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Suffering from post-partum symptoms from the last month’s worth of World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) tournaments? After a staggering $63 million in prize money along with 62 bracelets were given out over the past month, we could see a letdown until the next WCOOP event starts up in 336 days. Ryan “G0lfa” D’Angelo walked away from the WCOOP 2010 with his third bracelet after taking down Event #55, Team PokerStars pro Jason Mercier, Alex Kravchenko, and Team Online Anders “Donald” Berg all claimed a bracelet, but the big one went to Tyson “POTTERPOKER” Marks who claimed the WCOOP Main Event wrist jewelry and $2.2 million for the win. October however did mark the return of the Sunday Majors, as ShiFtYFiNGeR held the title for over a month and it was time to crown a new weekly $750,000 guarantee Sunday Warm-up champ after the month long WCOOP-induced hiatus.

On to the matters at hand there were 4,338 players looking to take down a six figure score in this afternoon’s Sunday Warm-up and thanks to the $867,600.00 prize pool there would be two six-figure prizes available as $101,075.40 is slated for the runner-up as the winner tonight is scheduled for a $136,110.78 haul. Nearing the four hour mark over 3,700 players would find themselves on the rail as the money bubble approached rather quickly. Unfortunately for horyna, it would be a dollar-less night after busting in 631st place allowing the remainder of the field to take at least $312.33 home.

Team PokerStars would have been shut-out at the cashier’s window this evening if it wasn’t for the work of former professional race car driver Gualter Salles. Salles would weave his way thru enough traffic this evening finishing in 137th place ($824.22).

Gualter Salles – 137th place

After eight hours of play with two tables and 14 players remaining as they caught their breath during the five minute hourly break and sizable cash differences awaiting just five places up the money ladder. $3,904.20 for 14th while the final table payouts start at $6,940.80 and go up quickly to those two six-figure wins mentioned above. Just ten minutes after the break gino47 (14th place), highlite11 (13th place), and dogsballs (12th place) would find the rail in fairly quick fashion as the players didn’t really tighten up as all-ins were common moving towards hand for hand play. After mAAtAAdor’s 9A failed to outrace the 10K of ThePokerBody, we were officially on the bubble with no runaway chip leader at this point. With the blinds at 50K/100K ante 10K schnakeboy, steve3331, and Funbaer1 were under two million in chips and looking to double up quickly as the five-handed tables ate up their blinds. As the blinds moved up to 65K/130K ante 13K, schnakeboy blinded down to 773,830 chips, would try to three-bet shove actionDJ off an opening 289,789 chip raise. Holding pocket nines 99 and 3.7 million in chips actionDJ would make the call as schnakeboy A7 was left looking for an ace. None were found on the 9 J Q J J board as schnakeboy would have to settle for the $5,205.60 prize for 10th place, setting up the final table below:


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Seat 1: Funbaer1 (1405656 in chips)
Seat 2: ThePokerBody (8866173 in chips)
Seat 3: actionDJ (4666117 in chips)
Seat 4: bisbiki78 (6293262 in chips)
Seat 5: Ninemil (4897655 in chips)
Seat 6: JackRich (2371804 in chips)
Seat 7: steve3331 (1852880 in chips)
Seat 8: DooshDotCom (3503700 in chips)
Seat 9: GreekToni777 (9522753 in chips)

After Team Online Grayson “spacegravy” Physioc greeted our final nine in pursuit of that $136,110.78 payday, ThePokerBody wasted no time in becoming the first player to eclipse 10 million in chips after taking down a five million chip pot off bisbiki78 in the final table’s third hand with a diamond flush.

Not the action JackRich was looking for

As the blinds moved up to 80K/160K ante 16K with no eliminations thru the first final table blind level, JackRich found his 2.2 million chips in the middle with pocket queens QQ after re-raising actionDJ who opened from UTG+1. Snap call from actionDJ with pocket aces AA as the J 8 2 7 3 board failed to produce another lady and JackRich’s wealth as increased by $6,940.80 for ninth place.

ThePokerBody flexes on the river

Watch below as ThePokerBody and actionDJ get it in preflop and experience some turbulence on the way to the river:

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After ThePokerBody opened for 400,000 as the blinds moved up to 100K/200K ante 20K, actionDJ to the immediate left three-bet all-in his recently depleted stack after losing a nearly eight million chip pot to Ninemil for 2.1 million. Holding pocket queens QQ ThePokerBody made the call and was firmly ahead of the JA of actionDJ. A jack on the door and ace on the flop J 5 A shifted that lead to actionDJ as the 4.6 million chip pot started leaning towards actionDJ’s stack. K on the turn opened up straight out to go with the other two queens in the deck, as the river 10 completed the runner-runner straight as shipped the big pot to ThePokerBody. actionDJ’s night was out of songs however finishing in eighth place ($10,845.00).

