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After playing most of the previous few hours with a slightly-above-average chip stack, Sweden’s NEED100KFAST went on a quick run and entered three-handed play at tonight’s Super Tuesday final with the lead. And then it disappeared. After losing one coin flip and then being coaxed into a river bluff on another hand by an opponent who had already flopped the nuts, it looked like the short-stacked Swede might have to settle for having improved on two previous Super Tuesday final table appearances. Then the next 11 minutes of poker all tilted the right way and NEED100KFAST emerged this week’s champion.


The last regular installment of the Super Tuesday before WCOOP 2017 kicks off this coming weekend was on the final table bubble when Sweden’s kingsize86 suffered a nasty beat. Already in decent shape with a stack worth more than 20 big blinds, kingsize86 picked up A A in the small blind and moved all-in over the top of an opening raise and a button re-raise from deeflame7. deeflame7 called with A Q and made a Broadway straight on the 10 J K flop; it held up after the 4 turn and 5 river to leave kingsize86 with 98,726 chips.

Those remaining chips all went in on the next hand with J J on the button, an 85-percent favorite against lone caller (and SCOOP 2017 High Roller champion) RickLogrado’s 10 7 in the small blind. But RickLogrado went runner-runner for tens and sevens on the 9 A 5 10 7 board, making kingsize86 the unlikely bubble finisher while these nine players advanced to the final table:


Seat 1: Marco “Sephirot88” Palumbo (1,699,704 in chips)
Seat 2: RickLogrado (665,990 in chips)
Seat 3: NEED100KFAST (736,376 in chips)
Seat 4: dreamland23 (675,808 in chips)
Seat 5: papan9_p$ (1,613,863 in chips)
Seat 6: gnetaren (688,062 in chips)
Seat 7: silentm0de (1,366,583 in chips)
Seat 8: RamsGold (223,946 in chips)
Seat 9: deeflame7 (854,668 in chips)

The two players who had looted kingsize86’s stack clashed five hands into the final deeflame7 opened the betting and then four-bet all-in with A K in the hijack seat after RickLogrado re-raised with Q Q on the button. deeflame7 made two pair on the flop and kings full on the rive rof the K 8 A 4 K board, earning the 1.3-million-chip pot and eliminating RickLogrado in ninth.

deeflame7 continued to run good an orbit later. After opening for 60,000 chips under the gun with 8 8, the German player not only made top set on the 8 7 5 but watched past SCOOP and TCOOP runner-up RamsGold, who had nothing more than draws with J 9, open the action all-in for 225,946 chips. deeflame7 called and remained ahead with the set after the 4 turn and 9 river, bouncing RamsGold in eighth.

But deeflame7’s luck shifted down after returning from the break that ended the 10 p.m. ET hour. gnetaren – a four-time past Super Tuesday finalist, most recently in 2016 – got all in with J J against deeflame7’s A A before the flop, then caught another jack to win a 1.39-million-chip pot and move into second place. NEED100KFAST had better luck with an overpair three hands later, doubling to 1.88 million chips with 10 10 through Marco “Sephirot88” Palumbo, the past WPT, WSOP, and Super Tuesday champ, whose 6 6 missed the board.

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Past WCOOP finalist dreamland23 tried to make it three in a row for the short stacks a few hands later and raised all-in for 439,808 chips with A J after NEED100KFAST min-raised to 50,000 under the gun. Then papan9_p$, the past Sunday Warm-Up winner who finished runner-up to Chris “Apotheosis92” Kruk in this tournament back in July, re-raised all-in for 1.04 million total. NEED100KFAST got out of the way and papan9_p$’s A K won on kickers after the board came 2 10 Q A 5, sending dreamland to the rail in seventh.


Winning that pot moved papn9_p$ ahead of the pack with 1.86 million chips, about 10 big blinds ahead of a cluster of players including gnetaren, NEED100KFAST, and silentm0de. Those three players’ stacks began consolidating 10 minutes later when NEED100KFAST min-raised with A K in the hijack seat and got silentm0de, who came along from the small blind, to check-call 714,000 in bets as the board came A 6 2 10 5 and then muck on the river.

