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In a way, Alex “steakaddict.” Papazian had a breakthrough without a breakthrough earlier this year. He kicked the year off by finishing runner-up to Grayson “gray31” Ramage in a $2,100 TCOOP event, earning just a few dollars less than Ramage in a four-way deal that set his new career high for tournament winnings on PokerStars. Tonight he added the major title that had eluded him earlier in the year, topping another highly skilled final table field to become the latest Super Tuesday champion.


This week’s field was up from last, with 393 players turning up to build a $393,000 prize pool, which was split among the top 55 players. Just 133 of them remained when late registration closed, led by ziototo94, C. Darwin2, and steakaddict., with Sheeeeep just a few spots back in fifth.

Last week’s champion, Jason “jdtjpoker” Wheeler, was in the running for a fifth career Super Tuesday win for much of the day. In fact, he was still in the hunt with 10 players remaining, more than 12 hours after the tournament began. But following up his fourth career win with a final table wasn’t to be. He opened his final hand all-in for 371K under the gun, holding K Q, and AnyGameSir, a Super Tuesday runner-up in 2015 and champion in March 2016 and Sunday Warm-Up winner in March 2015, raised to isolate in the cutoff seat with A J. Everyone else folded, the board came 10 3 6 9 J to give AnyGameSir the nut flush, and Wheeler departed in 10th place.

With blinds and antes at 12.5K/25K/2.5K, these nine players sat down to chase a big win:

Seat 1: Alex “steakaddict.” Papazian (1,431,933 in chips)
Seat 2: NEWFlat (1,908,167 in chips)
Seat 3: Sheeeeep (597,264 in chips)
Seat 4: AnyGameSir (2,411,073 in chips)
Seat 5: Ole “wizowizo” Schemion (1,020,955 in chips)
Seat 6: Go0se.core! (631,554 in chips)
Seat 7: bound2win2 (664,563 in chips)
Seat 8: Ruppert80 (487,956 in chips)
Seat 9: C. Darwin2 (671,535 in chips)

Super Tuesday 12-6-16 ft.jpg

The final table began at 17 minutes after the 11:00 p.m. ET hour and would remain nine-handed for the rest of it, but not from a lack of action. Last week’s Super Tuesday sixth-place finisher, Go0se.core!, doubled up just a few minutes in. Go0se.core! had 10 8 in the big blind, hit second pair on the turn of a 9 4 3 8 7 and then calling an all-in raise bluff from AnyGameSir, whose K J lost out on the 1.28M-chip pot when Go0se.core! made the call. A few hands later Ruppert80, a Super Tuesday runner-up in June 2016, went runner-runner for a Broadway straight with K K to crack Go0se.core!’s A A, which had made a set on the flop of the 4 A Q Jh] 10 board.

Aside from a couple of 800K-chip pots won without showdown by Alex “steakaddict.” Papazian, the rest of the hour was mostly full of small pots. But after the break, bound2win2 open-shoved for 377K with 9 9 and wound up heads-up with Sheeeeep, who had A K on the button. The board fell 10 7 A J 10, Sheeeeep’s pair of aces took the pot, and bound2win2 left in ninth.

Go0se.core!’s wild ride continued a few hands later with another double out of short-stack status, this one courtesy of A Q against two-time SCOOP winner C. Darwin2’s A 8. Left with 161K, C. Darwin2 jammed three hands later with A K in the hijack seat and NEWflat, a past Sunday Million finalist /sunday-million-magardan-magnificant-tops-157225 who won the Super Tuesday back in early April of this year, called with 3 3 on the button. The treys held on the 8 6 4 2 6 board, and C. Darwin2 was out in eighth.

With seven players now left at the table, more than half of the remaining field was from Germany. But as it turned out, all four of them were next in line to leave the tournament, starting with Ole “wizowizo” Schemion. The live poker multi-millionaire and two-time Super Tuesday winner whose last victory came in August 2016 was in good position to make a run with one million chips on the 20K/40K/4K level. He fired off 60 percent of that stack out of position with K 9 a few hands after C. Darwin2’s departure, first on a turn semi-bluff with the board reading J 7 5 Q and then after the river 8 left him with king-high. Unfortunately “steakaddict.” had made a pair of queens with A Q and made the call, moving from a small chip lead to a significant one with the 1.23M-chip pot.

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Not long afer that, AnyGameSir caught fire and took down nine out of ten consecutive pots. The middle of that stretch saw the action fold around to the small blind, where the player from Poland raised all-in with A 5. Ole Schemion called for 275K total with K 3 and, getting nothing resembling help from the 10 6 7 5 Q board, left in seventh.

Ole Schemion

Two-time Super Tuesday winner Ole Schemion, out in seventh

AnyGameSir opened the betting five hands later with a raise to 110K in the cutoff, and Go0se.core! re-raised all-in for 411K on the button with A 7. The rest of the table folded and AnyGameSir called with J 8, which picked up a gutshot draw even as Go0se.core!made second pair on the 4 9 7 flop. The Q turn changed nothing, but the 8 river gave AnyGameSir a pair of eights, topping the sevens held by Go0se.core! and sending the German player out of the Super Tuesday in sixth for the second consecutive week.

