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The latest edition of PokerStars’ mid-major, the Super Tuesday, drew a field of 325 entries, creating a $325,000 prize pool, more than doubling the $150,000 guarantee. The 325th person to enter meant that 45 instead of 36 players would make the money, surely a nice bonus to the first to cash, not so much to others hoping for a bit more money. At a final table with many twists and turns, it was NICOAA1000, starting 8th in chips, earning over $50,000 in victory after a three-way deal was negotiated.

Only one player from Team PokerStars participated in this week’s Super Tuesday. Johnny Lodden may have been thinking of doing something else with his time after finishing well short of the money in 157th place. Notable players who did a bit better and made the money included Thayer “THAY3R” Rasmussen (18th), Thomas “kingsofcards” Marchese (25th), Jordan “Jymaster11” Young (27th) and Bjorn “kleath” Kleathersson (29th).

There was no need for hand-for-hand play on the final table bubble as two players were eliminated in one hand when 11 players remained. The blinds were at 1,600/3,200 with an ante of 400 as paulang soared from the middle of the pack to take the lead when nine remained. First, paulang crippled wann2play, leaving them with just 6,877 chips by hitting a full house on the river against wann2play’s flopped straight. The next hand, three players would hold pocket pairs, but paulang’s pair would be the best. Here’s how that hand played out.

IMS DURNK and wann2play finished 10th and 11 respectively, both collecting $4,875, leaving these nine players to battle for the first place winnings of almost $63,000.

super tuesday final table 10-11.JPG

Seat 1: paulang (353,892 in chips)
Seat 2: mendezoo (200,816 in chips)
Seat 3: APowers1968 (178,162 in chips)
Seat 4: NICOAA1000 (57,175 in chips)
Seat 5: Mick “BIGMICKG” Graydon (106,330 in chips)
Seat 6: FaNjkEEE (335,706 in chips)
Seat 7: Scarypooper5 (262,484 in chips)
Seat 8: b8chatz (42,393 in chips)
Seat 9: Pvd170590 (88,042 in chips)

The final table got off to a slow start with nearly half an hour before the first player was knocked out, but the eliminations would quickly pick up from that point. While paulang’s lead was short lived, they would send the first player to the rail. The blinds had now increased to 2,000/4,000 with a 500 ante as paulang min-raised plus 1 to 8,001 chips from middle position. APowers1968 re-raised from the cutoff to 18,449 as paulang called. The flop of Q8 5 led paulang to check-raise APowers1968’s bet of 18,419 to 56,711 as APowers1968 called. The J on the turn prompted paulang to shove for over 300,000 chips, leading APowers1968 to call for their remaining stack of 127,900. When the hands were revealed, paulang was in front with two pair Q8 as APowers1968 held KQ for top pair, needing a jack or king to double up. The 7 on the river wasn’t the card APowers1968 wanted, sent packing in 9th for $5,687.50.

The next player to fall at the final table was also at the hands of paulang as Pvd170590 earned $7,800.00 for their 8th place finish. Down to just 3,328 chips and in the small blind and facing an opening raise by NICOAA1000 to 9,966, Pvd170590 called and paulang called from the big blind. The trio saw the flop of 1063 as paulang check-called a bet of 18,900 from NICOAA1000. The K brought a check from both players, but the 7 on the river enticed paulang to bet 48,000 as NICOAA1000 called. Paulang turned over 76 for two pair, earning the side pot after NICOAA1000 mucked. Pvd170590 could not beat that hand either, mucking and ducking out with their winnings as seven remained.

