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Jonathan Duhamel will be flying the PokerStars flag tomorrow as the World Series of Poker’s Main Event will come to an end with 8.9 million dollars on the line at the Rio. Duhamel has a six to one chip lead and only John Racener standing in his way from becoming the Main Event champion. Tonight’s $750,000 Sunday Warm-up final table will not be delayed for five months nor will we be stopping heads-up play for an extra day, barring technical difficulties the 4,853 player field will play down to one tonight. $970,600.00 made for a flush prize pool as $151,833.28 is set aside for tonight’s champion (sadly no diamond encrusted bracelet however; you’ll need to wait until next year’s WCOOP for that). 720 players would take home a little bit of cash after ROOKIE421 surrendered the rest of his chips on the money bubble. Team PokerStars Pros were well represented at the cashier’s window this evening as Darus Suharto (601th place $330.00), Johnny Lodden (517th place $349.41), George Danzer (343rd place $417.35), and Chad Brown (170th place $679.42) all took away more than their $215 buy-ins.

Well into the money, and a little before the sixth hour of play, Team PokerStars Pro Angel Guillen was a little bit behind par sitting with 318,601 in chips when he got into a preflop raising war versus AltyAA. With the blinds at 6K/12K ante 1.2K Guillen would raise from the cutoff to 25,552 as AltyAA on the button three-bet to 51,982. Angel wasn’t letting go and fired a four-bet to 99,929 and just as quickly AltyAA ended the betting with a shove for 341,127 covering the Team Pro. Holding AQ Guillen would make the call and was in a flip situation versus AltyAA’s pocket tens 1010. A bunch of eights showed up on the 8 8 2 9 8 board but nothing matched Angel’s hand as the last Team PokerStars Pro standing was out in 153rd place ($776.48).


Angel Guillen 153rd place

Fast forwarding to hour nine in the tourney with the blinds at 80K/160K ante 16K and one elimination away from the final table after bigegypt’s JA failed to run down the pocket queens of LeComptedeMC in a eight million chip pot, we would watch patiently as the two tables of five determine the last seat. Immediately after the break, the blinds bumped up to 100K/200K ante 20K as PeachyMer found A10 on the button and shoved for 2.9 million. Chip leader LeComptedeMC folded the small blind but Supernova Unicum next woke up with jacks JJ and made the call. A ten on the flop was all PeachyMer could find on the 10 7 Q 9 6 board and finished in 10th place ($5,775.07). Almost a second big time final table for PeachyMer, as seen during the 2009 WCOOP Main Event in which PeachyMer placed 9th for over $96K.


Click image for larger picture

Seat 1: Unicum next (7961606 in chips)
Seat 2: Bumbulbee_G (2596016 in chips)
Seat 3: Bremers (4888779 in chips)
Seat 4: OMGinmarsat8 (5734046 in chips)
Seat 5: Lamberjack12 (4432538 in chips)
Seat 6: LeComptedeMC (9864300 in chips)
Seat 7: Shinken73 (1352032 in chips)
Seat 8: Cairns1987 (5284232 in chips)
Seat 9: 9superpoker (6416451 in chips)

Four scores and Eight Players to go

In the final table’s fourth hand Bumbulbee_G tried to snag the blinds from the cutoff with a shove for 3.1 million. All folded to Lamberjack12 in the big blind who made the easy call holding pocket queens QQ. Bumbulbee_G wasn’t stealing however while flipping up big slick KA for the coin flip. Bumbulbee_G failed to pollinate on the 3 8 8 10 2 board and in a bit of déjà vu since he also finished 9th in this tournament just a few weeks ago receiving $7,340.80, Bumbulee_G will take home a couple of extra hundred for tonight’s ninth place finish ($7,764.80).

He’s a Lamberjack, and that’s ok

Just before the blinds moved up while still in the 100K/200K ante 20K blind level, Lamberjack12 and Cairns1987 would tangle a bit post flop. After a min raise from Cairns1987 and call by Lamberjack12 in the big blind they would see a Q A 9 flop. Lamberjack12 would check as Cairns1987 tried to take it down with a 400,000 chip bet. No call here as Lamberjack12 came back with a 1.2 million check-raise and Cairns1987 upped it to a shove for 4.3 million. Holding bottom two pair 9Q and covering Lamberjack12 made the call as Cairns1987’s top pair AJ was in trouble. 2 on the turn helped neither player as the 5 on the river sealed Cairns1987’s fate in eighth place ($12,132.50). Another WCOOP final tablist, Cairns1987 got close to the Event #19 bracelet taking 5th for $50,000.00.

Got some place to go?

LeComptedeMC was asking Team Online’s Steven Paul for stats on the longest Sunday Warm-up final table completion. Yes, indeed with the bigger field this one would be running late tonight at the nine and a half hour mark there were seven players still vying for that $151,833.28 payday.

Who’s got next?

In a big three way preflop pot 9superpoker, Unicum Next, and Shinken73 all got their similar small stacks into the middle preflop as the blinds just popped up to 150K/300K ante 30K and 9superpoker covered both by just 129,864. Watch the 6.4 million chip pot play out below:

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Unicum Next AA
Shinken73 QQ
9superpoker JJ

A queen on the flop Q 4 5 probably had Shinken73 skipping around the room after hitting a set. 7 on the turn and Shinken73 just had to dodge an ace on the river for that pot to stay alive. The rivered A found a way to spoil Shinken73’s night in seventh place ($21,838.50) and boost Unicum next back into contention.

