOOP, WCOOP, Blowout Series, EPT Online, and High Roller Club titles under their belt, contributing to their  $4.9 million in online career earnings.

Now Tr!pleeeee can add the Sunday Million Season to the CV, as they became the first player of the season to win a special trophy event. On top of the silverware came a very respectable $50,930 score, which included $23,638 in bounties.

The $1,050 Super Sunday was a no limit hold’em progressive knockout that attracted 335 total entries (including 71 re-entries).

Fancy getting yourself a trophy? Upcoming trophy events include the Sunday Million Anniversary, Sunday Storm Anniversary, and the Season Finale. Scroll down for the full schedule.


Event: 03-L: $11 Super Sunday PKO
Entries: 15,954 (inc. 5,799 re-entries)
Prize pool: $156,349

Winner: cooper_696 (Ukraine) – $10,384 + SMA ticket

Event: 03-M: $109 Super Sunday PKO Sunday Million
Entries: 10,646 (inc. 2,793 re-entries)
Prize pool: $1,064,500

Winner: GZingano (Brazil) – $83,490 + SMA ticket

Event: 03-H: $1,050 Super Sunday PKO
Entries: 335 (inc. 71 re-entries)
Prize pool: $335,000

Winner: Tr!pleeeee (Poland) – $50,930 + trophy

Event: 04-L: $11 Monday Mystery
Entries: 8,732 (inc. 2,708 re-entries)
Prize pool: $100,000

Winner: emerson22222 (Brazil) – $4,467 + SMA ticket

Event: 04-M: $82 Monday Mystery
Entries: 2,583 (inc. 802 re-entries)
Prize pool: $193,725

Winner: Gutlaufen (Malta) – $14,235 

Event: 04-H: $215 Monday Mystery
Entries: 1,114 (inc. 344 re-entries)
Prize pool: $222,800

Winner: 4 Oxide (Botswana) – $18,008



Event: 00-L: $11 NLHE The Prologue
Entries: 5,620 (inc. 1,671 re-entries)
Prize pool: $55,076

Winner: WellBr20 (Brazil) – $7,557 + SMA ticket

Event: 00-M: $55 NLHE The Prologue
Entries: 2,527 (inc. 736 re-entries)
Prize pool: $150,000

Winner: lukebadass (Germany) – $21,756 + SMA ticket

Event: 00-H: $215 NLHE The Prologue
Entries: 619 (inc. 171 re-entries)
Prize pool: $125,000

Winner: smlchun (South Korea) – $21,998 + SMA ticket


Event: 01-L: $3.30 NLHE PKO Season Kick-Off
Entries: 9,278 (inc. 3,273 re-entries)
Prize pool: $30,000

Winner: vanioni999 (Bulgaria) – $2,240 + SMA ticket

Event: 01-M: $33 NLHE PKO Season Kick-Off
Entries: 6,260 (inc. 1,723 re-entries)
Prize pool: $187,000

Winner: Fillipino (Brazil) – $17,944 + SMA ticket

Event: 01-H: $330 NLHE PKO Season Kick-Off
Entries: 641 (inc. 144 re-entries)
Prize pool: $192,300

Winner: Dan “NukeTheFish!” Wilson (Ireland) – $28,430 + SMA ticket


Event: 02: $109 Sunday Million PKO
Entries: 10,793 (inc. 2,836 re-entries)
Prize pool: $1,079,300

Winner: gurra0 (Sweden) – $76,669

Week 1 win for Dan “NukeTheFish!” Wilson


There’s a popular saying among online poker pros (we’re looking at you, Pads): “Never miss a Sunday”. It’s the busiest day of the week for tournaments on PokerStars and with big fields come huge prize pools and paydays.

Well, as if your Sunday sessions weren’t already exciting enough, PokerStars is now providing even more incentive to never miss a Sunday.

Introducing the Sunday Million Season – a six-week-long affair running between March 10 and April 21, 2024. The Season comprises some of the biggest online tournaments of the year — including the epic Sunday Million Anniversary 18 and its $8 million guarantee – with leader board points and added prizes.

The idea is simple. Players play their regular Sunday schedule, but certain events (including some special tournaments added solely for the season) will be tracked and points will be awarded based on your results.

