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With news that SCOOP 2016  had set a new record for the combined prize pool, up to $90,984,283.44 (across 56 events and 168 tournaments) from $81,222,158.66 in 2014, it was appropriate that the Main Event provided the finale the Championship so richly deserved.

Numbers say a lot, but it’s the words that we’ll remember from now until SCOOP returns next year: Talal “raidalot” Shakerchi is the new SCOOP (High) Champion.

talal_shakerchi_scoop_25may16.jpgSCOOP 2016 Main Event (High) Champion Talal Shakerchi
As we’ve mentioned before, the quality of the opposition often determines the vintage. In which case 2016 was a very good year.

Here’s the result in full:

SCOOP-54-H ($10,000 NL Hold’em Main Event) results
Entrants: 824
Prize pool: $8,000,001.76
Places paid: 99

1. Talal “raidalot” Shakerchi (United Kingdom) $1,468,000.88
2. Sean “Nolez7” Winter (Romania) $1,048,000.23
3. s0nny_bLacCk (Thailand) $792,000.17
4. Scott “gunning4you” Seiver (Canada) $596,000.13
5. Markku “markovitsus” Koplimaa (Estonia) $416,000.09
6. Pablo “pablotenisis” Fernandez (Mexico) $336,000.07
7. Luckbox (Japan) $256,000.05
8. IReadB00ks (Denmark) $176,000.03
9. EvnomiYa (Russia) $104,000.02

The entire line-up was from the top draw of professional poker. That includes Shakerchi himself, who in the past few years has worked hard to earn that reputation, one that can only be bestowed, not by reporters or railbirds, but by the high and super high rollers against whom he competes.

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Then there’s the size of the win, nearly $1.5 million, up on the figure of $1.3 million won by Mustapha “lasagnaaammm” Kanit a year to the day. There was also a major increase in the field size. Last year 694 players contested the High Main Event. This year that figure was 824, a new record along with the (High) prize pool of $6,940,000.

There were other headlines on the Championship’s last day.

In the Low Main Event mmleandro won the kind of first prize that on this day seemed small but which on any other day would be considered enormous. The Brazilian, the 21st from his country to win a SCOOP title this year, earned $196,058 after a three way deal with nillolok (also of Brazil) and andreas1966. Read the full report by Al Rash on the PokerStars Blog.

Here the full result:

SCOOP-54-L ($100 NL Hold’em Main Event) results
Entrants: 24,591 (20,319 entries; 4,272 re-entries)
Prize pool: $2,255,978.34
Places paid: 3,150

1. mmleandro (Brazil) $196,058.77*
2. nillolok (Brazil) $175,000*
3. andreas1966 (Germany) $135,000*
4. TimMoscow007 (Russia) $90,239.13
5. tnb1990 (United Kingdom) $67,679.35
6. Pablos701 (Brazil) $45,119.56
7. sebirizoR (Germany) $31,696.49
8. Rose Gambit (Brazil) $20,303.80
9. Jason-Pan39 (Taiwan) $13,535.87
* denotes three-way deal

Finally there was the Medium Main Event, won by Andres ‘Educa-p0ker’ Artinano. As Pauly McGuire reported, a four way deal sent $578,621 his way against Jordan “Jymaster11” Young, OMGitsH.O.H, and Jerry “hummylun” Wong. The full result is below.

SCOOP-54-M ($1,000 NL Hold’em Main Event) results
Entrants: 5,026
Prize pool: $4,786,661.88
Places paid: 630

1. Andres ‘Educa-p0ker’ Artinano (U.K.) $578,621.27*
2. Jordan ‘Jymaster11’ Young (Mexico) $458,393.88*
3. OMGitsH.O.H (Romania) $467,878.25*
4. Jerry ‘hummylun’ Wong (Canada) $469,033.34*
5. Xading (Russia) $203,433.12
6. iamivar (Sweden) $155,566.51
7. rumbaii4 (Finland) $107,699.89
8. Ryokan (Ireland) $59,833.27
9. Mike ‘SirWatts’ Watson (Canada) $38,293.29
* Denotes a four-way deal

With the results all wrapped up it only leaves the Player of the Series to settle, which, as we mentioned yesterday, was all but done before the final tables of the Main Event had even begun.

There was one slight change to the final standings, the appearance of “raidalot” in equal ninth overall. But at the top it was quite clearly Shaun Deeb ahead of Jason Mercier – Deeb demonstrating that, while this game we love continue to evolve quicker than anyone can imagine, Deeb is one of those players who just as often proves himself capable of keeping ahead of it.

Here are the final standings.

scoop_leaderboard_overall_25may16.jpgThe final standings in the overall SCOOP 2016 leader board

There were four leader boards though, each with their own prize structure which you can check out on the leaer board pages of the SCOOP 2016 homepage. But here they are:

scoop_leaderboard_high_25may16.jpgSCOOP 2016 “High” leader board standings
scoop_leaderboard_medium_25may16.jpgSCOOP 2016 “Medium” leader board standings
scoop_leaderboard_low_25may16.jpgSCOOP 2016 “Low” leader board standings
And so we contemplate the end of yet another Championship. All good things must come to an end I suppose, and as Steinbeck said, “what good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?”

But before we get any more literary, pause to consider for a moment that that’s not the case. That while we might miss the relentless action of these past 17 days, it’s SCOOP that opens the door on what should be a typically glorious summer of poker. Whether it’s the World Series which starts next week, the new European Poker Tour season in August, or WCOOP that follows it, it’s waiting for us, in all its pomp and sweetness.

So as we pack away SCOOP 2016 we say congratulations to all of the winners. May they be the first of many, or, if things seemed to escape you before you’d really got to grips with things, may your time come again soon.

When it does be sure to tell us your story.

Until then.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.

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