Not so super

Left with scraps after coming in a distant third that big three-way pot, 9superpoker would double up on the very next hand and without even a full big blind called all-in from early position for 209,796 chips. OMGinmarsat8 completed from the small blind as Lamberjack12 checked the big blind. Q 3 J on the flop got OMGinmarsat8 to lead out for 450,000 and Lamberjack12 passed to continue. 9superpoker live cards 64 were in serious trouble against the top pair 10Q of OMGinmarsat8. K on the turn left the micro stacked 9superpoker drawing dead and taking down sixth place money ($31,544.50).

Unicum next likes three-way action

In another huge three-way hand that did not result in an elimination watch below as Unicum next takes the lion share of this 29 million chip pot:

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All in preflop with Lamberjack12 covering both players holding big slick AK, Unicum next held queens QQ and Bremers was not looking hot with KJ. Not hot until the Q 4 10 9 3 board came out with a straight for Bremers and a set of queens for Unicum next. 21 million chips for Unicum next and Bremers stayed alive netting eight million as Lamberjack12 was knocked down to fewer than three million chips with the blinds at 150K/300K ante 30K.

OMG I don’t have any chips left

Just four hands after that huge three-way hand, OMGinmarsat8 would shove the small stack of 4.2 million into the middle from the button holding a medium ace A8 as LeComptedeMC gave action from the big blind and made the call holding pocket sixes 66. Despite picking up some outs on the turn, OMGinmarsat8 could not find an ace, eight, or ten on the river J 3 J 10 2 and settled for fifth place cash tonight ($41,250.50).

Hourly break becomes a chop discussion

$112.170 LeComptedeMC
$110,880 Bremers
$89,746 Unicum next
$77,023 Lamberjack12

Chop numbers above that magically vanished after Unicum next’s bid for extra money was a little too high for LeComptedeMC’s taste and the tournament was restarted shortly afterwards with no deal in place.

Third three-way averted

No blood during the 200K/400K ante 40K level but as soon as we started the 250K/500K ante 50K level Lamberjack12 would shove from the cutoff for 7.1 million and LeComptedeMC made the call. Unicum next folded the small blind as Bremers re-shipped from the big blind with a shove that was just a little less than LeComptedeMC’s stack after half of it was already in the pot. LeComptedeMC could not find a call holding what he said was Ace-Jack, as Bremers flipped up queens QQ. Lamberjack12 held a small suited ace 6A and failed find another one on the J 3 5 5 J board. If LeComptedeMC is to be believed we would be heads-up right now, but instead Bremers takes down the massive 22 million chip pot and Lamberjack12 was cut down in fourth place ($54,838.90).

More money makes a deal easier to swallow

The remaining trio went right back to the dealing board after LeComptedeMC recovered those chips he passed off to Bremers on the previous hand after his queens bested the sixes of Bremers to even out the stacks a bit. After some wrangling, Unicum next was the air of reason this time as they hammered out the deal below:

Bremers: $114,000
LeComptedeMC: $110,000
Unicum next: $110,000

$10,928.68 was left on the side for tonight’s champion as Steven Paul got the poker machine running again.

Good thing a deal was made

Bremers fall from grace was swift as he lost a 31 million chip all-in preflop shove to LeComptedeMC when pocket fives couldn’t slide by the pocket nines of LeComptedeMC. Ten hands later with 12.7 million chips and blinds still at 250K/500K ante 50K, Bremers would shove from the button holding 8A. LeComptedeMC held the chips and was willing to gamble with pocket sixes 66 as the race for 26 million chips commenced. A blank 2 9 J 3 5 board for both players as Bremers left the tournament in third place banking $114,000 from the three-way deal.

Long night, short finish

LeComptedeMC would bring in a huge 45 million to 2.7 million chip lead into heads-up play as Unicum next had one move and would have to use it early and often. He would pick up the blinds with the first hand as LeComptedeMC didn’t bother to donate chips and folded the button. But, on the second hand Unicum next would shove from the button holding a suited J3 as LeComptedeMC would make the call with any two but was actually a small favorite holding K7. No jacks, no treys, and just one diamond on the river 8 A 9 6 2 shipped the extra $10,928.68 to LeComptedeMC for tonight’s Sunday Warm-up victory!

Unicum next was a bit far off from a potenial victory heads-up tonight, but nearly earned a SCOOP watch this spring after making the final match of Event #7-Medium but losing to take $27,648.

$750,000 Guarantee Sunday Warm-up Results (11-07-10)
(* denotes part of three-way deal)
1. LeComptedeMC (Groningen) *$120,982.68
2. Unicum next (Arnot) *$110,000.00
3. Bremers (Den Hoorn) *$114,000.00
4. Lamberjack12 (Helsingborg) $54,838.90
5. OMGinmarsat8 (Saint-Petersburg) $41,250.50
6. 9superpoker (Bielefeld) $31,544.50
7. Shinken73 (Fullerton) $21,830.50
8. Cairns1987 (Toronto) $12,132.50
9. Bumbulbee_G (bangor) $7,764.80

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