No fun being outpipped

A short time later, Funbaer1 snuck his short stack up a few pay levels but was found to be all-in after bisbiki78 called his three-bet shove. Funbaer1 turned up AJ and was far behind the AQ of bisbiki78 for the 3.3 million chip pot. The jack never threatened on the 4 6 10 2 7 as the fun of the final table came to a close for Funbaer1 who picked up $19,521.00 in seventh place.

Get the chips to the Greek

Nearing the end of the 100K/200K ante 20K blind level GreekToni777 who was second in chips made a min-raise from UTG as bisbiki78 called two seats over. Ninemil however had no intentions on seeing a flop for free and shoved for 4.2 million with pocket sevens 77. GreekToni777 would extend the same courtesy to bisbiki78 by shoving stack large enough to put biskini78 all-in. bisbiki78 politely declined the offer and folded as GreekToni777 flipped up jacks JJ. Like clockwork, the PokerStars board came out Q 4 2 4 3 in favor of GreekToni777’s jacks. Ninemil would only have $8,971,803 to go after winning $28,197.00 tonight in sixth place.

Beware of attacking ducks

Up to 125K/250K ante 25K blind and GreekToni777 firmly in the lead holding 18 million chips to ThePokerBody’s nine million chip stack in second, we would find short-stacked bisbiki78 shoving over the top of GreekToni777’s min-raise from the cutoff. GreekToni777 would make the call creating a 4.2 million chip pot, watch the surprise turn card in the video below:

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A8 for bisbiki78 was leading GreekToni777’s A2 after the 77K flop. But a rabid duck 2 showed up on the turn to ruin bisbiki78’s chances of continuing as the 7 on the river completed GreekToni777’s boat and sunk bisbiki78 in fifth place ($36,873.00).

Whooooosh goes the chips

Four handed as the blinds stayed the same at 125K/250K ante 25K, DooshDotCom left not wiggle room for play, call or fold after shoving for 6.8 million chips from the cutoff with pocket treys 33. Folded to steve3331 in the big blind with a little less in chips, he would make the call holding big slick AK. A pure race for one of the tournament’s largest pots at 12.4 million chips and DooshDotCom would dodge aces and kings on the 7 8 Q 4 7 board to take the pot and show steve3331 to the door in fourth place ($49,019.40).

Beware of limping kings

On to three handed play and a bump in blinds up to 150K/300K ante 30K, GreekToni777 would fold the button as ThePokerBody completed the small blind. In a similar move to eliminate steve3331, DooshDotCom would shove for almost 10 million chips trying to scare off ThePokerBody. But, the only thing the high stakes cash player did was hit the call button quicker holding pocket kings KK. DooshDotCom’s 9K was in serious trouble and sunk even further after the case king hit the J2K flop. No miracle runner-runner straight as the 5 on the turn had DooshDotCom out of bandwidth and out of chips in third place ($71,577.00).

Me > You = No deal

While Team Online Grayson Physioc crunched the numbers and came up with the deal below:

ThePokerBody: $114,835.05
GreekToni777: $112,351.13

ThePokerBody spoke up about the high stakes cash play and wanted $125K to call it a deal. GreekToni777 simply replied “play” with a couple of good lucks for sportsmanship. The reply was quick and firm as we would be playing for the stated amounts on the tournament information page.

Just a dozen hands for a title

GreekToni777 held a slight 22 million to 20 million chip lead at the beginning of heads-up play but a dozen hands later the lead shifted to ThePokerBody 23.8 million to 19.5 as the blinds remained at 150K/300K ante 30K. After a min-raise from GreekToni777 and a call by ThePokerBody both would see the 8 9 4 flop. Check out of the blinds by ThePokerBody as GreekToni777 would follow-up with a 600,000 chip bet, ThePokerBody then check-raised to 1.7 million which was called quickly. 7 on the turn and ThePokerBody led out for 2.7 million, and GreekToni777 was clearly not backing down with a raise to 5.7 million. ThePokerBody ended the raises with a three-bet shove holding top two pair 98 as GreekToni777 would make the call with an open-ended straight and flush draw 102. No spade, no jack, no six as the 2 hit the river shipping ThePokerBody the full $136,110.78 for his Sunday Warm-up title. Going back to last year’s Sunday Million in July, ThePokerBody scored an $83,420.01 fourth place but this time walked away with the win and a bit more cash to boot.

$750,000 Guarantee Sunday Warm-up Results (10-04-10)
1. ThePokerBody (Copenhagen S) $136,110.78
2. GreekToni777 (Rhodos) $101,075.40
3. DooshDotCom (Cleethorpes) $71,577.00
4. steve3331 (Kiskunfélegyháza) $49,019.40
5. bisbiki78 (athens) $36,873.00
6. Ninemil (Monmouth) $28,197.00
7. Funbaer1 (Bad Lausick) $19,521.00
8. actionDJ (San Diego) $10,845.00
9. JackRich (Edinburgh) $6,940.80

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