Nick “BIGMICKG” Graydon was gone two hands later in 7th, pocketing $11,050. Graydon’s stack was slipping in the wrong direction, and b8chatz was there to pick up the scraps of the Irishman’s stack. Graydon was down to just 16,832 chips and in the big blind as the blinds had just moved to 2,400/4,800 with an ante of 600. Facing a raise by b8chatz, BIGMICKG called for their remaining chips. When the cards were exposed, it was b8chatz holding 99 while BIGMICKG held A6. The board ran out J 7 7 7 Q leaving a six-pack of contenders for the Tuesday night title.

ukipt galway_day 1_mick graydon.jpg
Nick “BIGMICKG” Graydon

There was a brief lull in the action before FaNjkEEE brought the final table down to four players in two hands. Mendezoo was first to feel the wrath of the Ukranian player, four-bet shoving pre-flop for over 100,000 chips with 33 as FaNjkEEE called with AJ. The board ran out Q1010 2 Q,meaning FaNjkEEE’s ace-high was good after mendezoo’s pair was counterfeited. Mendezoo earned $14,300 in 6th place. On the next hand, FaNjkEEE min-raised, b8chatz shoved for over 73,000 chips as FaNjkEEE called. This time, FaNjkEEE was ahead with A9 to b8chatz K10. Neither player improved on the J 2 board, meaning ace-high was good once again, giving b8chatz the consolation of earning $18,525 for a 5th place result.

When just four players remained, it looked like NICOAA1000 would be next out of chips, being the player on the short stack. In this hand, the blinds were bumped up to 2,800/5,600 with an ante of 700 as NICOAA1000 induces the chip leader to call a shove on the river to double up:

Right after doubling up, NICOAA1000 added more chips to their stack, putting Scarypooper out in 4th place for a score of $26,812.50. Scarypooper5 four-bet shoved for over 210,000 chips with A9 as NICOAA1000 snap-called with KK. Five cards later there were only three left standing: J 6 3 J 7.

The three remaining players were within a few thousands chips of each other when they decided to make a deal, setting aside $3,000 to the winner. Here’s the deal figures:

FaNjkEEE: 574,877 $48,313.27
NICOAA1000: 529,030 $47,311.34
Paulang: 521,093 $47,137.89

Appearing to want to get the tournament over with, FaNjkEEE was hoping for a three-way blind shove to determine the winner. The other players weren’t so keen on the idea as the tournament continued. This may have prompted FaNjkEEE to go over the top of NICOAA1000’s opening raise with QJ as NICOAA1000 found A9 worthy of a call for their entire stack. Neither player improved as ace-high was once again the winning hand when the board ran out K 7 K 6 7 as NICOAA1000 doubled up. A few hands later it was NICOAA1000 open-shoving and getting FaNjkEEE to call off their remaining chips. This time NICOAA1000 held QQ to FaNjkEEE’s 109. The virtual dealer dealt a board of K 98J 2 to send the former chip leader out in 3rd, unable to add to their $48,313.27 total.

NICOAA1000 started heads-up action with a 2-1 chip lead, but paulang was able to double up after catching a fortunate river card:

However, NICOAA1000 would not give up the lead as eventually a coinflip would send the tournament to a final result. The last hand was played with blinds of 3,200/6,400 with an ante of 800 as NICOAA1000 opened with a raise to 19,200, paulang shoved for 604,186 holding AK as NICOAA1000 decided 66 was good enough to call. That decision proved to be correct as paulang could not hit their overcards on the Q53 4 8 giving the Brazilian the checkmark, the Super Tuesday victory and $50,311.34. That should be plenty of incentive to vamooooooooo. Paulang settles for the runner-up score of $47,137.89 and a good night’s rest for the Romaninan.

10/11/2011 Super Tuesday Final Table Results:

*1st: NICOAA1000 – $50,311.34
*2nd: paulang – $47,137.89
*3rd: FaNjkEE: – $48,313.27
4th: Scarypooper5 – $26,812.50
5th: b8chatz – $18,525.00
6th: mendezoo – $14,300.00
7th: Mick” BIGMICKG” Graydon – $11,050.00
8th: Pvd170590 – $7,800.00
9th: APowers1968 – $5,687.50

* Reflects a deal made three-handed

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