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The 2014 TCOOP series is quickly coming to a close as it rolls into the final weekend. Today’s schedule of tournaments had one non-Hold’em game and it was one a lot of seasoned players learned in their homes, 5-Card Draw.

Event 36 was a $27 buy-in 5-Card Draw tournament with no betting limits and only a single draw. The event drew 1,424 players for a $34,959.20 prize pool and $5,769.08 up top for the winner. The tournament played slightly slower than most with just two rounds of betting but the turbo 6-handed format kept the action moving.

There was little stack difference between most of the leaders but PokerStars Supernova Paul12907 moved into the chiplead after hitting a big hand as the final table bubble approached. Hitting quads was good enough to pick up more chips and move the field one spot closer to the end. Also making the final table was Faroe Islands’ forhelviti who was looking to add a TCOOP title to his 2013 SCOOP championship in the Mixed NLHE/PLO event.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: Paul12907 (2,442,406 in chips)
Seat 2: wild horse22 (1,047,029 in chips)
Seat 3: Iral (613,620 in chips)
Seat 4: forhelviti (256,424 in chips)
Seat 5: gabi008610 (1,981,723 in chips)
Seat 6: OldKidStory (778,798 in chips)

Blinds: 40k/80k with 20k ante

Iral gets wheeled out, eliminated in 6th

The final table began with the remaining grinders playing a tight game and it took longer than expected for the first elimination. Iral began the final table with more than 600,000 but was blinded down to just 89,392, enough to put the Finn all-in for the small blind and ante.

Paul12907 limped from the cutoff and forhelviti checked the big blind option. Iral was first to act and drew three cards with forhelviti doing the same before Paul12907 stood pat. That action should have sent up flares up to forhelviti who folded after Paul12907 min-bet. forhelviti dropped his hand before Paul12907 showed a Wheel 5432A which was more than enough to beat Iral’s Ace-high AKQJ9, sending him out in 6th place for $961.

wild horse22 is tamed, eliminated in 5th

The elimination of Iral opened the flood gates of action and the hand was soon followed by wild horse22 moving all-in from under the gun for 391,333. forhelviti then moved all-in over the top for another 507,211 to isolate, a move which worked and they were heads up.

wild horse22 drew two cards followed by forhelviti drawing a single card. With no further action pending, wild horse22 tabled A6554 pair of Fives, not good enough to top the Tens-up J101088 of forhelviti. The pot moved forhelviti over the million chip mark while wild horse22 was the next knocked out of the tournament, exiting in 5th place for $1,433.

OldKidStory’s tale ends, eliminated in 4th

OldKidStory was not playing many hands at the final table and letting the other players take each other out. While he was moving up the payouts, he was blinding down to less than 100,000 chips. OldKidStory was about to be all-in from the big blind before taking a stand by shoving the remaining 63,798 from the button.

Paul12907 limped from the small blind and forhelviti checked in the big blind. Paul12907 drew two cards while the other players each drew three before forhelviti bet out 240,000. Paul12907 gave up his hand and forhelviti showed KKJJ7 two pair, a stronger hand than OldKidStory’s K101098 pair of Tens sending him out in 4th place for $2,237.

gabi008610 makes a deal, eliminated in 3rd

There were a few inquiries into making a deal during the final table but nothing was done in earnest until the tournament was three-handed and each holding relatively similar stacks. gabi008610 was the chipleader at the time and was set to get the lion’s share even though Supernova Paul12907 was trying to pull extra money from each player due to his status.

gabi008610 stood firm and Paul12907 was only able to get a few extra dollars from forhelviti before agreeing to terms. Once play resumsed, gabi008610’s fortunes quickly turned sour at the hands of forhelviti. gabi008610 was under five big blinds when the chips before calling a forhelvitir shove from the small blind.

Both players drew three cards before showing down A101073 to give gabi008610 a pair of Sevens and KK332 two pair for forhelviti. The hand gave forhelviti a 2-to-1 chiplead for heads up play and sent gabi008610 out in 3rd place for $4,431.

forhelviti conqueors Supernova to capture Event 36 title

Seat 1: Paul12907 (2,371,796 in chips)
Seat 4: forhelviti (4,748,204 in chips)

There were 44.5 big blinds at the start of heads-up play but most of those were in front of forhelviti. Paul12907 may have thought he was wielding more experience than his opponent, but the UK grinder was up against a former SCOOP winner in the battle.

Heads-up play went on for an impressive 18 hands before the outcome was determined. forhelviti opened for a min-raise on the 19th hand and Paul12907 three-bet shoved for 1,407,908. forhelviti quickly called before Paul12907 drew two cards followed by forhelviti swapping three cards.

Paul12907 had a good hand with pair of Queens KQQ42 but they were second best to forhelviti’s AAJ86 pair of Aces. Paul12907 has several big tournament close calls and the 2nd place finish here is added to that list. forhelviti was quiet during most of the late stages but held all the chips in the end to capture the No Limit 5-Card Draw TCOOP event for $4,507 to give him two parts of the Triple Crown.

TCOOP-36: $27 NL Draw (Turbo)
Entrants: 1,424
Prize pool: $34,959.20
Places paid: 180

1. forhelviti (Faroe Island) $4,507.94*
2. Paul12907 (United Kingdom) $4,398.04*
3. gabi008610 (Romania) $4,431.76*
4. OldKidStory (Bosnia and Herzegovina) $2,237.38
5. wild horse22 (Thailand) $1,433.32
6. Iral (Finland) $961.37
* – denotes three-way deal

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