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Severely out-chipped GrzegorzT3 requested a deal with two players remaining. Leading by 28 million, GrzegorzT3’s opponent elevatorboy shot down any deal talk. In hindsight, a deal would have been the wise decision because heads-up only lasted seven hands and GrzegorzT3 went on a heater winning five out of those seven and dodging two potential eliminations in the process. When the dust settled, Poland’s GrzegorzT3 successfully pulled off stunning upset and come-from-behind victory to win TCOOP Event #44.

TCOOP Event #44 $33 NL was also billed as the Saturday Speedway Special Edition. It attracted 8,096 runners, who boosted the prize pool to $242,880.00. The top 1,080 places paid out with $36,436.52 set aside to the champion.

Team PokerStars Pros taking a shot at a TCOOP title in this event included George Danzer, Marcel Luske, Max Lykov, Lex Veldhuis, Jonathan Duhamel and Henrique Pinho. No one from Team PokerStars was fortunate enough to advance to the money.

Ukraine’s a.galish bubbled off the final table in tenth place after making a final stand with AQ versus omarakpoker_’s K2. However, omarakpoker_ rivered a King to win the pot with two pair. With a.galish’s exit, the final table of nine was set.


TCOOP Event #44 – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: omarakpoker_ (6,467,875)
Seat 2: Westik1 (8,402,517)
Seat 3: cuco49 (2,051,144)
Seat 4: smokaaa111 (745,676)
Seat 5: Londer123 (3,950,016)
Seat 6: elevatorboy (4,378,686)
Seat 7: PeroQmaloSoy (3,398,398)
Seat 8: npomocc (6,347,374)
Seat 9: GrzegorzT3 (4,738,314)

The final table commenced during Level 43 with blinds at 180K/360K and a 36K ante. Westik1 held the lead with 8.4 million, while smokaaa111 clung onto the short stack with 745K.

PeroQmaloSoy eliminated in 9th place

PeroQmaloSoy open-shoved to 2,750,398 and GrzegorzT3 called. GrzegorzT3 led with A8 versus PeroQmaloSoy’s 86. The board ran out K53AQ. PeroQmaloSoy flopped a flush draw, but failed to improve. GrzegorzT3 turned a pair of Aces, which held up. PeroQmaloSoy became the first player to bust at the final table. For a ninth-place finish, PeroQmaloSoy collected $1,882.32.

cuco49 eliminated in 8th place

npomocc min-raised to 800K, omarakpoker_ bombed it all-in for 8,289,875, cuco49 called all-in for 1,183,144 and everyone else folded. Heads-up. cuco49 trailed with KJ against omarakpoker_’s AJ. The board ran out 922A2. cuco49 lost with trip deuces against omarakpoker_’s full house. Germany’s cuco49 busted out in eighth place, which paid out $2914.56.

Londer123 eliminated in 7th place

On the very next hand, we saw another bustout. Londer123 shoved for 4,598,016 and elevatorboy called. Londer123 was in trouble with K8 against elevatorboy’s K10. The board ran out A72KJ. Both players held a pair of Kings, but Londer123 lost to elevatorboy’s better kicker. For seventh place, Londer123 collected $5,221.92.

smokaaa111 eliminated in 6th place

Another small stack hit the road. smokaaa111 moved all-in for 1,122,028 with AQ and elevatorboy called with A5 in an attempt to pick him off. Although smokaaa11 was ahead the board ran out 83324. elevatorboy turned a Wheel draw and got there on the river. elevatorboy won the pot and smokaaa111 headed to the virtual rail in sixth place, which paid out $7,529.28.

omarakpoker_ eliminated in 5th place

elevatorboy opened to 1,125,000, omarakpoker_ re-raised all-in for 8,758,019, and elevatorboy called. omarakpoker_ made a final stand with QQ against elevatorboy’s 99. However a nine on the flop sunk omarakpoker_’s fate. elevatorboy flopped a set of nines, which held up after the board finished up 97624. omarakpoker_’s Queens were crack. For a fifth-place finish, omarakpoker_ collected $9,958.08.

With four to go, elevatorboy held a significant lead with 20.8 million, or more than half the chips in play. Meanwhile, npomocc was the shorty with 4.6 million.

npomocc eliminated in 4th place

elevatorboy shoved for 22,340,749 and npomocc called all-in for 4,664,374. npomocc led with A9 against elevatorboy’s A7. Alas, the board ran out 52278. elevatorboy turned two pair — sevens and deuces — to win the pot. For fourth place, npomocc took home $12,872.64.

Westik1 eliminated in 3rd place

Westik1 shoved for 5,405,165 holding 55 and elevatorboy called with A9. The board ran out 87239. Alas, elevatorboy rivered a pair of nines to drag the pot. Westik1’s did not improve and was knocked out in third place, which paid out $19,430.40.

HEADS-UP: elevatorboy (Sweden) vs. GrzegorzT3 (Poland)
Seat 6: elevatorboy (34,360,288)
Seat 9: GrzegorzT3 (6,119,712)

elevatorboy held a massive lead 34.3M to 6.1M. Although the notion of a deal was floated before heads-up began, an actual discussion never took fruition.

Early on, GrzegorzT3 doubled up with K7 against elevatorboy’s 33. The board ran out 8810QQ and the running Queens sunk elevatorboy’s chances at knocking out GrzegorzT3. Alas, GrzegorzT3 avoided an elimination and doubled up to over 12.2 million.

GrzegorzT3 seized the lead three hands later when GrzegorzT3’s 86 outflopped elevatorboy’s AJ. GrzegorzT3 dragged a decisive pot worth approximately 23 million.

elevatorboy eliminated in 2nd place; GrzegorzT3 wins TCOOP Event #44!

On the final hand, GrzegorzT3 held a 5 million lead. Both players bombed it all-in preflop. elevatorboy raised to 1.25M, GrzegorzT3 re-raised to 22,928,848, and elevatorboy called all-in for 16,201,152. GrzegorzT3 was ahead with AQ versus elevatorboy’s QJ. The board ran out 77377. Both players had quad sevens, however, GrzegorzT3 won the pot with an Ace-kicker.

Sweden’s elevatorboy busted out in second place, which paid out $26,806.66.

GrzegorzT3 shipped the tournament and earned $36,436.52 for first place. Congrats!

Watch the final hand in the replayer:

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TCOOP-44 $33 Saturday Speedway Special Edition (Turbo)
Entrants: 8,096
Prize pool: $242,880.00
Places paid: 1080

1. GrzegorzT3 (Poland) $36,436.52
2. elevatorboy (Sweden) $26,806.66
3. Westik (Czech Republic) $19,430.40
4. npomocc (Moldova) $12,872.64
5. omarakpoker_ (Venezuela) $9,958.08
6. smokaaa11 (Switzerland) $7,529.28
7. Londer123 (Netherlands) $5,221.92
8. cuco49 (Germany) $2,914.56
9. PeroQmaloSoy (Portugal) $1,882.32

Visit the TCOOP main page to find out who is on top of the Leader Board, and view a list of remaining events.

Pauly McGuire is an author and freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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