Super Tuesday 12-6-16 ft five-handed.jpg

Ruppert80 put the tournament on the line on the next hand with A Q, moving all-in on the button for 969K. NEWFlat called with J J but was left with 204K chips after the river of the 10 3 7 10 A board gave Ruppert80 a pair of aces and the double to 1.98M. NEWFlat got it all back with pocket kings of back-to-back hands – first with K K against AnyGameSir’s 9 9, and then immediately against AnyGameSir’s 10 10 – and then won a flip with J J against AnyGameSir’s A Q to get back to 1.55M.

The current order held for another 20 hands until Ruppert80 picked up J J in the big blind and re-raised all-in for 1M after steakaddict. opened for 135K under the gun. He called with A Q and trailed until the river of the 6 8 K 7 A delivered a pair of aces. The jacks defeated, Ruppert80 was out in fifth.

The last of the table’s German players was Sheeeeep, whose resume includes past close calls in the Sunday Million and SCOOP 2015, plus a Super Tuesday final table appearance back in 2012. With the blinds and antes at 35K/70K/7K steakaddict. held a clear lead at 5.8M chips, with NEWFlat in a distant second at 1.9M and Sheeeeeep (1.1M) and AnyGameSir (946K), so when both short stacks picked up low aces in the blinds, a confrontation was guaranteed. AnyGameSir called with A 2 when Sheeeeep jammed with A 5, taking down the 1.98M-chip pot with a pair of deuces and leaving Sheeeeep with a stack worth just over two big blinds. Three hands later the German player called all-in with J 8 in the big blind after NEWFlat raised in the small with A 8. The board came 2 6 7 7 6, NEWFlat’s ace played as a kicker, and Sheeeeep left in fourth.

Three-handed play lasted just three hands. steakaddict. started the last of those hands with a min-raise to 140K on the button, which AnyGameSir called in the big blind to bring the 5 4 J flop. AnyGameSir check-called 105K there and check-raised all-in for 1.25M after the 6 turn. steakaddict. called and AnyGameSir showed down Q Q, which had just an 18.2-percent chance to win against steakaddict.’s two pair with 6 5. The 2 river didn’t change anything, the queens fell, and AnyGameSir bowed out in third.

Super Tuesday 12-6-16 ft hu.jpg

Heads-up play started with a bang when NEWFlat moved in behind on a guthsot draw with K Q, was called by steakaddict. with A 8 and an open-ended straight draw of his own, and then hit a pair of kings with the K on the turn. That boosted NEWFlat’s stack to 5.08M, good for a slim four-big-blind lead, but the advantage wouldn’t last long. steakaddict. min-raised with 9 9 on the button five hands later and continued for 145K when checked to on the Q 7 7 flop. steakaddict. called for 342K there and then again for 490K on the 6 turn and 665K after the A river. NEWFlat showed down a bluff with J 10 and steakddict. moved back into the lead with 6.5M chips.

After two tiny pots, steakaddict. took full control by rattling off 15 wins over the next 17 hands. The first saw him call a min-raise with 6 2 in the big blind and then check-call bets after making a pair of sixes on the Q 3 6 flop and two pair on the 2 turn, winning with sixes and deuces after both players checked the 4 river. The rest of the stretch saw him extend the lead through consistent aggression before the final hand snuck up on everyone.

NEWFlat limped on the button and steakaddict. checked, bringing a Q 10 2 flop. steakaddict. check-called 70K there before check-raising all-in over NEWFlat’s 435K-chip bet on the 6 turn. NEWFlat called with Q 9 for top pair, nine kicker, but was already drawing dead – steakaddict. had flopped two pair with Q 10. The 2 on the river made it official and brought the Super Tuesday to its end for another week.

NEWFlat may have been denied a second Super Tuesday title for 2016, but the $52K+ runner-up prize – third-best for the Russian player to date – will easily pay for three more chances before the year is over. Meanwhile, Alex “steakaddict.” Papazian grabbed a major title and the second-best cash of his PokerStars career to add to an already successful year at the tables. Congratulations to both players on their fine performances at another stacked Super Tuesday final!

12/6/16 Super Tuesday ($1,050 NL Hold’em) results
Entrants: 393
Total prize pool: $393,000
Places paid: 62

1. Alex “steakaddict.” Papazian (Romania) $71,223.31
2. NEWFlat (Russia) $52,351.41
3. AnyGameSir (Poland) $38,480.12
4. Sheeeeep (Germany) $28,284.21
5. Ruppert80 (Germany) $20,789.89
6. Go0se.core! (Germany) $15,281.29
7. Ole “wizowizo” Schemion (Germany) $11,232.25
8. C. Darwin2 (Sweden) $8,256.10
9. bound2win2 (Ireland) $6,068.54

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Jason Kirk is a Freelance Contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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