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With so many Sunday Majors on the agenda it is easy to downplay how much these players are vying for at the start of each week. Take for the example the Sunday Storm, which has a small buy-in of $11 but on the April 17th 5th Anniversary Edition there’s a $1 million guarantee and a possible $100,000 going out to the winner. On the higher stakes side, lands the $425,000 guarantee Sunday Warm-Up which saw four players managed to lock-up the majority of the prize pool. Miki21221 did not have the most chips during the chop, but a little fortune and timely play, ended taking away the title this week earning a total of $58,000.00.

Read on below for the full final table story.

With the knockout of taartjekomt in 18th place ($1,786.36), BOOGANDEHAH would take over the chip lead with two tables remaining. BOOGANDEHAH has plenty of late-game experience during Major tourneys here including two late runs at a Super Tuesday title in January and February to along with a SCOOP watch from the 2013 series (Event 35-L).

Rens02 would be the next to fall in 17th place, failing to capitalize on a shot of owning a Sunday Warm-Up title alongside of the Sunday Million win from 2011.

BOOGANDEHAH might have a headache in the morning from the spiraling exit. First, losing a sizable pot to LAWLSHOVE after flopping a boat and losing to a runner-runner higher boat. Then, on the last hand of the eighth hour of play, BOOGANDEHAH would flop the nut straight only to lose to a turned nut flush, exiting the tournament in 13th place ($2,462.28).

AlKn1 and IsseG would lose their final chips on the first hand back from the break bringing up hand-for-hand play.

Six minute in with the blinds up to 50K/100K ante 10K LAWLSHOVE would raise to 350K putting Kelvin_FP:AR all-in from the big blind. Kelvin_FP:AR was pleased to call with JA but less than happy to see LAWLSHOVE’s 53 get there with a five on the turn Q 7 Q 5 6 starting up the final table below:


Seat 1: LAWLSHOVE (5116655 in chips)
Seat 2: Eccentric_BG (2302902 in chips)
Seat 3: miki21221 (1066392 in chips)
Seat 4: Hope_Flooky (1037854 in chips)
Seat 5: neverfoldQ5 (5444139 in chips)
Seat 6: RuSSkiY.F (1069830 in chips)
Seat 7: SELOUAN1991 (2731167 in chips)
Seat 8: luchowin (1050690 in chips)
Seat 9: Eddy “eddymaksoud” Maksoud (4320371 in chips)

In the mist of several big pots together two players would not be able to continue. Twenty minutes into the final table with the blinds moving up to 65K/130K ante 13K miki21221 would shove a million chips from middle position holding JQ. RuSSkiY.F was ready in the big blind with a little less tournament funds but better cards JA to make the call. A queen on the flop 6 3 Q 9 J would send RuSSkiY.F home in ninth place ($4,103.80).

On the next hand LAWLSHOVE, who came to the table second in chips, and now down to 1.55 million, would shove from UTG folding around to neverfoldQ5 who also shoved from the cutoff. LAWLSHOVE’s QA would be looking up at the chip leader’s KA all the way through the 10 7 9 A 10 board. What could have been a high five-figure score would end in eighth place ($7,000.60).

Eddy “eddymaksoud” Maksoud’s name pops up online and during live reporting from the European Poker Tour (EPT) doing well with both mediums. The Sunday Warm-Up has been kind to him taking home sixth place here back in October and making another final table here. However, Maksoud’s stack would take a beating after losing a key flip against miki21221. Four hands after the confrontation, his remaining 216,235 chips and Q6 would need to find a way to beat neverfoldQ5’s 9Q. Despite a six in the door 6 J 9 K K the nine at the end of the flop sent Maksoud out in seventh place ($11,828.60).


Eddy “eddymaksoud” Maksoud
Shortly before the ninth hourly break with the blinds moving up to 100K/200K ante 20K luchowin would shove 1.88 million from the small blind as Eccentric_BG made the call from the big blind holding JA. Bad news for luchowin’s J9 as both players notched a straight on the K 10 7 J Q board. Luchowin’s lower straight would earn $16,656.60 in sixth place.

After the break neverfoldQ5 went to hunt for chips after losing the chip lead to SELOUAN1991. Hope_Flooky, a SCOOP champion from 2013’s Event #5-M, would push all-in from the small blind for 1.54 million holding pocket sixes 66 as neverfoldQ5 called from big blind with 9A. A nine on the flop Q 5 9 4 8 ended Hope_Flooky’s run in fifth place ($21,484.60).

15 minutes into the 10th hour of play our players would take around 15 minutes to hash out the deal shown below after neverfoldQ5 generously donated five dollars to the cause:

SELOUAN1991: $51,068.92
miki21221: $50,000.00
Eccentric_BG: $47,000.00
neverfoldQ5: $46,789.48

That five spot unfortunately did not buy a lot of positive karma a few minutes later. With the blinds up to 150K/300K ante 30K neverfoldQ5 would shove 2.84 million from the small blind holding a suited ace 6A. SELOUAN1991 would make the call with lower spades 9Q but a nine on the flop made the suits irrelevant 9 3 4 2 2 as neverfoldQ5 took away $46,789.48 from the deal in fourth place.

Mid-way through the hour SELOUAN1991’s luck would change. First, after tangling with miki21221 pre-flop 13.6 million chips would sit in the middle as SELOUAN1991’s queens tried to knockout miki21221’s ace-queen. But, an ace in the door would knock SELOUAN1991 down to 11 BBs after the loss. Seven hands later SELOUAN1991 would try to get those missing funds back pushing all-in with A4 and getting a call all-in from Eccentric_BG’s similar stack and pocket sixes 66. No ace on the 2 10 7 J Q sent SELOUAN1991 down to under a big blind. Miki21221 would pick up the scraps two hands later as SELOUAN1991’s third place finish earned $51,068.92.

While miki21221 came in with a sizable lead (17 million to seven million) there was room and time for improvement. But, miki21221 came out firing winning two big pots in the first three hands upping the lead to 20.1 million against Eccentric_BG’s 3.95 million.

Six minutes later Eccentric_BG failed to carve out a comeback story. With the blinds up to 200K/400K ante 40K Eccentric_BG, who nearly claimed a Super Tuesday victory this month, would shove for 4.69 million holding 5J. Miki21221’s stack-size and 9A made the call and managed to hold through the 10 6 A 5 8 river as miki21221 claimed $58,000.00 and this week’s Sunday Warm-Up title!

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up results (03-27-16)

Entrants: 2,414
Prize pool: $482,800.00
Places paid: 360

1. miki21221 (Israel) $58,000.00*
2. Eccentric_BG (Bulgaria) $47,000.00*
3. SELOUAN1991 (Brazil) $51,068.92*
4. neverfoldQ5 (Austria) $46,789.48*
5. Hope_Flooky (Germany) $21,484.60
6. luchowin (Chile) $16,656.60
7. Eddy “eddymaksoud” Maksoud (Lebanon) $11,828.60
8. LAWLSHOVE (Mexico) $7,000.60
9. RuSSkiY.F (Russia) $4,103.80

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