Not only are there millions of dollars in prizes across the Season’s 40 events (some with Low, Medium and High editions), but there’s also $100,000 in Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) tickets and leader board prizes to be won.

Plus, many of the special featured tournaments will have their guarantees boosted with tickets for the Sunday Million Anniversary 18, each worth $215. There’s a minimum first-place prize of $1 million in that one.

There will also be various promotions announced along the way, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

Below you’ll find the key info and the full schedule.


March 10 to April 21

40 events (some with Low/Medium/High editions)

Key dates:

$215 Sunday Million Anniversary, $8M GTD – April 7

$11 Sunday Storm 13th Anniversary, $500K GTD – April 14

$109 Sunday Million Season Finale, $1.5M GTD – April 21

Because value is the name of the game this Sunday Million Season, there are over $100,000 in Season Finale tickets up for grabs. These will be available via Fast Track satellites which start from just $1.10.

New Prestige Badges are also available — simply opt in and play five events to earn a badge.

Plus, there are special trophies for the winners of the following events:

  • Sunday Million Anniversary
  • Sunday Storm Anniversary
  • Season Finale
  • Super Sunday ($11/$109/$1,050)



With so many fantastic events – and the added incentive of leader board points – you’re no doubt itching to play as many Sunday Million Season tournaments as you can. 

We don’t blame you!

But buying in directly for every event on the schedule can be costly and might stretch your bankroll too far. If that’s something you’re worried about, fear not.

As you’d expect from PokerStars, there are tons of fantastic satellite options available for every event on the schedule – particularly the Sunday Million Anniversary 18, and if you can get into that one for cheap, it could turn out to be the best small investment you ever make.

Let’s look at some of the ways you can qualify for the biggest event on the Sunday Million Season schedule.


MTT Satellites:

You can win a $215 seat in the SMA18 for free. There are four freeroll events (with re-buys available for $0.27) every day in the lead-up to the event. These tournaments begin at 10:45, 13:25, 16:05 and 19:05 ET.

To find them, simply open the SMA18 tournament lobby and look in the satellites section.

There, you’ll also find daily satellites with buy-ins ranging from $2.20 up to $22, as well as $1 Phase qualifiers.

Keep your eyes peeled for Mega Satellites!

Spin & Go:

Open up the Spin & Go lobby and you’ll notice there are special edition $4 SMA18 Spin & Go’s awarding tickets to the event as well as the usual cash prizes.

Power Path:

Yep, you can even win your way into the SMA18 through Power Path.

Open up the Power Path lobby and you’ll find multiple daily SMA18 Mega Satellites – Power Path Step 3 Editions. To enter you can either use your Power Path Step 3 tickets, or you can buy in directly.


The Sunday Million Season leader board works in the same way as in the Spring and World Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP/WCOOP).

Players receive points based on how they finish in a tournament. You can see how that breaks down below.

Double points will be awarded for the three biggest events on the schedule: the Sunday Million Anniversary, Sunday Storm Anniversary, and Sunday Million Season Finale.

Note: Every tournament in the Sunday Million Season is eight-handed.


There are $100K in SCOOP tickets on offer through the Sunday Million Season Leader Boards:

Low winner – $5,000 in SCOOP tickets
Medium winner – $10,000 in SCOOP tickets
High winner – $15,000 in SCOOP tickets

The overall Player of the Season winner will also earn themselves $20,000 in SCOOP tickets.

Click here for full prize breakdowns and the current leader board standings.


The Sunday Million Anniversary is the biggest tournament of the year on PokerStars – a celebration of online poker’s most prestigious regularly scheduled tournament.

You can learn more about it and its rich history in our Sunday Million Anniversary hub.

Otherwise, here’s the key info:

Sunday Million Anniversary 18 – $8 million guaranteed

$1 million guaranteed up top!

Date: Sunday, April 7, 2024
Buy-in: $215
Late-reg: 24 hours (closing 13:05 ET on April 8)
Re-entry: Up to 5 re-entries

Satellites to the SMA18 (including freerolls) are running right now. Outside of freerolls, buy-ins to satellites start as low as $2.20.

Special edition SMA18 Spin & Go’s are available from $0.60, $4 and $20.

SMA18 tickets (and satellite tickets) can be won via Chests and Ladders from March 10, 2024.



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