Fifteen minutes later NEED100KFAST was still ahead of the field with 2.3 million chips. Sitting with 2 2 in the big blind, NEED100KFAST called gnetaren’s raise to 63,000 and then check-raised to 145,000 on the 3 Q 2 flop. gnetaren called and both players checked the K turn, then the 3 delivered a full house for NEED100KFAST. It also gave gnetaren’s A 3 three of a kind. gnetaren called NEED100KFAST’s all-in check-raise and departed in sixth.

While NEED100KFAST was enjoying the lead with 3.59 million chips, Rocco “Sephirot88” Palumbo was at the other end of the spectrum, holding less than 20 big blinds and waiting for a big hand. He finally picked up A K on the button and moved all-in for 559,617 chips after deeflame7 opened the action for 105,000 in the cutoff. deeflame7 called with A 10 and made a pair of tens on the 5 2 10 flop. The turn and river came 92 and Sephirot88’s bid for a second Super Tuesday title ended in fifth.

Rocco Palumbo

Rocco “Sephirot88” Palumbo, out in fifth

The field was now dwindling quickly and silentm0de was in much the situation Sephirot88 had been minutes earlier. Sitting in the big blind with Q 3, the player from Moldova called NEED100KFAST’s button min-raise to 70,000 chips, then checked the 2 3 5 flop. NEED100KFAST checked behind and the 3 turn gave silentm0de trip treys. silentm0de led for 115,000 there and NEED100KFAST called, so silentm0de jammed for 430,790 on the A river. NEED100KFAST called with A 4 for the flopped wheel straight and Silentm0de departed in fourth.


After an hour and 18 minutes of final table play, NEED100KFAST had about 12 big blinds’ worth of chips more than the other two players combined. The player from Sweden also had all the momentum, but that evaporated quickly. deeflame7 called all-in with A Q and won a 3.96-million-chip race against NEED100KFAST’s 2 2 thanks to the Q on the flop. papan9_p$ picked up some of those chips to slow deeflame7’s progress but then the German player flopped the nuts with A 7 in the hole. After playing it slow, deeflame7 coaxed NEED100KFAST into bluffing all-in with K 2 on the river; the German took down the 4.73-million-chip pot and left NEED100KFAST with just 20 big blinds’ worth of chips.

NEED100KFAST got back in the game at deeflame7’s expense. The comeback began by calling all-in with A 7 in the big blind after deeflame7 open-shoved with Q 10 from the small. After 13 minutes of mostly small pots NEED100KFAST got to see a free flop with 8 3. It came 8 2 3 and deeflame7, who had limped with K 4 from the small blind, check-raised to 250,000 chips. NEED100KFAST shoved and doubled to 2.37 million when deeflame7’s draw didn’t come home. And then both players made two pair a few hands later on an A 3 K flop. NEED100KFAST’s A 3 became treys full of aces, good for 4.58 million chips, after the 34 turn and river.

After taking two hands off, NEED100KFAST then won the next 12 pots in a row. In the middle of that stretch the Swedish player opened on the button with 6 6, called when deeflame7 jammed with A 4, and made sixes full of treys when the board came 3 3 J 4 6, knocking out deeflame7 in third.

Only five mores pots were played after that winning streak ended. Two of them went to papan9_p$, whose stack had dropped under a million chips after losing the last eight of the streak. The others went to NEED100KFAST, including the final one when papan9_p$ limped on the button with 7 6 and made three of a kind on the 7 J 7 flop. NEED100KFAST had a better kicker with Q 7, though, and the 3 turn and 10 river brought the tournament to a close.

Congratulations to NEED100KFAST on making the third time the charm, and to papan9_p$ for advancing to heads-up play for the second time here in the Super Tuesday!

8/29/17 Super Tuesday ($1,050 NL Hold’em) results
Entrants: 341
Total prize pool: $341,000
Places paid: 47

1. NEED100KFAST (Sweden) $63,535.10
2. papan9_p$ (Russia) $46,678.53
3. deeflame7 (Germany) $34,294.30
4. Silentm0de (Moldova) $25,195.70
5. Rocco “Sephirot88” Palumbo (Switzerland) $18,511.08
6. gnetaren (Sweden) $13,599.93
7. dreamland (Argentina) $9,991.74
8. RamsGold (Canada) $7,340.87
9. RickLogrado (Brazil) $5,393.25

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Jason Kirk is a Freelance Contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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