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It is said that a poker table becomes a space of neutrality. There’s no difference between you and the person sitting across the felt except for the amount of chips they have acquired and your desire to find a new home for those chips. At home games famous radio personality Brian becomes the guy that twitches when he hits his flush draw and bets a little heavy after few shots of Jamesons. Players in the $500,000 guaranteed Sunday Warm-up likely played these games outside of crushing the tables online, and probably gathered there first bankrolls there to enter in these Sunday Majors. This week’s champ proh1t will certainly have enough funds for the next home game after earning $81,686.00 from the win.

Kennethmedh took away $35K at the Sunday Warm-Up back in November. With two tables left after nine hours of play Kennethmedh was looking to make a second run at the weekly title. However, WCOOP 2010 Event #5 champ Alexis “J0hnny_Dr@m@” Zervos would push Kennethmedh to the rail in 13th place ($2,585.00) after ace-ten failed to catch up to Zevos’ sevens.

Near the half-hour mark TR0P_F4CIL3 would unfortunately claim another big tournament final table bubble finish. At SCOOP 2014’s Event # 11-M TR0P_F4CIL3 would miss out on a trip to the final table of the two-day event. This tournament would let TR0P_F4CIL3 down harshly as well after jason13-2008’s KQ cracked TR0P_F4CIL3’s queens QQ making trip kings on the flop K K A 6 4 starting up the final table below:


Seat 1: vladxxxro (2980746 in chips)
Seat 2: proh1t (1327264 in chips)
Seat 3: MrShark38 (3539450 in chips)
Seat 4: J0hnny_Dr@m@ (5704871 in chips)
Seat 5: LEHMATLENTAA (2255242 in chips)
Seat 6: n3xD (2459768 in chips)
Seat 7: jason13-2008 (4778651 in chips)
Seat 8: Jandro Mura (1201884 in chips)
Seat 9: pokerguru740 (1602124 in chips)

vladxxxro certainly showed some stamina during the late goings of this tournament after winning the first three hands of the final table. Good news for vladxxxro, bad news for Jandro Mura who lost a stack of 1.5 million chips after shoving 10A against vladxxxro’s AQ and failing to catch up 2 J J 3 Q finishing in ninth place ($4,394.50). Chalk up a second ninth place finish in a Sunday Major for Jandro Mura who also finished in ninth place of the Sunday Million in November.

Ten minutes later pokerguru740 tried to summon some run-good with a stack of just 1.1 million and blinds at 80K/160K ante 16K. Pokerguru740’s A9 would run into proh1t’s jacks JJ and lacked the mojo to overcome the preflop deficit K 4 10 6 Q finishing in eighth place ($7,496.50).

proh1t was not done there as seven hands later we would name our seventh place finisher. The bracelet winner Alexis “J0hnny_Dr@m@” Zervos would try to unseat the hot hand using AQ as the weapon. Unfortunately, proh1t brought a bigger stick KA and managed to take down Zervos on the 5 6 K 8 Q boar earning Zervos $12,149.50 in seventh place.


The quick eliminations did not stop there as five hands later our original table of nine would only seat five. SCOOP 2014 Event #4-L champ n3xD’s short stack would try to sneak A7 past the pocket jacks JJ of MrShark38. A second Major victory would need to wait as an ace failed to appear on the Q 3 6 8 5 board to finish in sixth place ($17,319.50).

Five minutes past the tenth hour of play MrShark38’s acquired chips from n3xD would get rolled up into a neat package for jason13-2008. With the blinds up to 100K/200K ante 20K MrShark38 tried to bump proh1t off a min-raise with a shove for 4.2 million holding A6. Instead jason13-2008 was waiting behind with queens QQ. The K K 9 8 5 board changed nothing as MrShark38 swam away in fifth place ($22,489.50).

vladxxxro’s stamina in the ninth hour did not carry over into the tenth. After losing a critical flip against LEHMATLENTAA, vladxxxro would be left with three big bets and in the big blind. jason13-2008 showed no mercy shoving over ten million chips from the small blind. Despite vladxxxro’s 89 looming over jason13-2008’s 36, the 3 5 5 Q 10 board favored the chip leader, shipping $30,239.33 to vladxxxro in fourth place.

Three-handed play would open with whispers of a deal but nothing materialized enough to stop play as jason13-2008 continued to hold a slight chip lead over proh1t with LEHMATLENTAA holding enough chips to remain a threat.

The trio would play for 15 minutes until proh1t scored a double-up against jason13-2008 as LEHMATLENTAA’s stack continued a downward spiral. Another ten minutes later in the midst of a six hand run for jason13-2008, LEHMATLENTAA would also try to take a cut. However, with the blinds up to 200K/400K ante 40K LEHMATLENTAA’s pocket deuces 22 failed to outflip jason13-2008’s AK on the K 6 6 5 A board claiming third place and $43,428.00.

This time the whispers materialized into conversation as jason13-2008 and proh1t tried hash out a deal for the remaining $142,692.00 sitting in the prize pool. However, the two did not see eye-to-eye on chopping up the funds as heads-up play would carry on for nearly a half hour.

By that time proh1t would carve out an 18.8 million to seven million chip lead. With the blinds moving up to 250K/500K ante 50K jason13-2008 would try to take down the blinds with a shove from the button. proh1t’s AJ warranted a call as jason13-2008 turned over 75. Both players would make a pair on the J 4 7 9 10 board but proh1t’s top pair made the difference earning $81,686.00 as this week’s Sunday Warm-Up champion!

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up results (03-22-15)

Entrants: 2,585
Place paid: 378
Prize pool: $517,000.00

1. proh1t (Russia) $81,686.00
2. jason13-2008 (Brazil) $61,006.00
3. LEHMATLENTAA (Finland) $43,428.00
4. vladxxxro (Romania) $30,239.33
5. MrShark38 (Belgium) $22,489.50
6. n3xD (Canada) $17,319.50
7. J0hnny_Dr@m@ (Switzerland) $12,149.50
8. pokerguru740 (Mexico) $7,496.50
9. Jandro Mura (Mexico) $4,394.50

David Aydt is a freelance contributor

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